Saturday, June 8, 2013

This Commerical Is Interesting

Alcohol is very prevalent in our world. It's what allows us to be social and experience things, but how much do it impact our decisions?
            The video above is a commercial done by the London Transportation Department where they installed a fake dummy drunk driving victim in the men's bathroom. The installment looked so real, the men's reactions as they were washing their hands were priceless as heck! Especially with the whole breaking through the mirror and everything, it as definitely convincing. It goes to show you how many DUIs are going on in this world and drunk driving is increasing drastically.
            As preventable as drinking and driving is, people still do it. The average legal BAC is .08, but statistics show that the average the people go up to is .16. That is double the legal limit. Everytime there is a car accident reported, 9 times out of 10 it is usually the result of a DUI. So many people get pulled over for DUIs next to speeding. For some reason though most of the time the drunk either don't get badly injured the accident or get killed when there is a accident, it's always the sober. This is not to say that a drunk person doesn't get killed or it is acceptable to, but DUI accidents are very unnecessary. \
            It is important for people to know their limits and to make sure that when they go out to party that there is a designated driver in the group. There is always that one group of friends at the party that makes fun of the sober person but they will be thankful when they have a hangover knowing that the one person they teased, saved their lives because they either didn't drink or didn't drink too much. It is true that it is better to be safe than sorry because nobody wants to be at a funeral. Drinking and driving is just as dangerous as texting and driving which is also avoidable so the next to are out somewhere, think before you drink. I know that is such a cheesy, corny slogan, but if you are a stubborn person, at least be a smart stubborn person.

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