Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Mini Look At The New TLC Biopic

Around last year it was announce on various sites including that TLC was coming out with a biopic.

         Fans of TLC around the world will get a good look at the tremendous journey of these top-chart selling ladies. The girls portraying them are Drew Sidora (as T-boz), KeKe Palmer (as Chilli), and Lil Mama (as Left Eye). The film is going to be aired on VH1 in October of this year. I must say it's interesting how much the girls resemble TLC. There are some pictures where you almost can't tell the difference. The biopic is going to show how the girls interacted on tour, what it was like to shoot the music videos as well as how they bonded as friends when they weren't singing. Below is an interview that KeKe Palmer did with

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