Monday, July 15, 2013

When To Date....

Some people might question when is the right time to do a lot of things, but dating can be very debatable.

          What most people might say the legal age is 16, others might say 18. It's funny because some people might say there is no right time, but obviously there is if someone is too young to do so. Every household is different so it's always up to the parents of what they think is the right time. It becomes even more crucial if you break down into the double standard aspects of it because some parents have different set of rules for their son vs. their daughter.

          For most boys, it is not as harsh for them because they are the ones pursuing the girl. Most of the time they can stay out later and most of the time the parents know his friends so they don't monitor as much. With girls, there are more rules. They have to be home at a certain time, cut off his usually between 17-21 and she has to be aware that she is able to get pregnant so therefore quality time with a time is limited. Often times she could also be chaperoned.
          After 21, parents are less crucial about either gender because the child should've matured enough to know what they want out of a person to handle their own dates. There are also parents that struggle with control and feel that their kid still needs more time whereas other parents push dating on them because of expectations in which I talked about like a month ago. Dating can be taken as controversial or self-explanatory. It's all in expectations.

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