Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trapping Someone In A Relationship

There can be a point in time where you get so caught up with someone that you have to think what is next, but sometimes it's not always a good idea.

        We all know that relationships are hard work and is an ongoing process, but when it comes to timing and priorities people can easily not be on the same page. One of the biggest issues that happens often is trapping the other partner into staying with them. Usually it's with a baby. Most of the time especially when the relationship gets really rocky, the women always gets pregnant on purpose or suggest that a baby will make a relationship better. Of course that never works because the child is just added responsibility and being a partner and being a parent are two different things.

        Some people also use a child as a weapon to get married. Again that doesn't work because there is something about that, that is dishonest. Now you are having this child and getting married out of desperation instead of love which is going to bring more stress and problems to the situation. It is important for people to understand each other and be on the same page with their lives so they don't get caught up. Bringing a child into a wrong timing in the relationship makes it spiral out of control and is a hassle to straighten it out again.

Here is another clip from "The Real" about using a baby to save your marriage. They made some really valid points in it that should wake some people up:

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