Sunday, July 7, 2013

Movie Review-The Heat

Those two ladies up there really know how to track down a bad boy when they see one!

        As you all know the movie, "The Heat," starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock, came out a couple weeks ago on June 28th. I must say I really enjoyed it! The two of them together were hilarious and made themselves out to be some really impressive cops. There were a few other stars in there that I didn't expect but I'm not going to say who, but it made the movie interesting. I would like send a big shoutout to Spoken Reasons, he did a great job in it as well. I felt like I was watching one his youtube videos because it was like he playing as his usually silly self.
        I would definitely recommend a friend to go see this because the movie had some quite good action in it. For some reason I can kind of see these girls being real cops but it probably wouldn't be done the normal way. There were also moments that were also sympathetic and cute and then they would switch it around and make it funny or just crazy. Go see it at any theater near you and make sure you get a good laugh in. Also make sure you check out some of Spoken Reasons videos on youtube and see some of the crazy work he has done.

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