Sunday, July 7, 2013

Can A Child Go Mobile?

I was talking with some people and we got on the topic of kids and technology and it got me thinking, when can someone start getting a cell phone?

       I have talked about technology multiple times in some of my posts and I have mentioned how technology is just taking over the world literally but now it's to the point where kids as young as kindergarten are getting cell phones. We also discussed this in one of my classes as well because some of my classmates were saying how it's crazy that 1st graders are getting cell phones when they don't really need them that much. Some people say that young kids should have them only for emergencies which is understandable but does it also make it necessary?

        Most parents also buy their kids ipads mainly to play games on it because it's pretty much like a flat computer and at least it's very mobile. The same can apply with cell phones but once there are phone numbers in it, it's like who are really going to call lol! With ipods a kid can use it for music because I'm sure every kid loves music. Most people are not necessarily shocked about kids having any other gadgets that I mentioned it's more so the phones. When people think of cell phones they think of calls and texting mostly which is why when they hear a little kid having one they are like," they don't know how to text yet, they don't even know what that means," and that maybe true, but kids are really smart they know how to figure things out, they just have to be monitored not to press the wrong thing or call a mysterious number.

       It's hard to know when someone should start getting cell phones because it really depends on the parents of the child. Cell phones should be used in case of an emergency if a kid has one but the question of should they be allowed to have one is where I'm unsure. I can understand the ipad and ipod for the reasons I mentioned before music, games, etc. There are so many apps for kids to have fun with including educational ones. So yes, technology may be consuming our lives especially with young children but it's not like it is going to stop!

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