Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th Of July

It's July 4th so therefore Happy Independence Day!

             I hope everyone is having the time of their life at BBQs and partying like rock stars until the night is over. It's nice to just eat and chill and watch the fireworks do their things in the sky as we celebrate this national holiday. I know for a lot of people it doesn't seem like a big deal to make this day a big deal, but at least you get the day off from work or give you more of an excuse to party some more. When you are a little kid, if you weren't afraid of loud noises it was so cool to watch the fireworks explode and see the bright colors. As you get older you just look forward to the cookouts. The fireworks are really nice when you are like on a date with someone and it could give you guys an excuse to cuddle especially if it's nice out.

I hope everyone is out there being safe and being happy.

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