Tuesday, July 18, 2017

From Zeo To Turbo With Nakia Burrise

Best known for her role as "Tanya Sloan, the yellow Zeo and Turbo Ranger," Nakia Burrise continues to set a path for aspiring actors/actresses inspired by her talents.

        Burrise has been acting since she was a child when she would perform skits for friends and family inspired by "The Carol Burnett Show." Her skills later payed off once she auditioned to become the third yellow ranger for the #1 running hit 90's Fox Kids show "Power Rangers Zeo." While majoring in Theater at UCLA, her manager was able to submit her into the role for both Zeo and Turbo as well as starred in "Power Rangers Turbo" movie.

           Even though she didn't know much about the show, Burrise still remembers her first time being on set where she says "I was in awe and so very grateful to God for the opportunity." Being able to form great friendships with her cast mates whom she is still close with 20 years later, made more comfortable to play the role. That comfort allowed her to have enough confidence to venture out to other acting opportunities on TV shows and movies once her time on "Power Rangers" ended. Still to this day she attends different conventions for the support of the show where she answer fan questions and share moments from the show with her cast mates, which she calls family.

Check out her website: http://www.nakiaburrise.com/

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