Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Eva Marcille And Kevin McCall Expecting First Child!

First Yaya announces and graces her presences with her cute baby bump now her fellow top model  opponent has a baby on the way!

       America's Next Top Model winner, Eva Marcille and singer/songwriter, Kevin McCall are pregnant with their first child. E News online took to twitter announcing the big news. Later Marcille confirmed it to BET. The couple first got together last year in March. Both had went on "The Breakfast Club" on Power 105.1 on separate times talking about who they were dating. Marcelle didn't really say McCall's name but said it was someone in the music industry. McCall finally confirmed he was dating Marcille for a little bit.
       Now the couple has something special to add to the relationship, "Being able to bring a life into the world is every woman’s dream but for me it's more than just a dream it is a magical, mystical journey which I get to share with this amazing man," said Marcille. She is currently five months along.

Congrats to this lovely couple!

Happy Belated Birthday Mario

Yesterday the proud singer celebrated his 27th birthday like a boss.

         R&B singer, Mario Barrett, who is just known as Mario, was born in Baltimore, MD. He realized he had a strong passion for music when he started singing at the age of four. His mother would get him karaoke kits for him to sing as a hobby. Growing up he lived with about 16 people so he wanted to seek out on his own to reach his dreams. Then at the age of 14 he was signed to Clive Davis' J Record's where he made his self-titled album in 2002.
         On that album featured his chart-topping hit single "Just A Friend 2002" featuring Biz Markie who was the originator that sang that song. Along with that single came "Braid My Hair." His 2nd album, "Turning Point" came out in 2004 that featured the songs, "Let Me Love You," Here I Go Again," How Could You," and and Boom" featuring Juvenile.
          His 3rd album, "Go," was released in 2007 and it featured "How Do I Breathe," Crying Out For Me," "Music For Love," and "Do Right." His 4th album, D.N.A. was released in 2009 and it featured "Break Up," "Ooh Baby," and "Thinkin Bout You." Now the singer is currently working on his latest album, "Evolve," which features his current single "Somebody Else," featuring Nicki Minaj. Check out that video on youtube. His next single will be "Fatal Distraction" featuring J. Cole.
          He recently took to Hot 97 talking about his album and his mother's battle with drug addiction that she wrote about in her new book. He then went on to explain about practicing celibacy for almost a year, "It works, it strengthens your spirit. When you start to really understand the physical experience that we have as spiritual individuals you understand that the spirit is way stronger than the physical," said Mario, "If you feed the physical more that's going to dominate."

Check out the clips below of Mario on Hot 97:

Happy Belated Birthday Mario! Sorry I was a little late lol.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

People Still Talking About Miley

Ok even though I mentioned Miley's performance in my previous post, people are still talking about her every minute of the day.

             The majority of people in the world were shocked by Miley's routine at the VMAs Sunday. A lot of it has to do with the fact that she was a former Disney star so therefore people still look at her as Hannah Montana. What people need to understand is....she is 20 years old!!!! The girl is legally an adult which means she went through her teenage phase already and now she wants to be known as a rebel and do her.

             This is a really big issue in the entertainment world when it comes to child stars. People get used to a celebrity looking and acting a certain way that when they finally grow up it's automatically controversial. Everyone is not going to be kids forever. Did she go overboard by making her performance too raunchy? Maybe so, but she is an adult and she feels like she can do what she wants and at this point in her life she feels free and she is just simply expressing herself. Her dad even took to twitter showing some support to his daughter and realizes that she is just finding herself.

The show is over and she is not the only one that twerks. At the end of the day she still has a fan base.

Monday, August 26, 2013

VMA Highlights

The VMAs last night were interesting but of course there's always highlights that make people talk about it more.

           Y'all know Miley Cyrus had people gossiping like crazy! I know twitter has so many hashtags and tweets about her especially when she was performing with Robin Thicke. Everybody figured she was going to do a lot of twerking but she was having a little too much fun with that foam hand. She performed her hit song "We Can't Stop" and went right into Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" but looks like he needed to edit out the part where he says "You're a good girl!" lol.

         It was nice to see that Justin did indeed perform with his former band mates of NSYNC. As we all know Justin Timberlake won the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award and he dedicate to NSYNC as well. I would have liked to see them perform more songs but they still a really good job with "Girlfriend" and "Bye Bye Bye." I noticed their Bye Bye Bye performance was their routine they did from the 2000 VMAs when they used the TVs and that was hot. I can just imagine if they did that last night.

         I really liked Macklemore's performance last night. He had a great message that really needed to be heard. It was great to bring out Jennifer Hudson as well to add the softer tone to the whole thing. It's great to see artists with positive messages in their music.

         I really enjoyed Kanye's performance. I didn't realize he was singing on stage the whole time. I thought he was like behind a curtain or something so they show his silhouette shadow which was so cool. The song is pretty good as well in which he performed "Blood On The Leaves."

Congrats to all of the winners and great job to all of the performers both pre-show and actual show.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Kel Mitchell!

Happy Birthday to Kel Mitchell!

         Known as being the rising star from the hit Nickelodeon show "All That" and "Kenan & Kel" Kel Mitchell is celebrating his birthday today. He made us all laugh playing Ed from Good Burger as one of the skits from All That and also played characters such as "The Cheese Police," "The Repair Man," and "Coach Creeten," up until season 5 on the show. On "Kenan & Kel" everyone got to know that famous line "Who loves orange soda, Kel loves orange soda, is it true? mm mmm, I do I do I do oooo," lol. He put is own spin of comedy on Nickelodeon.

         Since then he has been active in acting and some rapping. He had some youtube videos where he did funny parodies as well as a song about orange soda. He also appeared on a few sitcoms such as "The Steve Harvey Show," and "Sister Sister." Just last year he got married to his long-time girlfriend rapper, Asia Lee. He was married before to Tyisha Hampton whom appeared on a skit on "All That" and "Kenan & Kel." Mitchell is also a devout christian.

Happy Birthday again the orange soda man, Kel Mitchell!

12th Anniversary For Aaliyah

Today marks the 12 year anniversary of this beautiful R&B angel, Aaliyah.

          We were all shock to hear the devastating news back in 2001 when she was leaving the Bahamas and her plane crashed. It brought tears to so many fans and other celebrities eyes knowing that she was gone. It happened when she was just finishing up her music video "Rock The Boat" and her and her crew left a day early but found out it was a difficult choice. Their luggage was too heavy and then the plane exploded. Her dances were in the other plane and all came out safe. Sadly Aaliyah's flight never took off.

         It was kind of ironic when one of the award shows showed a clip of one of her interviews where she actually discussed about how she wanted people to perceive her when she was long gone. It looked as if she had a premonition about reaching to God being that she made that statement. It still makes me sad to know that she is not here but her spirit is still strong and her music is still relevant.

R.I.P. Aaliyah.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Potential Performance By NSYNC At The VMAs Sunday

When they say that anything can happen at an award show, best believe it's the truth!

          Supposedly, former pop group, NSYNC, will be reuniting to perform at the VMAs tomorrow for the first time in 10 years according to E News. It is reported that they might do a medley of their previous songs after Justin Timberlake's solo performance. The idea came up when it was announced that Timberlake will be receiving the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award and that it would be best to that NSYNC come together to honor the award. This sounds like it will be very interesting tomorrow if this actually comes to play and it's also a good idea to include the group within the honor.

What do you think about the NSYNC reunion? Do you think it will actually happen? Should they be part of Justin's award?


Friday, August 23, 2013

Lee Thompson Young Update

Hollywood was already shock to learn about the passing of Lee Thompson Young but now he will be able to rest peaceful under the stars soon.

         TMZ reported that Young will be laid to rest at the Paramount Pictures lot where he was originally shot Rizzoli & Isles. The service is expected to be held this afternoon where hundreds of fans will await his family's arrival. His family will also be holding a donation in honor of Young for the Young Storytellers Foundation for his funeral.

Again my prayers go out to his family.

First Pics Of North West

Well the day has finally come when we see Kim and Kanye's baby!

          So apparently this is the big revealing picture of baby North West and it is so adorable. Kim had given birth to her just two months ago and the media as well as the public had anticipating to see what she looked like. Especially since she was going to come out with a unique ethnicity so people couldn't help but to be curious of what she was going to look like. Kanye also went onto Kris Jenner's show to talk about his life as a father and expressed he is more concerned about any encounters that his daughter might come across, "The last thing I want is some crazy black guy in leather cutting my daughter off," said West.

If you are interested, check out the short clip below where he talks about Kim and the paparazzi:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Song By Tamar Braxton-All The Way Home

Going from finding "the one" and being on "The Real," Tamar Braxton is now taking you all the way home.

         Braxton's new single, "All The Way Home" is now on youtube making hits. It is the latest track off of her upcoming album, "Love And War," that is available on itunes and in stores September 3rd. You can also have the opportunity to pre-order the album now on the link in the youtube description box. As most of you also know, her and hubby, Vincent Herbert, is premiering season two of "Tamar And Vince" airing September 5th on WEtv.
Follow Tamar Braxton on twitter: @TamarBraxtonHer and enjoy the clip!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr. Marcus Lee!

The HP sweethearts definitely know what today is...Mr. Marcus Lee's birthday.

      Originally from the group, Hamilton Park, the talented singer is celebrating his special day today. Repping his city of Atlanta he can have another reason to rep which is pretty much himself. Check out the video clip below of his vocals that was nicely done by one of the sweethearts. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Album-Three Kings

The three kings themselves just released their album "Three Kings" today!

      R&B group, TGT, which consist of Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank, dropped their 2nd studio album, "Three Kings." It features the songs, "Sex Never Felt Better," and "I Need." Both of those videos were also released earlier this year so if you haven't checked them out yet, check them out now. I'm so excited for this ablum because I am a fan of them especially Tyrese so know that the album is available everywher in stores and on itunes right now.

R.I.P. Lee Thompson Young

Sadly Disney lost another star that had a bright future.

       Former actor on the hit show, The Famous Jett Jackson, and Rizzoli & Isles, died yesterday in his North Hollywood home at the age of 29. Reports say that he was shot in the head from an apparent suicide, but according to, there was no evidence that he took his own life. Investigators searched his apartment and found that he did indeed have a diary but none of  the entries had anything about suicide written in it. He was due to do another film Monday morning when his manager noticed he didn't show up.
       Both Disney and TNT are shocked by this sudden death saying, "We are beyond heartbroken at the loss of this sweet, gentle, good-hearted, intelligent man," said TNT. "Nothing any of us can say will adequately express our sadness over Lee's untimely passing — our thoughts are with his loved ones and the many fans of his work," said Disney. It's ashame that his life has to end in a mystery and at such a young age.

God bless his family as my prayers go out to them.

Monday, August 19, 2013

It's A Girl For Monica And Shannon!

Another baby coming into the Hollywood world.

           Yesterday it was announced that R&B singer, Monica, and her NBA husband, Shannon Brown, are expecting a bouncing baby girl. Monica first announced her pregnancy through instagram and now it is revealed that she will finally have a daughter! The singer already has two sons from a previous relationship and Brown has a son from his previous relationship and now both of their kids will finally feel like boys because they get to protect their baby sister.
           Invitations were sent out to family and friends for the baby shower that will be coming up soon and I'm sure there will be so many pictures about it when the event happens. It's nice to see this happy couple bringing in a new addition to their family and I know they are enjoying every minute of Monica's pregnancy who is said to be due very shortly.

Congrats to this couple and best of luck!

Happy Birthday Romeo!

Going from Lil Romeo to being a grown man.

        Rapper, Romeo Miller, also know as Master P's son, is celebrating his 24th birthday today. He was born in New Orleans to Percy Miller (Master P) and former rapper, Sonya C. He started his rap career at age five when he wrote a song for his daddy. Later in 2001 he became a rising star when he came out with his first single, "My Baby" off of his self-titled album. Followed by that album was his 2nd studio album, "Game Day" that featured the song "Two Way." From 2004-2008 he had released two more albums, "Romeoland" and "Intelligent Hoodlums."
        Outside of music he had been in some films including "Jumping The Broom," and "Honey," also appearing in "Max Keeble's Big Move." He even had his own TV show called "Romeo" that aired from 2003-2006. As an athlete, he has had some success with basketball which he played at the University Of South Carolina. He then put his looks to the test by catching some modeling gigs in 2011 making appearances in TROIX magazine and being featured in calendars. He also appeared on season 12 of "Dancing With The Stars" where he placed 5th.
        Now these days Romeo is a big supporter for his sister, Cymphonique Miller, who has her own show on Nickelodeon. He still does basketball and as you all may have seen, appeared in a commercial about furthering your education. He has become an advocate of it and encourages youths to keep school as a priority. Good luck to him as well.

Happy Birthday Romeo.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Are Your Parents Hating?!

If there is anything more awkward than your friends hating your spouse, is when the parents hate you!

       Meeting the parents is always a nerve-wracking thing because first impression is usually the biggest impression for most of us and when you realize that there is an unusual vibe, you can't help but to hear a pin drop. You could just be sitting there spreading humor with the family or just casually talking and then next thing you know, you are sweating bullets like "What is going on here!" and then your partner feels embarrassed not knowing how to change the mood.

So what do/would you do if the parents don't like you?

       For some people they just let it be. They see the situation as they are only in the relationship with their relative not the family members themselves. They can't help who they are nor can the family help how they feel. Others feel bad and will discuss with their partner about the status of the relationship because they are part of the family especially if they choose to get married or have kids. This is something that should definitely be talked about because it test the communication of everyone as well as the level of love involved the family and the couple itself. The best thing that anyone can do is to respect each other despite if they hate each other or not.

Here is a clip on "The Real" perspective on how to deal with the parents not liking your partner:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Halle Berry Taking A Stand For Hollywood Justice

It's time for the paparazzi to chill out on the photo stalking.

      Newly married actress, Halle Berry, is trying the best she can to make some changes within the legislation system to stop press from harassing people especially if they have children. Chaos with the paparazzi started with Princess Diana's car accidents when her driver was trying to swerve away from the cameras. Since then, the press hasn't stopped stalking to save their lives, literally. Berry is in the process of testifying her hearings to limit this issue because it really has been getting out of control.
       The paparazzi will do what ever they can to get even the tiniest of a picture just to make money. Even though documents say, "Freedom of the press," Berry wants her "Freedom of speech" right to be heard once and for all to cut down on the harassment, "I’m doing my part as a parent but at any moment I feel like a crash could happen and end her life my life and other innocent passengers driving in their vehicles," said Berry. I agree that there needs to be limits on the paparazzi because celebrities are humans, too that are trying to live their lives like everyone else.

Here's a clip of one of her hearings from not too long ago:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rapper Future Is Feeling Ciara's Love

Sometimes when you see a public couple you may wonder how much in love they really are.

        Rapper, Future, took to Hot 97 on Angie Martinez's show yesterday and talked about his love life with Ciara as well as any updates with his music. He mentioned that he met her seven years ago when she was shooting a video and wanted to get to know her. Now he reveals that she is definitely the one for him, but don't expect any wedding too soon because there is no date set. Check out the clip above for the full interview.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Lea Michele's Heartfelt Speech About Cory

Lea Michele brought the TCA's into a memorial tribute to the love of her life.
           Last night the Teen Choice Awards were held and Lea Michele was the highlight of the event. Last month the world was shocked about glee star, Cory Monteith's, death due to overdose and last night Glee won the award for "Choice TV." Michele, 26, touched everyone's hearts with her emotional tribute to Cory as well as the Glee cast accepting the award on his behalf as well.
Here's the clip of the speech in case you missed it or are interested in seeing it again:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Plus One Rule

This could be something that a lot of people can relate to which is the plus one rule.

       On one episode on "The Real," Tamar explained to the ladies about this idea that you have your partner who doesn't seem to be paying attention to you or not all the way meeting your needs, then you have this person on the side that you don't like but they like you and you pretty much string along for the time being. It's almost like you have people at your service when you need them because they are side pieces. You may not necessarily sleep with them but you use them for what ever you need.

       It's interesting that this is considered part of a girl code because females always get made at guys for having side pieces or multiple women while they are dating but I guess are saying we should do the same thing but call it something different. So many women use the plus one rule and probably don't realize they are in that situation. She could get into a fight with her partner and then she starts flirting with someone or being vulnerable to someone that could either be in the friendzone or she can't stand but desperately needs someone to vent to. Then she could lead them on and go back to her partner because she got what she wanted. Sounds shady, but it can happen subconsciously.

The clip above is Tamar talking about the plus one rule and the clip below is her talking about her "engagement" during her plus one experience. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trapping Someone In A Relationship

There can be a point in time where you get so caught up with someone that you have to think what is next, but sometimes it's not always a good idea.

        We all know that relationships are hard work and is an ongoing process, but when it comes to timing and priorities people can easily not be on the same page. One of the biggest issues that happens often is trapping the other partner into staying with them. Usually it's with a baby. Most of the time especially when the relationship gets really rocky, the women always gets pregnant on purpose or suggest that a baby will make a relationship better. Of course that never works because the child is just added responsibility and being a partner and being a parent are two different things.

        Some people also use a child as a weapon to get married. Again that doesn't work because there is something about that, that is dishonest. Now you are having this child and getting married out of desperation instead of love which is going to bring more stress and problems to the situation. It is important for people to understand each other and be on the same page with their lives so they don't get caught up. Bringing a child into a wrong timing in the relationship makes it spiral out of control and is a hassle to straighten it out again.

Here is another clip from "The Real" about using a baby to save your marriage. They made some really valid points in it that should wake some people up:

Chris Brown Seizure Update

Chris Brown seems to be making some good recoveries from his seizure scare.

         Yesterday the 24-year-old singer suffered a seizure during one of his recording sessions in LA. His management teamed had to call the fire department to rush him to the hospital. When he arrived he told the EMT and the doctors that he didn't need any further treatments. Luckily he is ok and was released after calming down. The seizure was reported to be due to emotional stress and fatigue from his work ethics.
          This definitely ties into his comment from when he talked about potentially retiring from music. He went to twitter this morning in responding to his numerous comments and concerns from his fan base and connections saying, "They won't love u until u r a memory," said Brown. We hope that he continues to get healthy and well because his fans (including myself) love him too much for him to suffer any more struggles.

My prayers go out to him and hope he gets better!

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Late Natina Reed's Sister Dies!

This is such sad news to hear about another death especially when it's back to back.

        Just last year in October, the music industry lost R&B girl group "Blaque" member, Natina Reed, in a fatal car accident. Now her older sister is found dead by her 7-year-old daughter! Reed's sister, Niesha Stevens, died yesterday in her Atlanta home. Stevens husband was at work at the time. Police are still doing investigations on her mysterious death.
         This is such a shock because Natina died so tragically now her sister dies. I feel so bad for their family to loosing two people in their lives within a whole year. Reed died right before her 33rd birthday and her sister dies when just got married back in February. My prayers go out to their family.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Meagan Good!

The lovely video girl herself has something to celebrate today!

      Actress, Meagan Good turns 32 today and is still looking gorgeous as ever. The young actress has been working very hard promoting various shows and movies and just recently promoted her sister's new girl group, Phenix Rose. 
         Good also got in touch with her spiritual side when she opened up about her celibacy and her and experimenting with marijuana. She turned to god for her prayers to get herself on the right track and luckily she found a minister husband and didn't continue with experimenting with marijuana saying, "I literally started freaking out and I would pray myself to sleep because I couldn't get my mind right," said Good.

I'm glad she's doing well and happy birthday mah!

Beyonce's New Haircut!

Check out Bey, she just said screw this weave, that fan can have it.

       Everyone is buzzing about Beyonce's new hairstyle which is a pixie cut. I've always been curious about what exactly does her natural hair look. At times it be looking like she wears her real length but it's hard to tell. I can just imagine the reactions from the fans and other celebrities as well. Fans are so used to the diva Beyonce where she can just flip her hair and be fierce. I don't know what to make of it because she can wear whatever she wants and I'm going to support it either way.

Rock on with your pixie cut Beyonce!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

To Speak Or Not To Speak

Which is worst, speaking up or not saying anything at all?

       Some people might really wonder that because we always get stuck in situations where it's either "Oh I shouldn't have said that!" or "I've should've said something!" but it all depends on the situation at that moment. Sometimes we get caught up in something especially if we have a certain behavior. Some people are just really outspoken and don't care what anybody has to say, as long as they are heard they would rather speak up. For others not, they are just not vocal people. Either because what they have  to say might not be important, they don't feel like talking or just shy.

        For some people they might surpress their feelings where they don't want to say what's on their mind because they are afraid of the consequences or outcomes. Eventually if they keep it in for a long time and all of a sudden they are a fireball when caught up in something that needs to be heard. Or they could repress where they have said all they could but now they cool it down. It can be really hard to know when to speak up or not because everyone's behavior is different and everyone has a different voice about something. It's all in how you feel about it.

What do you think is it better to speak up or keep quiet?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adrienne on Being Friends with Her Ex's Girl

Recently the ladies of the real discussed being friends with someone who dated the same person as you and things got real!

     Former Cheetah Girl, Adrienne Bailon, explained her point on being friends with Rita Ora who also dated their ex-boyfriend, Robert Kardashian. Bailon felt like there was no issue or anything wrong being friends with an ex's new boo because they are over that person, but Tamar Braxton wasn't having it. Bailon posed for a picture with Ora that was found on instagram and the ladies was wondering if she did it out of pride. It seem like it was getting really serious!

    I never really noticed people talking about that a lot because the issue is usually when someone crosses the line of a friend dating the ex. I agree with what Adrienne said in the clip that it shouldn't matter if you are friends with the new boo or not. If you are over the person then that's that. At least the two of them weren't fighting over Rob because then it would be more to talk about and more of an issue. It's crazy how there are so many rules to who you should date and who to be friends with when it comes to your ex.

Is it ok to be friends with your ex's new boo? Is it really a big deal? Can you still be friends new boo if they broke up?

Chris Brown Leaving Music?

It seemed like his career was just getting started.

      R&B super star, Chris Brown, might take his word from his song's title, "Say Goodbye" to his music. The singer recently tweeted about retiring from music saying, "Don't worry, mainstream America, After this X album, it'll probably be my last album," said Brown. The assumption is the fact that he has had a rocky journey being a star. The media kept harshly criticizing him for his 2009 assault incident with Rihanna and just yesterday he had turn himself in for his hit-and-run accident. The pressure of being a super star has probably put a strain on his reputation.

       Even with what he has been through I'm still a big fan of Chris Brown. He makes mistakes just like every single person in this world does. I hope this is not really a permanent goodbye and that his post was just how he was feeling at the moment. He is too talented to just walk away but at the same time, I understand how he feels. Being an entertainer must be the hardest thing to deal with especially at his age. He's young and just wants to live his life, but every little thing he does is being judged which is unnecessary. He should know that his fans got his back and all there can left to rely on is hope.

Do you think Chris Brown is really going to retire? Would you care if he did? Should he continue with his career?

Listen to his latest song "Love More" featuring Nicki Minaj:

Monday, August 5, 2013

So Sad But Cute

A Pennsylvania couple's son is almost dying but is live as his parent's best man in their wedding!

        Newly married couple, Sean Stevenson and Christine Swidorsky, share their memorial moment with their precious son, Logan, who is fighting a terminal illness. The couple had originally planned their ceremony to be held on July of 2014, but once they gotten the news that their baby boy was diagnose with lukemia, they got married on Sat. 

         They quickly set up the ceremony in their backyard with Christine's daughter, Isabella, being the bridesmaid and Logan taking one for the team in his grandmother's arms. Doctors reported to the parents saying that he needs a lot of treatment done especially around his kidneys so they made sure they made the event as special as possible.

Best of luck to this couple and their son.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Birthday To Leos!

Wow there are Leos everywhere that are celebrating their birthday but today is a very lucky day for some of the stars below!

All the real sweethearts know who this handsome man is...Anthony Dorsey!

        The talented singer from Atlanta was from the group Hamilton Park. They were very successful with capturing the hearts of females everywhere (including mine) better than any artist has ever done. They have had one album that was self-titled, that is still on itunes if you haven't gotten it yet, and a couple of mixtapes out that are just too good to not listen to which were "We Do It For The Sheets," and "We Do It For The Sheets Reloaded." If you haven't done so, please download that mixtape, it is amazing.
          Anthony also appeared on the show "A Family On Edge," but I haven't heard anymore about it but when I do, I will be right there supporting it. He says he wants to take his singing to the next level and I believe the sweethearts have totally faith in him when he rises. Make sure you follow him on twitter: @_AnthonyDorsey where you can find the latest updates about him and check out the video above that one of the sweethearts did where it's a montage of his vocals. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday to Anthony Dorsey, I wish you so many more birthdays and be blessed! ;)

If you don't recognize that girl, that is Miss Tiffany Evans herself who is sharing her birthday today as well.

       The beautiful singer started her success on the singing talent show, "Star Search," at the age of 10. She kept winning competition after competition and look at her now. She is all grown and now is finally legal to drink! lol. She is also married to her husband, Lorenzo Henderson, and have an 11 month old daughter together named, Adalia Sarai Henderson. After doing "Star Search," she landed a role in Tyler Perry's, Diary Of A Mad Black Women and ended up kind of playing herself in a way. In 2009 she debuted her first album that was self-titled. it featured the singles "Promise Ring" featuring Ciara and "I'm Grown" featuring Bow Wow. 
       In 2010, she started to drifted off and came into her own which she stared her own label that would boost her career. She moved to Atlanta with her family where she started the label, "Little Lady Entertainment" in which her husband himself is the president and co-founder. Earlier this year she released an EP called, "143" which featured the song "If You Love Me." It's great to see Tiffany still doing her thing! Follow her on twitter: @mstiffevans.

Happy Birthday Tiffany Evans, hope you have many more!

Continuing on with singers, another R&Ber that is celebrating the big day is Marques Houston.

      He was best well-known for being Roger on the hit TV show, "Sister Sister." During that time is also when he was part of the super star trio, "Immature," then later on the be called "IMX." The group consisted of himself being called, "Batman," Young Rome, and "Half Pint." They were very successful when they made appearances on places such as "Nickelodeon's All That," House Party 3, and "A Different World." The group later split apart in 2002. 
       Once Houston officially went solo in 2003 that's when his debut album, "MH" came out in that same year. The album featured the singles, "Clubbin" and and "That Girl." The following year came the album, "Naked." In 2004, he went back into the movies and starred in the film, You Got Served. It featured the song, "Naked," and "All Because Of You," featuring former band mate, Young Rome. In 2006, he released, "The Veteran," and featured the hit single, "Favorite Girl," in which Stacy Dash starred in the video. 
        In 2009 and 2010, he released "Mr. Houston" and "Mattress Music." During those releases were talks of a IMX reunion. Houston explained that it is potential that the group can make another album. Houston then released his latest studio album on Valentine's Day called, "Famous." It's great to see that he is still doing various projects in his career. Follow him on twitter: @marqueshouston.

Happy Birthday Marques Houston hope you have many more birthdays as well!

It is the man himself's birthday in the Leo's category, President Obama!!

       What a day for the president as well as his journey. Started off by making history in 2008 leaving America to have hope in this world for everyone. He has fought a tremendous battle with various situations that can question a person's strength and he can definitely call himself a hero at that. With his progress American kept anticipating all the days counting up to last year's election in which he won his 2nd term!
       Obama has definitely had a lot going for him and I know he will continue to fight for the country as well as the world but I believe today, he really needs a break but it's his moment to be himself and be free because it's his birthday too! Best of luck to you Mr. President. Follow the president on twitter: @BarackObama.

Happy Birthday President Barack Obama and happy birthday to all of the Leos out there. Continue to be strong and daring as you are. God bless!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Real Talk: Guilt Trips

Like I said before I was going to be posting various clips from the daytime talk show "The Real" because they discuss very good topics.

          From Thursday's episode they discussed guilt trips. This is sometimes a trick that women used to either get something they want from their man or an indirect way of letting him know that he made her mad. What some women will do is bring up a situation that happened a long time ago and throw it in an argument so their man will feel guilty about it and see her point. This is not always a good idea because it doesn't always have to do with the problem or the situation itself could be a misunderstanding, but some people are just plain stubborn.
         This could work for men too but women seem to blow fuses more. Sometimes a women will use guilt trips because she feels that it is her only defense especially when it comes to situations she can't control. For example if her man is complaining about a headache that he has had all day and felt that his girl didn't take care of him quick enough, she can easily bring up the fact that she has to deal with a monthly cycle until she is 50 which comes with massive cramping, just to put him in his place. However the guy feels after that is on him, but watch the clip above to see how the ladies used their guilt trips.

Where Are We Going?

What exactly is a date? Is it really just a dinner and a movie?, Is it cooking for someone?

         You start to like someone and become very interested in getting to know them, but first how do you know that it is a date and where do you go? Most people would say it's just you and that person going out somewhere nice and intimate. Others might say you have to claim that it is a date in order for it to be official. Some might say it's when the guy ask to take you out somewhere. However you put it you'll know when it is a date or not.
           As far as places, there are many arguments about where you are suppose to go on the first date. A big no-no is usually each other's houses, a motel/hotel, your parents house anywhere that is a little too private. More recommended places, besides dinner and a movie, can be a park, a play, walking on a beach, amusement park, mainly places that more public where there is lots of people. This is usually because the atmosphere makes the dating couple more relaxed and bring out their kid side to make the date more fun.
         Another way that most people might think it's either cheesy or really silly to try, is doing a virtual date. This means having your date through skype. Both of you could cook something and then sit in front of your computers and date that way. I know some of y'all are like "That is so corny," "How is that a date when you are not physically there" "That is so pathetic," but hey everything else we do in this world is through technology. That's just another form of online dating, literally!

Where do you think people are suppose to go on a first date?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Is Lil Twist Really To Blame?

When you are in the limelight it's always nice to have someone by your side that you can relate but can it also be a bad choice?

          Canadian superstar, Justin Bieber, has been hanging out with his buddy, rapper, Lil Twist, for a while but his management team feels like their bond is becoming too immature. Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, feels that Lil Twist is bring a lot of bad influence into Bieber's life. Obviously Bieber doesn't seem to have a problem with him and has even defended Lil Twist on many occasions. At one point Lil Twitst had accusations against about a brawl with a girl and Bieber was right there by his side supporting him.
         I don't know how extreme this influence is because what people should understand is that both of these boys are young. Bieber is 19 and Lil Twist is 20, they are going to act rebellious when being in this industry at a young age. No, I'm giving an excuse for them, I'm just stating the reason why it might seem that Lil Twist has made a bad influence on him. Who knows what goes on in their friendship. It could be the fact that they spend all hours of the night just running the streets and hanging so therefore it looks like bad influence. Who's to say that it is Lil Twist that is doing the influence. Both of those boys have people in their lives that they hang out with that brings a certain energy or atmosphere to the relationship. This is not an agreeing or disagreeing with Scooter Braun, it's not that no one really knows who is causing dysfunction and how far it has gone.

Do you think Lil Twist is to blame? Is Justin making bad influences on Lil Twist? Is it his circle of friends?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top 5 Craziest Phone Apps

I'm telling you there is definitely an app for everything and some of them are just like "really!"

       There are the apps that are very useful and unique and others seem a little silly or maybe even unnecessary especially if it's the one that cost money. The app store is known for its variety of different types of apps and even shows the categories that they fall under for whatever you need. If you want to learn how to cook there are many apps that show you recipes and recommended healthy choices. If you want to learn how to kiss there are plenty of apps that show you techniques, if you want fitness types there are definitely apps that calculate your calories burned and how much you work out.
      There are even apps for activities or school. Some of them are either apps that tells you how to learn a language or even apps that have newsletters or or sites with news information on it, but you have those apps that you might question if it's a joke or the ones that make you go "This is really an app!" There are probably thousands of crazy apps but the list below is what can be considered the top 5:

#5  Find My Friends

        For those that don't know this app when you see the picture you might think it's a social networking site or another place to hold your! This app to me is a bit stalkerish. It helps you track down where your friends are at from any location you are in. That seems a bit silly, if you need to find them, just call them! If they don't tell you where they are, oh well. The app gives you a map and everything to show you where your friends are. That is creepy.
#4  Stalker

       This app speaks for itself. It's not necessarily like "Find Your Friends" but it's more so with pictures. It allows you to sneak pictures of people that you know or don't know. This is the kind of app that is for a peeping tom because you can set up your phone to where it doesn't look like you are talking pictures of people.

#3  Period Tracker


      It might not be crazy because this is something unique for girls to have especially if you are sexually active. It's something great to keep track of your cycle and know when you are ovulating but it's still a bit much at the same time. This is good for girls that are very busy and keep their phone handy or they are just tired of writing down their cycle on paper.

#2  Pocket Kamasutra


      This app is would probably great for parties or couples because they have categories of positions as well as places to try some acts, but what's funny about it is the section that gives you trophies for your performance. I can see a lot of people bragging about this just because they received one trophy, lol!

#1  The Sexometer

      I heard about this app on "The Real Talk Show" and it was such a funny segment about it. It's pretty self-explanatory because it actually calculates your skills in the bedroom. It even shows you a graph of your progress on how well you did and how long it lasted. Now this is one of those apps can really make or break a relationship for real, but it is still hilarious.It keeps track of your whole history of your sex life!. It might be good especially if you want to improve but hopefully it wont get you offended. Here is a clip of the girls from "The Real" talking about this app:

What apps did you find to be crazy or just too much?

Bow Wow And Tyra Kiss

Y'all already know I'm talking about these two in the clip.

       I didn't actually watch the show to see what happened, but I heard about it on Power 105.1 and everyone is making a big deal out of it. Tyra Banks appearance on 106 & Park yesterday and of course Bow Wow reunited with her and caught up with what she has been up to. Banks still has her show, "America's Next Top Model" and tomorrow will be the premiere of the new season with men this time. This will definitely be interesting.
       I don't understand what exactly is the big hype. If people remembered or at least watched Tyra's talk when she had it, Bow Wow was a guest on it where they shared a kiss there so all they did reenact what they did years ago. From looking at pictures it does look a lot more intimate but hey it's TV, people expect things to be spiced up.

If you don't remember the clip of their kiss from Tyra Show here it is below: