Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Birthday To Leos!

Wow there are Leos everywhere that are celebrating their birthday but today is a very lucky day for some of the stars below!

All the real sweethearts know who this handsome man is...Anthony Dorsey!

        The talented singer from Atlanta was from the group Hamilton Park. They were very successful with capturing the hearts of females everywhere (including mine) better than any artist has ever done. They have had one album that was self-titled, that is still on itunes if you haven't gotten it yet, and a couple of mixtapes out that are just too good to not listen to which were "We Do It For The Sheets," and "We Do It For The Sheets Reloaded." If you haven't done so, please download that mixtape, it is amazing.
          Anthony also appeared on the show "A Family On Edge," but I haven't heard anymore about it but when I do, I will be right there supporting it. He says he wants to take his singing to the next level and I believe the sweethearts have totally faith in him when he rises. Make sure you follow him on twitter: @_AnthonyDorsey where you can find the latest updates about him and check out the video above that one of the sweethearts did where it's a montage of his vocals. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday to Anthony Dorsey, I wish you so many more birthdays and be blessed! ;)

If you don't recognize that girl, that is Miss Tiffany Evans herself who is sharing her birthday today as well.

       The beautiful singer started her success on the singing talent show, "Star Search," at the age of 10. She kept winning competition after competition and look at her now. She is all grown and now is finally legal to drink! lol. She is also married to her husband, Lorenzo Henderson, and have an 11 month old daughter together named, Adalia Sarai Henderson. After doing "Star Search," she landed a role in Tyler Perry's, Diary Of A Mad Black Women and ended up kind of playing herself in a way. In 2009 she debuted her first album that was self-titled. it featured the singles "Promise Ring" featuring Ciara and "I'm Grown" featuring Bow Wow. 
       In 2010, she started to drifted off and came into her own which she stared her own label that would boost her career. She moved to Atlanta with her family where she started the label, "Little Lady Entertainment" in which her husband himself is the president and co-founder. Earlier this year she released an EP called, "143" which featured the song "If You Love Me." It's great to see Tiffany still doing her thing! Follow her on twitter: @mstiffevans.

Happy Birthday Tiffany Evans, hope you have many more!

Continuing on with singers, another R&Ber that is celebrating the big day is Marques Houston.

      He was best well-known for being Roger on the hit TV show, "Sister Sister." During that time is also when he was part of the super star trio, "Immature," then later on the be called "IMX." The group consisted of himself being called, "Batman," Young Rome, and "Half Pint." They were very successful when they made appearances on places such as "Nickelodeon's All That," House Party 3, and "A Different World." The group later split apart in 2002. 
       Once Houston officially went solo in 2003 that's when his debut album, "MH" came out in that same year. The album featured the singles, "Clubbin" and and "That Girl." The following year came the album, "Naked." In 2004, he went back into the movies and starred in the film, You Got Served. It featured the song, "Naked," and "All Because Of You," featuring former band mate, Young Rome. In 2006, he released, "The Veteran," and featured the hit single, "Favorite Girl," in which Stacy Dash starred in the video. 
        In 2009 and 2010, he released "Mr. Houston" and "Mattress Music." During those releases were talks of a IMX reunion. Houston explained that it is potential that the group can make another album. Houston then released his latest studio album on Valentine's Day called, "Famous." It's great to see that he is still doing various projects in his career. Follow him on twitter: @marqueshouston.

Happy Birthday Marques Houston hope you have many more birthdays as well!

It is the man himself's birthday in the Leo's category, President Obama!!

       What a day for the president as well as his journey. Started off by making history in 2008 leaving America to have hope in this world for everyone. He has fought a tremendous battle with various situations that can question a person's strength and he can definitely call himself a hero at that. With his progress American kept anticipating all the days counting up to last year's election in which he won his 2nd term!
       Obama has definitely had a lot going for him and I know he will continue to fight for the country as well as the world but I believe today, he really needs a break but it's his moment to be himself and be free because it's his birthday too! Best of luck to you Mr. President. Follow the president on twitter: @BarackObama.

Happy Birthday President Barack Obama and happy birthday to all of the Leos out there. Continue to be strong and daring as you are. God bless!

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