Monday, April 24, 2017

From Rejoice To Soulful Voice-Chris Voice Is Turning The Tables On R&B

R&B Singer and 1/4 member of the group, Hamilton Park, Chris Voice is set to challenger the music industry with his soulful swag and passion for great music.

         Voice first found a love for music as a child when his grandma introduced him to church. She knew he had a gift inside of him that lead him to get the gift of a happy meal after he would sing. As he got older, he looked up to someone like Sisqo as far as artist creativity and taking music to a different direction. After Voice realized his own talent and potential as an artist, it would eventually lead to a career with an Atlanta supergroup, Hamilton Park, whom in which all four members are inspired by power groups/artists such as Dru Hill, Jagged Edge, Babyface, Donell Jones, Jodeci, etc.

        Chris Voice is known as the "lover" of the group because of his soulful spirit and the strong emotional connection he has to his sound. He as well as his members call themselves the Love Connoisseurs because of their strong understand of love and the power that R&B music has that some might say has fizzled out. "R&B is love," said Voice, who feels that expressing R&B in a very tasteful and mature will really demonstrate the idea of courtship in which Hamilton Park displayed in their 2011 mixtape, "We Do It For The Sheets." They feel as though chivalry is not dead, it's just simply not talked about.

        While still being heavily involved and devoted to his group, Voice tried his own avenue with his own mixtapes. He released a very heartfelt single, "I'm Just Sayin," early 2016 which showed him waking up to his daughter playing in the same home he grew up in. The song and video is very dear to his heart because it gives fans a sense of where he came from and who he became both as a group member and a solo artist.

       Early this spring he released his latest hit, "Say No More," that he is very proud of and is hoping to release more relatable tracks on a future EP hoping to come out June 2017. As far as his group Hamilton Park, he definitely sees better things happening for them as long as they maintain the faith that they've always had. He knows the fans will not be disappointed.

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