Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Music By Hamilton Park-Catch 22

I'm so excited that my boys are back with brand new music and a brand new mixtape!

       Hamilton park has been leaving us wondering what they are going to come up with next since they have been working hard for a while now. Finally they had leaked a brand new track called, "Catch 22" and ladies if you haven't heard it, play it now! You will definitely be pleased. It sounds like R&B with a little twist to it but the song is beautiful to me. I swear my boys are going to be the most successful group ever, they really know how to please a ladies ears and soul.
        If you are not a HP Sweetheart then you better start now because they are coming out with a brand new mixtape called, "Boy Band," and I already know it is going to be insanely good. They are also going to be releasing their longly anticipated mixtape that they have promoted for a while called, "Game Of Thrones," some time soon. HP Sweethearts let's make these boys proud and support them with all of our hearts because these boys are ready and we are ready for them!

Make sure you follow these guys on twitter @hamilton_park and make sure you listen to "Catch 22" up at the top. Enjoy.

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