Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Romeo!

Going from Lil Romeo to being a grown man.

        Rapper, Romeo Miller, also know as Master P's son, is celebrating his 24th birthday today. He was born in New Orleans to Percy Miller (Master P) and former rapper, Sonya C. He started his rap career at age five when he wrote a song for his daddy. Later in 2001 he became a rising star when he came out with his first single, "My Baby" off of his self-titled album. Followed by that album was his 2nd studio album, "Game Day" that featured the song "Two Way." From 2004-2008 he had released two more albums, "Romeoland" and "Intelligent Hoodlums."
        Outside of music he had been in some films including "Jumping The Broom," and "Honey," also appearing in "Max Keeble's Big Move." He even had his own TV show called "Romeo" that aired from 2003-2006. As an athlete, he has had some success with basketball which he played at the University Of South Carolina. He then put his looks to the test by catching some modeling gigs in 2011 making appearances in TROIX magazine and being featured in calendars. He also appeared on season 12 of "Dancing With The Stars" where he placed 5th.
        Now these days Romeo is a big supporter for his sister, Cymphonique Miller, who has her own show on Nickelodeon. He still does basketball and as you all may have seen, appeared in a commercial about furthering your education. He has become an advocate of it and encourages youths to keep school as a priority. Good luck to him as well.

Happy Birthday Romeo.

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