Thursday, March 19, 2015

Scheduling Friendships

It's not what you think, but who you know. What happens when the people in your life that love have incompatible priorities?

       Sometimes people are in our life for a season, and sometimes for a reason. When we come across someone that we have a connection with, the instant chemistry can be tricky. We never know if it's temporary or a lifetime of a friendship. So when it comes down to how we live our lives it's a lot of work. Time management is the main thing. You can get so caught in your life that when you have down time it's hard to focus on outside pleasures like dates, sports, activities, parties, and even friendships.

      Priorities are something that everyone struggles with from time to time especially when a change has happened in your life. It's up to the person to figure out what type lifestyle they want to have and associate themselves with people that has acceptance and respect for the situation. Respect is very important to have in any situation. It allows the circle of friends gain a sense of trust and helps with the time management. It also determines who your true friends are and who is the best to trust.

It's best to take the time out on figuring out what is considered a best friend by being our own best friend first.

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