Saturday, August 24, 2013

Potential Performance By NSYNC At The VMAs Sunday

When they say that anything can happen at an award show, best believe it's the truth!

          Supposedly, former pop group, NSYNC, will be reuniting to perform at the VMAs tomorrow for the first time in 10 years according to E News. It is reported that they might do a medley of their previous songs after Justin Timberlake's solo performance. The idea came up when it was announced that Timberlake will be receiving the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award and that it would be best to that NSYNC come together to honor the award. This sounds like it will be very interesting tomorrow if this actually comes to play and it's also a good idea to include the group within the honor.

What do you think about the NSYNC reunion? Do you think it will actually happen? Should they be part of Justin's award?


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