Thursday, July 18, 2013

Who Do You Rule, Better Yet, Who's Ruling You?

When you are out just doing your normal activities or whatever and you see a kid scream out of nowhere next to their parents do you ever think, "Does that kid control the home?"

         I know some of you might not think that at all or feel like this is a dumb question, but there are some people that really question that. Most people think that a kid shouldn't be screaming and carrying on for no reason unless they are not getting the right discipline at home. A lot of the times it's because of the highly thin line between discipline and child abuse and people can easily confuse the two especially out in public.
         The reality is that parents have the right to discipline their child and it's important to monitor their behavior. The usually perception is if the child is completely out of control without having any diagnosis of a mental dysfunction, then one might think that the child rules that household because the parent is either scared to spank their child because of authority or the parents themselves weren't raised around that type of discipline. It's different when the parent has been really tough on the child and it still didn't click because that might mean there is something wrong with child whether it's because they act out to get a certain type of attention or mental disabilities.
           At one point society felt that kids were ruling the household more than ever, but a lot of it has to do with technology which I constantly talk about and have to mention because our lives revolved around it. Sometimes an incident is captured on tape or recorded or posted online and because of that someone can easily make accusations or assumptions about something. The media plays a big role in exploitation especially with all of these reality shows on. "Super Nanny" is a big example of what might go in different households. The kids are constantly misbehaving and disrespectful and are typically toddlers which is where most of the discipline should start. Instead a woman comes in to observe the situation and try to settle things in a way to get parents to understand that they set the rules, not the kids.
           Even though there not necessarily a right or wrong way to run your household it has to be a way where it's consistent and productive. Kids have to learn some type of way it starts with the parents first. Eventually they have to explore and learn in the outside world, but it's up to the parent to prepare them.

Here are some clips of the Super Nanny:

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