Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Quick Chat With America's Next Top Model's Mike Scocozza

Cycle 20's Mike Scocozza is really making a name for himself since his time on the long-running successful reality show "America's Next Top Model."

           Scouted by the creator of the show herself, Tyra Banks, Scocozza really didn't know what to expect when the supermodel approached his ice cream truck asking if he did any modeling. He informed that he had no experience, but he decided to take it in consideration once he finally realized that the woman who asked him about his experience was Tyra Banks the whole time.

          Once casted onto the show to be a semi-finalist, the 6'4 ice cream man, had no pre-conceived notions of what might happened next. Once he introduced himself to his first meeting with the judges, he proved to have great potential with his story, charm and, height. Little did he know that he would end being part of the top 16 as an official cast member of "America's Next Top Model."

               His time on the show was definitely a journey for him. He managed to win best photo for his shoot with Victoria Secret fashion supermodel, Alessandra Ambrosio, but sadly was eliminated the next week. During his time, his favorite photoshoot to do was on their trip to Bali, Indonesia, when he shot with Chloe the Orangutan and least favorite was for the questionable commercial cross-dressing. 

              After the show, he informed that he learned about himself and to be comfortable in your own skin. With Tyra Banks recognizing his potential, he appreciates the opportunities that sets the tones for his career and doesn't take anything for granted. 

         Currently Scocozza still models, but is also focusing more on running a catering show. His specialty is oysters and is hoping to make a career with his cooking skills that were unfortunately not show enough on Top Model. 

To know more about Mike Scocozza, follow his sites:

Twitter: mikescocozza
Instragram: mikescocozza

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