Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adrienne on Being Friends with Her Ex's Girl

Recently the ladies of the real discussed being friends with someone who dated the same person as you and things got real!

     Former Cheetah Girl, Adrienne Bailon, explained her point on being friends with Rita Ora who also dated their ex-boyfriend, Robert Kardashian. Bailon felt like there was no issue or anything wrong being friends with an ex's new boo because they are over that person, but Tamar Braxton wasn't having it. Bailon posed for a picture with Ora that was found on instagram and the ladies was wondering if she did it out of pride. It seem like it was getting really serious!

    I never really noticed people talking about that a lot because the issue is usually when someone crosses the line of a friend dating the ex. I agree with what Adrienne said in the clip that it shouldn't matter if you are friends with the new boo or not. If you are over the person then that's that. At least the two of them weren't fighting over Rob because then it would be more to talk about and more of an issue. It's crazy how there are so many rules to who you should date and who to be friends with when it comes to your ex.

Is it ok to be friends with your ex's new boo? Is it really a big deal? Can you still be friends new boo if they broke up?

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