Thursday, July 4, 2013

How Do You Know When Things Are Official?

You know how you could be with someone or you are talking to somebody and then you get so many mix signals and then you have to think to yourself, "Are we together?"

          Yup, this happens all the time. People always get caught up with someone without really talking it out with them to see if you guys are on the same page. Relationships can be very tricky and sometimes a little scary. It is important for people to understand each other so that way they don't look stupid if they notice the other person is not checking for them anymore. It is very hard sometimes to really know where you guys stand because one person might think they are with that person but in reality they are just getting played.

So how do you know?

           There is no real answer to this because this is matter of knowing what you want and feeling out the other person. They say when a guy makes it official when he introduces his partner to his family and friends whereas a girl can claim a guy without even getting to know him because she grew feelings for him. People usually know when things are getting really serious especially when the both of you have something in common and have some sort of compatibility. Consistency also has to be a real factor with making things official because if that person didn't really want you they would make excuses to not want to see you again or they act funny around when they are with their friends or they just don't communicate with you. People should always talk it out.

           Most of the time the girls try to make guys make a relationship official by sleeping with them thinking the guy will stay. It is important to know that yes, sometimes it could work out, but there is no guarantee it will last. Most girls feel like if she is good at what she does it will distract him from other females when it's not all the way true. What always ends up happening is the dude just looks at her as an easy target and then leaves. There is a saying goes "Women give sex to get love and men give love to get sex," and it was very interesting when I heard it because it's true. At the same time like I said it depends on the two people. There are couples that have been successfully together for a long time after sleeping with each other on the first date just like there are couples that waited but are not together. The important thing is you have to know that it is claimed.

Once there is claim, then mostly likely you guys hold a title and whatever you do with it you have to maintain.

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