Saturday, August 3, 2013

Where Are We Going?

What exactly is a date? Is it really just a dinner and a movie?, Is it cooking for someone?

         You start to like someone and become very interested in getting to know them, but first how do you know that it is a date and where do you go? Most people would say it's just you and that person going out somewhere nice and intimate. Others might say you have to claim that it is a date in order for it to be official. Some might say it's when the guy ask to take you out somewhere. However you put it you'll know when it is a date or not.
           As far as places, there are many arguments about where you are suppose to go on the first date. A big no-no is usually each other's houses, a motel/hotel, your parents house anywhere that is a little too private. More recommended places, besides dinner and a movie, can be a park, a play, walking on a beach, amusement park, mainly places that more public where there is lots of people. This is usually because the atmosphere makes the dating couple more relaxed and bring out their kid side to make the date more fun.
         Another way that most people might think it's either cheesy or really silly to try, is doing a virtual date. This means having your date through skype. Both of you could cook something and then sit in front of your computers and date that way. I know some of y'all are like "That is so corny," "How is that a date when you are not physically there" "That is so pathetic," but hey everything else we do in this world is through technology. That's just another form of online dating, literally!

Where do you think people are suppose to go on a first date?

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