Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top 5 Craziest Phone Apps

I'm telling you there is definitely an app for everything and some of them are just like "really!"

       There are the apps that are very useful and unique and others seem a little silly or maybe even unnecessary especially if it's the one that cost money. The app store is known for its variety of different types of apps and even shows the categories that they fall under for whatever you need. If you want to learn how to cook there are many apps that show you recipes and recommended healthy choices. If you want to learn how to kiss there are plenty of apps that show you techniques, if you want fitness types there are definitely apps that calculate your calories burned and how much you work out.
      There are even apps for activities or school. Some of them are either apps that tells you how to learn a language or even apps that have newsletters or or sites with news information on it, but you have those apps that you might question if it's a joke or the ones that make you go "This is really an app!" There are probably thousands of crazy apps but the list below is what can be considered the top 5:

#5  Find My Friends

        For those that don't know this app when you see the picture you might think it's a social networking site or another place to hold your! This app to me is a bit stalkerish. It helps you track down where your friends are at from any location you are in. That seems a bit silly, if you need to find them, just call them! If they don't tell you where they are, oh well. The app gives you a map and everything to show you where your friends are. That is creepy.
#4  Stalker

       This app speaks for itself. It's not necessarily like "Find Your Friends" but it's more so with pictures. It allows you to sneak pictures of people that you know or don't know. This is the kind of app that is for a peeping tom because you can set up your phone to where it doesn't look like you are talking pictures of people.

#3  Period Tracker


      It might not be crazy because this is something unique for girls to have especially if you are sexually active. It's something great to keep track of your cycle and know when you are ovulating but it's still a bit much at the same time. This is good for girls that are very busy and keep their phone handy or they are just tired of writing down their cycle on paper.

#2  Pocket Kamasutra


      This app is would probably great for parties or couples because they have categories of positions as well as places to try some acts, but what's funny about it is the section that gives you trophies for your performance. I can see a lot of people bragging about this just because they received one trophy, lol!

#1  The Sexometer

      I heard about this app on "The Real Talk Show" and it was such a funny segment about it. It's pretty self-explanatory because it actually calculates your skills in the bedroom. It even shows you a graph of your progress on how well you did and how long it lasted. Now this is one of those apps can really make or break a relationship for real, but it is still hilarious.It keeps track of your whole history of your sex life!. It might be good especially if you want to improve but hopefully it wont get you offended. Here is a clip of the girls from "The Real" talking about this app:

What apps did you find to be crazy or just too much?

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