Thursday, June 6, 2013

What's Going On?

The suicide rate is ridiculously increasing.
        Within the past two or three days there has been reports of suicides from everywhere. It first started with Paris Jackson, which was a shocker because why would a girl so young and beautiful want to do that to herself when she should be living her life with the title that she has. This morning there were reports that she attempted it to get attention. I don't know how true all of this is, but it's scary. She rushed to the hospital and was reported to be physically ok it's just that mentally she needs a watchdog for.
        This morning on the "Today Show" a man in the audience attempted suicide for whatever reason. Everybody had to evacuate the building and the anchor men had to escort him out of the building. The "Today Show" crew said the guy didn't fully harm himself the anchor men caught him in time to not kill himself. The man is now seeking special medical attention. Also, another reporting of a suicide happened in a video that was posted on A man was on his window sill smearing blood all over him because he cut himself and then jumped out of the window. He ended up landing on what looked like a shed that broke his fall. He woke shaking while someone went to grab him. There has been no reporting on whether or not he had a mental condition.
        It's crazy how everyone is killing themselves left and right out of nowhere. The depression is strong and can literally kill you. That goes to show how much we have to take care of our bodies. Eating right and exercising is important of course, what we can not forget about our mind. The mind controls the body everyday and if it's not working properly our body becomes in bad shape. Stay Strong and pray.

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