Tuesday, July 30, 2013

College Girls And Casual "Hook-Ups"

As you most of you might know the show, "The Real Talk Show" had premiered about two weeks ago and the topics are just keep getting juicier.

         The ladies at the table got onto the discussion on girls hooking up in college in which singer, Adrienne Bailon, read in the New York Times. She explains in the clip about the reactions that the public has about this topic. This goes back to my posts that I had written a long time ago about double standards and what is considered a hook up and when it comes to college there is nothing but controversy.
          College is suppose to be a time to explore and getting to know not only others but yourself. It is such a social environment so hooking up is expected. Depending on how you define hooking up, it always leads to intimacy. Now of course when a guy is just hooking up with a lot of girls, he's pretty much marking his territory on the campus, with girls it is a totally different type of marking.
           Even if a girl makes it clear that she doesn't want a relationship she still has more risk just because she is a female. "The Real Talk Show" make some good points on their show and I will be posting more of their videos on here so stay tune.

In the meantime enjoy the clip above.

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