Friday, July 12, 2013

Crying In A Relationship

Sensitivity is one of those things where it can occur at any moment especially for women, but is it necessarily healthy or acceptable to be in a relationship?

          If you had viewed my blog about a month ago you'll noticed that I did a post about emotions and how they affect a person's thoughts and behaviors. Sometimes we get so caught up in them that we don't realize how it effects our surroundings. One of the biggest triggers with the sensitivity aspect of emotions is crying. Crying always creates a debate especially between men and women because crying indicates a sign of either a breaking point or overwhelming joy. Crying is one of those things where it always questions a person's stability because it brings out our vulnerable side but when to show it, besides the obviously, is where it might  get complicated.
           I hear complaints all the time from guys about their women or just women in general crying all the time. It seems crying is the root to all problems when ironically we cry when we are going through a problem. It's always a critical thing for a man to cry in a relationship as well as in general because they have to put on this portrayal that they are tough so they can protect their families and loved ones. In society, crying is often associated with weakness because it makes it look like you can't handle things or you are giving up your power. People might even say that crying should only be allowed on babies, not grown people unless someone in the family dies, that's it. This where society needs a reality check.Women are very emotional people so it's very expected for her to cry at some point, but most men hate that and that brings on so many complications. Most of the time they just don't know what to do when they witness tears because it makes him look like he's not doing anything right. Sometimes the girl just reaches her boiling point and just wants to talk it out with her partner. Listening is very attractive to a lot of women, but the guy in the relationship just wants to fix the problem, but what most girls do is just for him to listen and give her support. It then creates a cycle of miscommunication and disconnect. It is important to know where both people stand as far as emotions.
           It's weird how something as simple as crying can be considered controversial when it's not that serious. I think it's ok for both men and women to cry whenever they feel helpless. Sometimes crying helps you let go of all the pain that you have been holding in because it's a type of release. It's a shame that most men and women wouldn't allow their partner to cry in front of them because it's considered weak or punkish. Having vulnerability can be a sign of trust and if your partner is willing to feel that way, showing support is the best medicine. Some people don't view it that way either because they came from a family that didn't allow any crying, or they are just not a sensitive person in general. It's ok to ask your partner if they are ok with sensitivity. I know that sounds absolutely silly to ask someone, but in this day in age there are so many things in this world that you would think to be common sense not to ask or do, but you have to ask anyway.

Remember, if you have a partner that feels the need to cry, show them support. If you don't accept crying let them know and come to a compromise. I know I've said this before, but I have to it again because the most important thing to be concerned about is health.

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