Saturday, March 12, 2016

Social Irresponsibility

Sometimes the things in life that are a privilege to us can also be a curse. What does this mean? That the freedom we have for our actions can work against us.

        The idea of social irresponsibility stems from the fact that people tend to abuse their power when it comes to freedom of speech. Even though people have the right to exercise their freedom however way they want, subconsciously we fail to remember potential consequences that comes with being too forward and outspoken. Being opinionated all the time can easily misconstrue what's being said because it shifts the idea of being real.

         For a lot of people, they think being real means to talk down on someone, or breaking their spirit, or even being harsh, not realizing that they are borderline bullying. This can very easily fail if you don't mean to hurt someone's feelings because there is a fine line between being brutally honest and bullying. It's all about finding the balance because communication is one of those tools can either conflict or compliment when it comes to interacting with others. This tends to happen when we are not aware of how the other person feels, word choice, bad timing, and using the wrong tone when being expressive.

Check out this video of the channel "Ask The Feels" where they accurately explain this concept and give useful examples: