Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trayvon Martin's Dad's Heartfelt Guilt

I swear this situation with Trayvon Martin just breaks my heart everytime I think about.

       Trayvon's loving parents went on Nancy Grace last week discussing more about the trial and his dad, Tracy Martin, came out and said he felt guilty about the whole thing and blamed himself for his death. He opened up to Nancy about a situation that happened at a park when Trayvon was nine. He said that Trayvon saved his life and felt upset that he didn't return the favor that night his son went out to go get skittles.

        I don't feel that his dad or even his mom should blame themselves. Nobody expected or wanted him to die that night. You always want to feel positivity and trust when you send your kids out to do something especially in broad daylight but even then you don't know what's going on out there. This family is very strong and intelligent people for not giving up on their son in his fight for justice. If anything both Tracy and Sybrina are lucky enough to have a so many supporters (including myself) that are here with them fighting for our peace. Karma is definitely real. Check out the video above on his interesting story.

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