Monday, July 29, 2013

Technology-Could We Live Without It Today?

I was talking with someone not too long ago and we were discussing about what exactly could we go a day without as far as technology!

       As you all know I talk about technology on this site multiple times, not to just get on your nerves, but that is what our world revolves around. Media is our main source for anytime of information. People don't even talk much anymore because everything is done for you online. If you have a question about something what would someone say..."Just google it!" If you want to tell someone something important what would they say...."Just text it to me!" If you are trying to get your advisor at school to pay attention to what you are saying what would they say....."Just email me!" Everything is said and done with the power of electricity.

So what would you be able to live without?

     Most people can't live without their cell phone because that might be their only way to contact people. It's also like a mini computer because everything that you need is on it at your service. You can check emails, google things, text and call people right there in your hands. So loosing it would be a disaster. Others might say they can't live without their computer/laptop. At least if they loose their cell phone they have the bigger version of it which is a PC. This is where people can go on any social networking sites that they have as well as video chatting. Loosing this would be more of a killer because it's more expensive.
      As far as what social networking sites people can live without....some might not live without twitter, others it could be Facebook, and some might be instagram. This is how people connect as well as email each other which is why it's called social networking. If all of these sites as well as blogs were deleted, people would feel lost.
      Same reactions would definitely apply to ipads and ipods because those are mini computers that hold our sources of entertainment. Entertainment is so broad and so international, technology pretty much enhances the variety of the entertainment that we have today. It's what keeps society stimulated and more social because we have so many resources to support the movement of it.

So to answer the question above....that's right, we probably CAN'T live without not even one type of technology or gadget. The consumption is too ridiculous to even try to get used to.

Make sure you comment on what you can or cannot live without or your experience on going a day without some form of technology.

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