Wednesday, August 7, 2013

To Speak Or Not To Speak

Which is worst, speaking up or not saying anything at all?

       Some people might really wonder that because we always get stuck in situations where it's either "Oh I shouldn't have said that!" or "I've should've said something!" but it all depends on the situation at that moment. Sometimes we get caught up in something especially if we have a certain behavior. Some people are just really outspoken and don't care what anybody has to say, as long as they are heard they would rather speak up. For others not, they are just not vocal people. Either because what they have  to say might not be important, they don't feel like talking or just shy.

        For some people they might surpress their feelings where they don't want to say what's on their mind because they are afraid of the consequences or outcomes. Eventually if they keep it in for a long time and all of a sudden they are a fireball when caught up in something that needs to be heard. Or they could repress where they have said all they could but now they cool it down. It can be really hard to know when to speak up or not because everyone's behavior is different and everyone has a different voice about something. It's all in how you feel about it.

What do you think is it better to speak up or keep quiet?

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