Monday, August 5, 2013

So Sad But Cute

A Pennsylvania couple's son is almost dying but is live as his parent's best man in their wedding!

        Newly married couple, Sean Stevenson and Christine Swidorsky, share their memorial moment with their precious son, Logan, who is fighting a terminal illness. The couple had originally planned their ceremony to be held on July of 2014, but once they gotten the news that their baby boy was diagnose with lukemia, they got married on Sat. 

         They quickly set up the ceremony in their backyard with Christine's daughter, Isabella, being the bridesmaid and Logan taking one for the team in his grandmother's arms. Doctors reported to the parents saying that he needs a lot of treatment done especially around his kidneys so they made sure they made the event as special as possible.

Best of luck to this couple and their son.

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