Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Sometimes you get so hurt by someone that you can't bear to look at them, but in the end you have to forgive.

           Forgiveness is something that is just so complicated to overcome and rely on because of the level of pain. It's something that everyone has struggled with at some point in their life or is still struggling with right now. It's not to an easy thing to do, but it's important to understand your own happiness. There are certain situations where forgiveness can come a little bit easier than other situation because of how much trust you have in that person or knowing how to channel your anger.
            For example is a partner cheats on you, some people might forgive either because they cheated one time or you might have kids together or the level of cheating wasn't too far. So someone could get over a situation like that. If it's a situation like what happened last week (Zimmerman trial) that's when you would question forgiveness the most. The most important thing to remember is you can forgive someone, but you won't forget.
            With forgiving someone, especially if they are a complete stranger, when you forgive it is not because the problem is solved, its because it helps you move on and making yourself happy again. This can easily be misunderstood because it makes the situation look like the person who did the hurting can get away with whatever they are doing just because you let them go, but it has to looked at as not letting the situation get to you because you are a better person than. Of course forgiveness is not an overnight process, it takes an enormous amount of time to deal with, but as some people say, "Time heals all wounds."

So you may not forget about what happened, but if you forgive, you are just that much closer to having some sort of release.

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