Sunday, October 27, 2013

Top 5 Sexiest Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming real soon and this is usually the time where people can get really creative with wardrobe especially if they want to be flirty.

       When it comes to being flirty what are usually the top sexiest costumes that people go for? There are so many kinds but it can be narrowed down to the top 5 that most people might say are the sexiest.

Sexiest Female Costumes:

#5: Schoolgirl Outfit

      Most men might say they would put this girl in detention so he can have her all to himself! If you are looking to wear something sexy, don't do your homework so you can stay after school. Hehe.

#4: Devil

      I see why guys like bad girls, because they are what bring the fire to rekindle the flame. She brings that naughty look that keeps you wondering what she could do next.

#3: Police Women

     When you think of a police woman, most people would think of handcuffs. This looks brings up the idea of dominatrix and taking control which is a 50 Shades Of Grey type of situation.

#2: Nurse

      Everybody likes to be taken care of and what better person to take care of you than a nurse. The nurturing of her touch as well as her nature will put anyone back to their health. I know most guys plan on getting sick to get treated by her!

#1: Cheerleader

    Can I get a S-E-X-Y! What better way to get inspired than to see a girl with pom poms. This is such a flirty way to bring in the Halloween spirit!

What are some costumes that you feel should have been on the countdown or are considered sexy to wear. Comment below.

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