Saturday, December 31, 2011

Is It Ok For Women To Approach Men?

It is very common for men to approach women because of the fact that men are known to spit game and be the hunters of the human species, but what about when women do it? Men and women can both agree that it depends on how you approach a person. If your are making yourself too obvious that you are desperate the person can sense that and can get turned off by how you come off. It also depends on the atmosphere. The atmosphere can determine how social you are and how you can mingle with other people. If you are somewhere noisy and don't know anyone, it might be a little bit difficult to approach the right person. If you are somewhere settled then there could be some opportunities for you.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Being A ROCKSTAR In A Relationship

The well known pyschologist Dr. Tartt used an acronym to describe ways to please the man/woman in your life.

To please a man: women should be a STAR
                             a= men need sex in order to be happy in a relationship and to recharge himself from situations that stresses him out.
                             b= men need to be touched in order to open up and connect with you whereas women need to talk in order to connect.
                             c= you need to appreciate your man for what he does to take care of you and putting in the effort of showing you love.
                            d= you should respect a man's routine whether it is watching tv all day, drinking, playing video games because he did that stuff before he met you so most likely he's not going take that away once he dates or marries you.

To please a woman: men should be her ROCK
                            a= men should do a consist routine as far as how he communicates with his woman. If you contact her or do things with her at certain times that she is used to don't change it because she'll think you changed even if you didn't.
                            b= open your mouths and talk to her. Most women like to continue talking even they ran their mouths to their girlfriends, but acknowledge us to show us that you still care.
                            c= connect and contact us meaning intimacy. Hold ours hands, kiss us, and make sure you hold us at night.

                            d= be kind to us. Be a gentlemen that's all we ask for besides other things lol.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

That saying "nice guys finish last" is so true. For some reason society doesn't appreciate the good in people. They would rather deal with someone disprespectful to get through their day instead of someone with a lot of heart. Especially when it comes to relationships, it seems like the people with the nastiest personalities seem to get the relationships they want while there are people with a heart of gold that are not taken seriously because people mistake that for weakness instead of potential. It is ashame that some people would rather be submissive to the bossy person in the relationship, but a man by the name of Dr. Alduan Tartt, who is a relationship says that nice guys finish last because the people that you would think have too nasty of a personality to be in a relationship have a lot of confidence enough to control certain situations. They see that as swagger rather than ignorance which doesn't make any sense especially when someone says they broke up with someone just because they were too nice and those are the same people who complain that there are not any good significant others out there when they are the ones driving them away.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Talk Shows

Daytime talk shows have been around for a long time and when we watch them you can see how much the dynamics have changed. For example the Maury Show used to cover so many topics now the main topics he talked about deal with paternity and cheating. This is because people go through these issues everyday because it is such a growing trend amongst Americans. Too many people are cheating on their partners and there are so many single mothers so Maury can't help, but to gravitate towards those problems. Jerry Springer is all about fighting and just unnecessary drama. Every single episode is about affairs, lesbian experience, guys on the down low and everytime someone comes out it's an instant fight and they instigate with ringing the bell. So as you can see with these two shows there is a similarity with the guests that appear on those shows. Over time the behaviors of the people have changed. They used to be more serious and now they are out of control and silly, but of course they do what they can to bring in ratings and that's how both Jerry and Maury are still on the air. When it comes down to shows like Tyra and Oprah they are a lot more serious because of what they allow to be on their shows even if it don't bring in ratings they it a point to get to the bottom of the issues in society and fix them instead of letting them go.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Music Video Fantasies vs Realities

A blogger made a statement about being single vs being married and he included the fantasies of music videos and the artists who sing them. He pretty much said that people do marital acts without even being married and then wonder why they don't get married with that person down the line of the relationship which is kind of true. He felt that a lot of it is influenced by the songs we listen to by these single artist since their job is to create an imagination especially when it's male artist they create a visual to females making them feel like they are the only in the world to please them or it is all about her and only her when again since they are single they are targeting women not one woman so therefore you can't always go by the songs they sings because it's just a fantasy.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Disney Star Controversy

When it comes to child stars you can't always expect them to keep that disney persona for long. The media feels there is too much of a controversy when teens and tweens enter the entertainment business they have to make sure they maintain that youthful image. It is hard for anyone to enter the entertainment industry at any age let alone a kid because they have their whole life ahead of them to be successful. The media needs to realize that kids grow eventually. When Miley Cyrus was becoming famous the media was becoming suspicious when she was coming of age. When she was performing on the pole that caused a lot of shock because most of her fan base is little kids. When she turned 18 she was legally able to smoke so when she was caught using salvia people were concerned that she was growing up to fast when it reality it is legal in the state of California to smoke salvia at 18. When Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant at 16 it made headlines everywhere because she was a star from "Zoey 101" and also was on Nickelodeon's All That. Before she got pregnant, she was just known as Britney Spears little sister and then the roles were switched because of her fan base and who used to be her target audience from her shows. It is very difficult for kids to be on TV shows and balance their personal life, the fame, their image, their fan base all at once to please everyone when at the end of the day they are just human beings.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MTV's Teen Mom

People think that when TV shows do things about teen pregnancy or teen sex that it glamorizing it when what they are really doing is trying to send a message. Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant are showing people that it is way too hard to be a teen and an adult at the same time. Even at the end of the segment it shows the girls doing like a confession video diary talking about their journey through their pregancies. Every single one of them says the same thing which is the fact that it is a struggle taking care of a baby at such a young age and that people should wait until they are a lot older to have kids. Farrah from the 1st Teen Mom series even made a statement on twitter about Kourtney Kardashian being pregnant for the 2nd time and she metioned that Kourtney didn't learn anything from the MTV show. Kourtney responded by saying that she is not a teenager, she is a 32 year old women that has her life in order, but what Farrah was trying to say is the fact that being a single mother is way harder than it looks. Now for a teenager to tell a grown women that, that has to be a clue that motherhood isn't all fun and games. It is something to deal with the rest of your life.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Is Considered Cheating?

A lot of people have their many definitions on what they think cheating is because it can range from how people view relationships and what is acceptable or not. Some people feel that engaging in any physical contact is cheating, others think is it's all emotional, and some believe flirting is cheating. It seems like there is no real definition of cheating. At the same time people have reasonable antics on the different signs. Honestly I think it is anything that has to do with intimacy meaning if you are sharing intimacy with someone else other than your partner is cheating alone because you are taking private connections with someone to another person and that's pretty disrespectful. At the same time people have their reasons and they are just too scared to tell their partner because they don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, but who they are really hurting are themselves.

Friday, December 2, 2011

HIV/AIDS Prevention

The world has been suffering from AIDS and HIV for years and is still an epidemic. Lately though it has been a little more controlled because of modern medicine that is maintaining people's health. There are so many ways of contracting the disease, but the main ways are from sexual contact and sharing needles. A lot of people are having dangerous sex without knowing it because they either don't know that they have the disease or their partner is on the down low or the condom breaks, etc. As far as sharing needles, there are so many people that are using and abusing drugs in ways that are just unreal. It is very important that we get tested especially when we are sexually active and be safe with whatever decisions that we make.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's Considered Hooking Up?

This is somewhat a debatable topic because many people do have their own definition of hooking up. Some people think it's sexual, others think it's physical contact, some people think it's regular dating, but what does it really mean? Most of the time when I hear someone say that they hooked up with someone they are either being introduced to someone that they potentially want to date since hooking up deals with connecting with someone. On the other hand some teens think it means something sexual. Whether they got with someone at a party or maybe just having casual sex with their long time crush, it pretty much has something to do with engaging in physical activity with somebody you like or find attractive. Often times a french kiss is considered hooking up because you are taking it to the next level from just talking to each other to see if the two people can create a relationship out of it. It seems like either way you put it hooking up means something involving dating or wanting to get to know someone on a different just as long as everyone be safe with whatever decision you make.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Space In A Relationship

When you are committed to someone it is important to communicate especially if you want that space. Space is important to have because you have to miss each other and not be under each other's skin because then it will fall apart. How much space is too much space, though? Some people might just say a long time, but what is considered too long? A couple should take time out to hang out with friends and family and also have that me-time so that way when you go back to your partner you can maintain healthy intimacy. If you are always together you will get on each other's nerves depending on you guy's personality and when that happens, you want to have space anyway away from the bickering so either way space is kind of necessary. At the same time you need to have an open communication with each other to make your connection with each other and understand each other's boundaries when you are off doing your own things and recognize the behaviors of your partner.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cuffing Season

Since we are kind of in the middle of fall i should mention cuffing season. I realized it started months ago, I'm just now mentioning it. For those of you that don't know what exactly is cuffing season is the time of the year when people seek out a "boo" to cuddle with while it gets cold outside and have an intimate indoor relationship with them until the seasons over or if you want to take the relationship to the next level. It is pretty much the silliest way of saying "hooking up" and just made it a fancy word. You are basically cuffing someone to be with you for the winter time. It is such a dumb way of getting with people because suppose you fall in love with that person. You can't mix love with a stupid trend because eventually someone does get hurt, but if you are just doing it for fun just be safe. If you take it seriously, chances are the person you cuffed isn't. In the video clip above, the guy explains that he thinks that cuffing season was invented by a women because she was lonely and needed a man. Even though it sounds funny it might be true. Whether a female or a male invented it, it still something ridiculous to deal with. Teens make it prevelant to have something to do, it might be fun and all, but things don't always turn the way you want to especially if you cuffed the wrong person. Some people will cuff someone and then break up with them in the summer and start the process all over again which doesn't make any sense. You are pretty much using someone to be your indoor buddy just so you won't be by yourself. That's not a relationship. That's just wrong.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


People tend to forget the positves that they have going on in their life because they focus on the negatives that is becoming a distraction. I understand that we want to fix things right away. I know I do, but it's important to understand the value of giving and receiving. Be thankful for all the blessings that came into your life and know that there will be many more to come.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Celeb Gossip

Celebs are always the talk of the day whether it is good or bad, but it's only right when we talk about the positives that are going on with them. Celebrities have a right to privacy just like everyone, but when you are a public figure it seems impossible. Sometimes I wonder how in the world do celebrities handle the hatred in the blogs and the press in general. I can just imagine what's going on with them mentally. At the same time I commend them for being very strong through all that chaos.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Crazy Acts Of Violence

The amount of violence has increased drastically. People's behaviors and issues has been outrageous and in some ways uncontrollable. Most of the acts are always caught on video for entertainment and to put people on blast. One video that was shown was where a boy was set on fire because he was gay. That video broke my heart because I'm sick of people making fun of the gay community. It is not fair that they cannot seem to live their lives the way they want to because of complete ignorance. So many people are getting shot over the stupidest things. A 16 year-old girl got shot because she wouldn't give up her tattoo ink to this guy. Why should that be a reason to shoot anyone at all it is ridiculous. Teen violence is pretty much becoming a sport as well because everyday is a different story about kids getting into a fight in front of the wrong people and over unnecessary situations. Our generation has been giving way too many bad impressions that is making the older generation look down on us thinking we have no future since we are ruining our future. Women in jail are fighting each other while being pregnant. I can understand the frustration of being in jail, but when you are carrying a child, you must have to be completely furious to take that type of risk. Gang violence is also becoming even more prevelant. Just recently there was story about an old man getting jumped by gay thugs. That is pretty bizarre. You don't hear stories often about gay thugs and when you do so many questions come to your minds. This world needs a lot of prayer. We don't seem to make any changes to make it better because we are too lazy about what's going on right instead of what we are going to do in the future. We need to start praying now.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tampons And Vodka Trend

Teenagers keep finding new ways to get the feeling of being high and drunk. One of the ways that they are doing is the most dangerous because of how much it effects your health. Kids are putting tampons in vodka and inserting them in their rectum and vaginal area to get a quick buzz. The reason behind this is the fact that when you insert any liquor in your rectal cavity you get drunk quicker because of the mucus membrane that lines that area. The thinness of it can absorb the alcohol making your blood alcohol level go from 0 to about .09-.12 in a matter of 45 seconds which is pretty quick and quite buzzlike so kids figure why not do something to get that type of high really fast. They also figure it would beat a breathalyzer because you are not consuming alcohol orally to have the smell in your breath and in your mouth which is not true because the breathalyzer measures the alcohol in your bloodstream so it doesn't matter how you intake it because either way it goes in your system. We need to pray for our people's seriously!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Social Dynamics Of Gender In The Media

There are so many stereotypes when it comes to gender. This world claims to want equality, but keep complaining when the equality gets stronger. There is so much irony and contradiction that it's causing more problems than we already have. Some people are so stuck on this fairytale lifestyle where the wife is suppose to stay home to cook, clean, and take of the kids and the man works all day and just provides and the household is just 2 kids with a white picket fence. That doesn't neccessarily exists simply because of the fact that it is a fairytale. We live in such a fantasy world that we tend to confuse it with reality until the reality hits us. Since we still live off of the fairytale mentallity the world is steretyped to be controlled by male domination because the men has to be the heros, but so do women. We want to feel like we saving the world in some kind of way as well and be appreciated for it especially since we are the emotional ones.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Music Videos

Music videos are the biggest factor in music in general. It's all about the money, power, and respect which is also said in a few people's lyrics. MTV started in 1981 with videos and it has been so popular ever since as well as other stations like BET, VH1, FUSE, etc. The documentary dreamworlds 3 covers all the aspects and basics of videos as far as imagery and visual fantasy. Music videos possess a sense of sexual control and male dominance. This idea of exploiting women has so many conflicts going on and double standards. It is said that women are stuck in a pornographic phase to tell a story by having a desire for someone. Different camera angles show a women's body in a provocative way or a certain position. Even female artists start to blossom into a super grown women status to get attention. The more skin you show the more money.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Advertising is everywhere in our faces whether it is in a magazine, on a billboard, on a bus, online we just can't seem to get away from it. We see more than 3,000 ads a day without even realizing we are seeing that much, but at the same time the images in ads add to the misrepresentation of women. Different pictures exploit the idea of violence against women by showing them in revealing clothing with bruising all over them or other images shows women in very provocative positions showing the idea that all women are, are sexual objects. This world lives in a fantasy for men since women are the ones that have to based everything on their looks to get attention. Even the most innocent product is put in a sexual way or area. It gives the viewer something to look at since the product has to look good to sell. The more sexualized the better chance the product will sell. The documentary "Killing Us Softly" explains every single dynamics of altering women in ads to seduce the male vision. The documentary has 4 different versions of it.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Art Of Editing

Editing is something that is very useful to do in any source of media whether it's doing a newspaper, a show, a computer game, etc. It shows the fact that it can be very artful in so many ways because the whole point of it is to make it look good anyway. When it comes to reality shows editing is very prevelant. They have to do it so it can fit the time of the program as well as to protect certain things about the subject. When it comes to editing advertisements or retouching it is also to make something look good because when it comes to media is constantly and always will be about the money.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Celebrities are constantly being stalked by cameras because they are legally a public figure, but are celebrities really the cause for camera men to get out of hand? It kind of started with the incident with Princess Diana when her driver was trying to dodge paparazzi and then it caused her car accident. Snapshots are unhindered by law so most of the time celebrities make deals with their publicist to give the paparzzi something to shoot pictures for. At the same time they instigate by bribing celebrities to places where they socialize at or go on a regular basis just so they can take pictures of them and then the picture goes to the highest bidder and then get money off of it. They also pay the informer for the information about the star explaining their whereabouts as well as making deals with autographers so that way the star can get an autograph to take pics of the celeb to make money off of selling the pics. The main thing out of all of this is money.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hormones For Kids

At a very young age such as toddlers, kids realize who they are as human beings. They recognize the parts and what it's used for and can identify themeselves gender wise. With that being said doctors debate on whether or not it is ok for kids to get hormone treatments once they realize themselves pychologically and that it should match with them physically. Some doctors say they are too young for hormone treatments and feel that whatever the child is feeling is a phase and will eventually outgrow it. Other doctors say let them have it so they can grow up not feeling like they were born in the wrong body. Tyra had an episode explaining this exact issue.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Homosexual Family Dynamics

I'm sure there are some people that wonder what it's like to live in a household where your parents are a gay couple. Well it is actually no different from a straight family home. A study actually showed that kids that grow up in a gay family environment are 5 times more happier than straight families because they are more open-minded and recognize the diversity of society and able to accepted the different. Over 80% of gay families find it beneficial to live this way.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A lot of people don't really know much about the gender term intersexed because it's not common, but if you say the word "hermanphrodite" they are a bit more familiar with it. Hermanphrodite is the slang term for intersexed which is the medical term and it pretty much means that you are born with both parts. 1 out of 2000 people are intersexed which is the same amount of red heads in the world which is not that much. This gender conflict deals with anatomy alone and not necessarily sexuality. There are babies born with full-blown female parts and a few male parts as well as full-blown male parts and a few female parts because of added hormones that developed as a fetus. It is often confused with attraction and confusion with identity because the child often times get altered at birth because of what the doctors want them to be gender wise since there is so many gender biases. What matters is what the child identifies themself pyschologically of what gender they are as well as who they are attracted to.

Same-Sex Marriage

Homosexuality is something that should be appreciated especially since you can't help to be who you are and who you fall in love with. Therefore they should be allowed to marry who they want as well. Sex-sex marriages has been such a growing conflict because of law enforcements and religious beliefs. So many people are for it because it is something they are naturally are and others are against because it is against the bible. With that being said 10 countries has allowed same-sex marriage laws to be passed and only a few countries allow it as well. I really feel like every state and every country should allow it because people are in love with who they are naturally in love with and if anything they are probably more happier than straight couples.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Keeping Bullying A Secret

A lot of people don't tell anyone that they have been bullyed mainly because of retaliation. A few years ago kids made snitching such a big deal because they felt that anyone who is a tattle tell is a punk and have no business telling anyone else anything after something has been done to them or if they witnessed something. They even made shirts with a stop sign that said stop snitching telling people that if you tell on someone then something happens to you. A study showed that about 41% of kids don't tell anyone after they are being bullying because they are afraid that the bully might come after them.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

High School Standards

A lot of times bullying happens in high school based on appearance. Looks are such a big deal because in high school your body is changing, your hormones are raging out of control, people are dating, etc, but people tend to take things too far. The standards that student makes in high school can come from stereotypes and upbringings which makes up the social dynamics of peers. There are always these cliches such as the jocks, geeks, popular girl, smart girl, bitches/mean girls, etc. It's like as soon as you enter school you are categorize. That's when the bullying comes in. You pretty much have to look a certain way to get accepted or else you get picked on. You either have to be pretty or have a strong personality and if you have both it is an advantage. Of course every school has a different level of pretty because certain prettys isn't enough. It's ashame that people are not given chances to prove themselves to the world the spark that they have within themselves.

Cyber Bullying

With the technology becoming so prevelant because of how much it has upgraded, bullying has been able to translate through our everyday sources. Cyber bullying is also something that has gotten extremely out of control. One story in particular that made news headline was the Meghan Myers story which is show in the clip above from a segment on Tyra Banks show. At just 13 years old she committed suicide by tying herself up in her closet after reading harsh words from a mystery person on Myspace. She thought the person a boy her age in her neighborhood that she thought was trying to get with her, but was later identified as a grown women who lived down the street from her which is insane. Meghan's mother has been going on different TV talk shows to promote ending cyber bullying and the Meghan Myers foundation. We have to be more careful with what we put out there on these social networking sites so we don't loose anymore of a genertion.

Bullying Against Gays

Young gay youths are the most at risk when it comes to bullying because of society's views on homosexuality. Everyday there is always a story on the news about high school kids committing suicide because they couldn't handle the torment of ignorant individuals. High school is suppose to be a time of fun and experience things about yourself and others, but unfortunately it can be a dangerous time for our younger generation. Bullying has gotten so much worst and for some reason it doesn't seem to stop. Study shows that a gay student gets called a faggot, homo, punk, etc every 14 minutes of the day. That is way to much to say to someone that didn't do anything. 31% of teens have been threatened within the last year alone. The suicide rate as increased within the last year as well which is ridiculous especially when it happens to teens as young as 12 or 13 years old. The discrimination has got to stop!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Bullying has become the most serious act of violence within our youth. Bullying has increased more than ever including the many ways of bullying. Whether it is in person or through the computer. Either way it is dangerous. With its increase came with an increase of suicide in young teens some even as young as 8 years old because of the amount of people ganging up on one individual. Something needs to be done because we are literally loosing a generation of kids that deserve to live. It is important to understand the behavior issues within the bully to get to the root of the problem and understand why some kids are so mean even though they are the victims being that they are lashing out because they are hurting inside.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Media Madness Mayhem

The media is something that society looks forward to exploring and checking on every minute because we constantly want to know what's going on in the world. It is to the point where the press gets carried away with what we want to witness and how much we put out there that causes a corruption of a system. I watched an interesting documentary on OWN called "Miss Representation" which is pretty much based on how women are treated so differently and poorly compared to men in this world, but they also talked about how media is so manipulative at the same time. The media itself makes you think that the stuff that they put in the tabloids, magazines and on TV is something the viewers request or always want to hear about when it is actually what the press wants you to see ande believe because of the business and relationships that publicist have between themselves and the celebrities. The publicist job is to make sure that things that are written or shown in the media are true statements, but the media also has the power to change things since they have a freedom of speech. The exploitation that media tends to be good at also has a lot to do with stereotypes, standards and manipulating the consumers for the sake of money. Greed is one of the biggest sins that people have in this country and we tend to make it worst everyday especially with the way this world functions. Until we stop complaining, and start making positives changes, this world will never change.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Viral Internet Relationships

The internet has been the most dynamic way of communicating ever since it was first invented. Most people have found their first love through the internet, or future husband/wife, but do we tend to get carried away with letting out our personal business? In order to relate to other people or network for other opportunities it is somewhat important to put yourself out there, but sometimes we don't realize how much we put out there. Online dating is one example of falling into the wrong trap. The internet and other social networking sites gives you the power the edit things and post whatever you want on your pages to get something in return therefore you have to be careful who you are talking to online especially when dating. As far as putting your relationship out there can also cause a lot of problems. Myspace and facebook are known for questionable status on people's profile. The problem is, is the fact that people would know things about your love life based on either knowing you as a person and what kind of things you put on your page. Ex girlfriends/boyfriends will then find these things out and you hope that they are not pyschopathic exes. I knew of some incidents where these situations have happened. A friend of mine had her man's crazy ex threatening them over the internet just because he moved on. Sometimes the statuses that people post are probably not real so you kind of have to know how to edit out your page for your own protection especially since the technology is only going to increase from here.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Most Useful Devices

Technology has been the rise of our generation. Even though Steve Jobs is gone he remains alive in everyday electronical devices. Technology has taken over our lives in so many ways to the point where we revolve around it within our daily activity and routines. We have ipods, ipads, iphones, a lot of items beginning with an I. Theses items created different ways of commmunicating within our social circle, but at the same time backfiring in other situations when we get carried away. With so many of these devices it makes you think what are the most useful and which ones can get you in trouble with your personal life. Since it's only going to upgrade from here we have to be careful on how we add our personal lives in to it.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Social Health

Our society is very controversial on so many issues and with the atttitudes that people carry that makes others unhappy is causing unhealthy situations to happen in our world. Since we are social beings it is important that people learn how to communicate with one another so that way everyone has an understanding on people's views and perspectives on things. In this day in age people tend to just do things and not have intelligent conversations because they are afraid that they will miss something in their lives despite how dangerous it is. Talking and expressing your feelings is part of living a healthy lifestyle. It is important to have a support system or a circle of friends that care about you so that way when you have problems you won't leave them bottled up inside. You can at least say there are people in your lives that are worth talking to so not only get opinions from them, but also to let certain things go.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Everybody goes through stress all the time. People just cope with them differently. There are so many causes to stress whether it is a bad relationship, work, friends, etc. So many things can get you all worked up very quickly. It is scarier when it effects them physically because some people can get rashes or just get overall sick and sometimes the stress is usually beyond our control. The important thing is trying to deal with and relieve the stress. Of course it should be healthy choices to relieve so that way we can learn from our mistakes and move on and also what we can do different if it happens again.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Invisibility/Respect Levels

Society has so many standards that have crushed people's self-esteem for a long time and it's to the point where it is out of control. This world is solely based to much on looks instead of the spirit of people. There was a study done that said that attractive people get more jobs and opportunties than unattractive people just because of their looks. That is pretty sad because some people never get a chance to go inside the minds of the unexpected or the unique. It is a true statement that first impression is everything, but that shouldn't be the only concern either. The typical all-american look is blonde hair, blue eyes, big boobs, nice legs, and have a young look. That is pretty much the american standard of women and anyone the opposite of that is pretty much beneath them. These people that are beneath the standard are considered the invisible people because they are irrelevant. That is really harsh and disrespectful because god made all of us, but yet people want to be ignorant and unaccepting of the fact that they are different types of people. This has been going on for years and it just seems to get worst everyday. This issue is translated into everyday activities whether it is sports, work, school, etc. It is greatly effected in schools because kids are growing up and learning new things and getting into new experiences which comes with a lot of expectations. Bullying is becoming so severe and most of it is based off of looks and your sexuality. In high school there are all these categories and cliches that people actually follow which is like the standards of school on how you have to be and anyone else is beneath them. This world is such a controlled environment that it is not allowing people to live their lives the way they want to because there are too many unnecessary standards to follow. ThtheI

Emotional Intelligence

It is important that people have emotional intelligence because it has a lot to do with how you think about things and deal with your emotions. There are so many people who are not emotionaal and there are some people that are afraid to be emotional. This type of issue makes people feel some type of way because of how they handle situations. Everybody has the unique ability to control their emotions, but it's how you go about it that separates it from how you feel. It is always good to talk about your feelings, it's just that it is up to you on when to talk about it.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hair Care

Hair is something that is very important to a girl in some type of way. She may love it short and wish to keep it that way because it is easier to deal with and can do simple styles with it. She loves it long because it makes us feel that, that is where all of our beauty is held. You can do many different styles with long hair and taking care of it is a lot of work. The texture of it is also a big deal. Straight-hair girls would love to have curly hair and curly-hair girls would love it straight sometimes. Either way our hair is that is the main thing we talk about or deal with on a daily basis when it comes to grooming and pampering ourselves. Everyone's hair is different epecially of different races. Caucasion women seem to have the best type of hair because it comes in many different colors and textures whereas African-American women seem to have coarse, thick hair tha is difficult to grow, but there are actually many ways for all hair types to grow and stay healthy we just never knew what exactly is the secret because we just assume certain products are for certain types of hair, but in reality all hair types have the same components. There are a lot of ingriedients that you would never think are for your that are usually for another specific purpose. The main thing to remember though is the fact that whatever you use it has to be purely NATURAL! That is the key word. Natural. Even if it is a regular product that has natural ingriedients in it, it is still processed and chemicalized so make sure whatever you get is all natural. At the same time, there are also websites that say to use household products for your hair one being birth control. Not necessarily consuming them, but crushing the pills and mixing them with olive oil then use them as a conditioner. Isn't that weird! With that being said it is important to condition on your scalp for amount 3 minutes because the blood should circulate that causes scalpal stimulation for growth as well. As always you should use a silk wrap for your hair at night time or a silk pillowcase so that way your ends are healthy and to prevent damaged hair. This is a typical routine for black women because of the texture of our hair, but it has also been said that white women should wrap their hair as well to keep it healthy. Castor oil is also an important essential element for your hair because it contains amino acids and nutrients that is the one thing that your hair craves for. Always have your hair hydrated as well. It's like when it doubt, hydrate your hair. Hydration is important for damaged, oily, dry, all types of hair. Since your hair is also made out of protein you need to condition it with more protein and the best kind of protein to use is raw eggs. What you do is mix the eggs with olive oil and castor oil as well as coconut juice and once you put it in your hair where a shower cap so those ingriedients can penatrate into the hair shaft. I've tried and I'm actually pleased. The weirdest thing that I've heard to use on your hair is beer. Again not necessarily consuming it, but using it as a conditioner. This is because of the yeast in the contents that is good for the hair shaft as well, but another drink to use is kool-aid. Not sure why I've heard it works really, but as good as it is to drink I don't know if it's as good as a conditioner, but it's probably worth a try. Also of course mayonnaise is good for your hair because of the amount of protein that it contains as well. Most women use it once a month or even use it for co-washing. At the same time even though going natural is the best option, whatever benefits your hair is your choice especially if it has kept your hair healthy all this time.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Choking Game

This choking game is such a dangerous trend that it has already killed so many teens just with their first time playing it. It is pretty much a different way to get high without using drugs. In reality it is just as bad becuase you are putting your health at risk. People are intentionally decreasing the amount of oxygen to their brain so they can hallucinate and get a sense of feeling high that you get from smoking weed. People also use this game for sexual arousal. It is a thing called auto-arouse hallucination where you cut off the amount of oxygen to your brain and accumulate carbon dioxide to get aroused. These two situations are actually two separate activities, but for the purpose of doing something daring and dangerous to feel another type of way to yourself. Thses type of games have got to stop because we are losing our generation.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Face Punching

There's a new trend going on called face punching which is exactly what it sounds like. Kids are actually wanting to get punched in the face because they think it's funny. They also make videos of themselves get knocked out so they can look back on it and laugh. They don't see it as harmful, but instead humorous. The funny thing is it is a game, but the rules are crazy. You can't hit in the temple, the back of the head, or back the neck which is silly when you can simply just not hit each other at all to save the trouble. Why give out these type of rules when you can just simply avoid the game as a whole. Another reason why some kids play this game is to build up resistence for when they get into a real fight. It sounds reasonable, but it still sounds like an unreasonable activity to do. One kid was even interviewed about this game because he atually participates in it and he tells his grandmother to hit him because it's funny and to train her to fight better. That is the silliest thing ever because that goes to show you how bored someone can really get. Then they interviewed another guy that participated in a punching game few years prior, but the incident caused him to have brain damage. He pretty much explained that the impact the guy's fist against his forehead caused him to blackout and crush the front part of his skull. That traumatic experience caused him to loose that piece of his skull leave no protection of his brain. Now the boy can't really do any physical activities for the sake of his head all because him and his friends wanted to play rough by punching each other. It seem like this day in age boredom has got the best of people. It can make you do crazy things, but it has become out of control. Teens are inventing new ways of being stupid. Everyday you hear an incident that a teen did that is such a gruesome crime that you would never thought would happen. A lot teens feel like they have to do crazy things or be disrespectful to get the respect they deserve when that same respect isn't the type of respect that people should want since they are giving it the wrong way.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


There is another trend going on with young teens which is called batmannning. It was inspired by planking because of the position that your body is in. Batmanning itself is said to derive from the cartoon Batman and it's an activity where you hang upside down suspended off of anything. It is so silly that I don't know why someone would invent this. There are so many videos on this trend showing a bunch of boys hanging off of buildings, doors, ceiling poles, etc. The idea is to pretty much hang off of somewhere dangerous to also resemble the cape crucader character. This is such a disaster to our generation because we keep creating new ways of stupidity that makes us look worst than we already do. This activity is becoming so prevelant that it is spreading over the UK. Facebook has really marketed this over to other countries to younger generations since there is so many sensations and video clips on facebook explaining newer places to try it at. The weird thing is the fact that people are able to climb up into the position with no problem and climb down at the same time unless they have the help with their friends. Either way this sounds like a dangerous stunt that doesn't need to really be popular because there is no purpose to it besides the fact that it is an adrenaline rush and something daring to do, but if you are hanging off buildings and in street parking lots someone could get hurt.


Fridging is another trend where you basically pose inside the refridgerator. Some people were complaining about because it's useless. It started when Nikki Minaj did a photoshoot with a refridgerator and then all of a sudden people were doing that in their pictures. As silly as this trend is, it doesn't seem like a big deal. Since it is not harming anyone, posing in front of it is not necessary of a problem unless you have illegal objects stored in the fridge. Another fridging trend is when you break into someone's garage and steal alcohol from someone's fridge. I didn't realize that was called fridging, but it's not talked about as much, but that is a lot worst than posing in front of the open refridgerator.

Monday, October 24, 2011


What is the deal with these crazy trends. Stupidity is becoming an activity. Kids are translating anything into something everyday. Planking is one of the trends that started to become popular which is where you lay on your stomach at a dangerous location. It was said to derive from slavery and when cops would arrest a criminal and lay him on the ground. I don't understand why people would be inspired from something negative and make it into an activity. It has no reason to do so in the beginning. We need to pray for everyone because this is getting ridiculous.

Double Standards

This world is living in double standards. Most people actually follow them, but they are so hypocritical that it is ridiculous. One of the main double standards revolve around how boys and girls grow up. When kids go through puberty it seems like boys have a clean slate more than girls do. A dad or mom usually gives the son condoms and tell him to have fun while in the meantime they tell the daughter to not do anything at all. That sounds pretty selfish. I understand the girl has more consequences than the boy, but the guy is just as responsible for the consequences as she does. Therefore it is not fair to teach one gender one thing and the other gender another thing when a human being is a human being. It also seems contradictory when sometimes a guy will teach his close female family member to not get involved with any guys, but at the same time he is doing that to someone elses daughter or loved one. It's silly, but it happens. People should be able to teach both genders the same type of reality checks to get a sense of both sides. This will also them understand each other especially since that is the main problem in relationships between a straight couple. Women complain that they don't understand men and some men complain about women. Yea it is true that we are different, but what harm does it do teach each other how different we are instead of hating each other because of what we don't understand. how

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Virgin Controversy

Being a virgin is a such a beautiful thing, but I think people forgot about that. In this day in age, people look at virginity like it's a disease to get rid of. It's such an issue that when people state their opinion about it, it tends to sound hypocritical. People like virgins because they are clean, fresh, never been touched you know physically they're ok, but the problems is the skills and the emotions behind it. They are afraid of the attachment and hurting the person's feelings when getting involved with them. Another problem is the inexperience of the person. It's a weird thing because at one point you were inexperienced to become experienced so it's almost hard to negotiate with someone that's been where you are going because you don't know the outcome afterwards especially if you are a female. At the same it is something you will never forget because that person was your first. Whether it was worth it or not is up to you. I do feel that a person should give their virginity to someone that is worthy of keeping it because you can't get it back.

The Issues With Adult Films

The sex industry is very controversial because of the fact that it is a business. Some people feel like it is giving the wrong impression of sexuality which in certain ways it is. The industries job is to create a fantasy for your pleasure and it is up to you to make the reality you want it to be. Other people tend to get disappointed when something didn't turn out the way they wanted, but that's because maybe they didn't get a sense of the imagination they wanted. Adult film stars rarely tell the dark side of the sex industry anyway because they have to make money from the movies they make to keep the viewers interested. Reporters have interviewed different film stars to explain their experience in the business and of course it's pretty graphic. They explained how easily people carry diseases to each other without even knowing they do so, also how damaging your body gets when doing long running scenes with different co-stars, and how racist it can be in the industry. These interviews were very explicit to the point where it almost wasn't going to be exposed on tv. I went to a convention at my school about this issue and the speaker, Gail Dines, summed up the dark side perfectly. She is the author of the book "Pornland, How Porn Has Hijacked Sexuality" very interesting book that any can be able to read and give their opion off of it. She explained how women are categorized either by their sexual skills, race, positions, orientations, etc more than men. The dangers are very severe to the point where it can't be changed. As far as the consumer aspect of it most people feel like watching pornography is considered cheating when you are in a relationship. Some people feel it's cheating as far as frequency and others just feel like watching it in general is cheating. Again, adult films are just fantasy visuals and it is up to you what you take from it. You could only cheat from how you act on it to other people and not your significant other. Some people take their imagination to another level and it tends to create problems within each other. If I said it before I'll say it again. COMMUNICATE! I can't put it in any other way.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reality TV

When you watch tv what's usually on, reality tv! Is it really reality though? I don't think so. It started off years ago with the real world when it was for real, but nowadays it is getting carried away. It's pretty obvious that reality tv is fake because of how scripted the shows are especially since there is a consistency with the acting on these shows. Every single one of them have fights and drama and nothing serious on there that makes an impact to society. At the same time the show has to make money and entertain the people so that way the show can have ratings. If everything was positive on reality tv, they wouldn't make any money or continue the show which is pretty fake to begin with.

Domestic Abuse

When you think of domestic abuse, people automatically assume it's the guys fault because 90% of men are the abuser in the relationship. Domestic abuse comes in any type of relationship whether it deals with a man hitting a women, women hitting a man, women hitting women, or men hitting men. Either way it is wrong. Sometimes when you go into details of the act you don't know who to blame and what I mean by that is sometimes the victim could provoke the person to abuse and not the abuser being a pyschopath. So you can't just blame one person you can consider both people. The abuser can't help, but to react by fighting back in their defense. This not to make excuses for them, but sometimes that's usually the case when you consider an abusive situation in a relationship. The abuser doesn't really think about anything they just react immediately in the heat of the moment so therefore you can kind of blame the victim especially if they are the cause. The abuser is still wrong for what they did, but it's the fact that they couldn't help, but to react in a violent way if the victim was violent to them. The abuse that does often happens is when the abuser blames the victim for their actions such saying "look what you made me do" when the abuser had no business putting their hands up to begin with. The abuser has a lot of insecurities and anger issues that they can't seem to control so they would rather take it out on the person they say they love based on your vulnerabilty. When that happens you feel worst than what you already feel like, but I would like to know why do women feel they love someone that beats them to death. I don't understand what is there to love when it's all hate. Even though it's unhealthy love it doesn't seem like there was love there to begin with. I know it's hard to get out, but that is the only often to being happy. No one can make you happy until you make yourself happy because you are not always going to have someone there for you all the time. Always re-evaluate yourself before you enter someone else's life.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dads And Lesbian Daughters

I've always wondered how men feel about how guys would feel if they had lesbians as daughters especially since they can't stand the thought of having a gay son. Having a lesbian daughter is slightly more acceptable than having a gay son because of the fact that she is a female. The dad would of course let the child know that they will be judged because of the cruelty of society. It shouldn't matter if you have a gay child because they still are people and you should love them no matter what. It is very important that they get unconditional love becuase this world is so mean and the person can't help the fact they are gay.

Mistakes Women Make When Dating

Women are very emotional creatures to the point where we love hard. So when it comes to dating we can't help, but to make silly mistakes especially on the first date. Some of the mistakes involve become too clingy, always saying yes, settling for less, etc. It seem like these days it is difficult to find a stable partner in your life, but do we loose people because of them or ourselves. It is true that we should get ourselves together before we settle with someone else because if you don't you'll create problems and start expecting things that you don't need to expect. It seems hard to recover after you get heartbroken so when we find someone with potential we tend to give our all before really knowing the guy. The littlest thing could set us off in a good way and that's when the clinginess comes in. A lot of times women are clingy because they are insecure, most guys don't like that especially when you are clingy because it is important for people to have space in any relationship because you'll get tired of each other. Always saying yes to someone will also lead to believe that you are insecure because it shows that you can't stand on your own. I've said this before, always have your standards set because it's important to know what you want so that way when you get it you can be in control of certain situation. If you ever come across someone that doesn't meet up, then you don't have to settle for that, but at the same time it's hard to just ignore that because women expect a change especially if she loves him. You can't change someone unless they want to be changed so again we need to check ourselves before we get involved with someone else. le ll[

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Is Considered A Hoe?

How do you know someone really is a hoe? There is probably not a definite answer, but a lot of things give it away based on the person's character. There was an article that pointed out the signs on what is considered hoe-like behavior such as being embarrased on how partners you've had, your actions at the club, keeping pregnancy test all the time, sex on the first night, etc. Those sound like some reasonable signs, but does it really depend on the number or the behavior of the person? I can't really say a definition myself because it does depend on the person and how you carry yourself especially since anyone can be a hoe.

Turnoffs For Women

Everybody has a turnoff or dealbreaker when it comes to what they want out of a person, but the main ones for women are pretty self-explanatory and something to think about when it comes to standards. It is very important for people to have standards and when they do set them up they should stick with them. So some of the things that wouldn't guarantee to be in a women's standards (of course meaning turnoffs) would 1st off be a guy with an insecure personality. Sometimes when a guy is insecure he tries to control his women or just lower her self-esteem in general because he's afraid that someone better would come into her life and take her away from him. That's pretty sad to do that because it is a true fact that you should love yourself before you love others because there would be no love to begin with and then you both would come into the relationship with so many problems. Another type of guy that is a turnoff is the oversensative guy. There was a study done that said that guys who cry constantly have psychological problems that usually turns to suicide and what not. That is scary to think about because I would think the same would go for women as well, but maybe not as bad as men. So therefore it is a major turnoff for a guy to be oversensative. The 3rd major turnoff is the cocky guy. Women don't want to deal with a guy that's either a pretty boy or feels that everything about him is the best thing on God's earth. You are pretty much better off marrying yourself when you act like that. There is no need to remind people every 5 secs how fine you are or how good you are at something, etc. That gets so annoying after a while. There is nothing wrong with being confident, but there is a difference between confidence and being cocky. Don't be cocky, that makes you look worst than what you are telling yourself. What is the girl therefore if all you talk about is yourself anyway. Women love to feel validated and treated like princesses so when you distant yourself from her just because you feel that you can get any girl in the world, you don't need to be in a relationship especially long-term serious relationship. So the next time you want a fresh start with someone new, try to re-evaluate yourself before you get involved with someone because you are going to be dealing with someone else's emotions, problems, feelings, and habits that you somewhat have to adjust to. It may not be easy, but if you COMMUNICATE you'll be able to balance your relationships more smoothly.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Earning The Cookies

It is very important than a women cherishes her body and make a man wait a long time for sex. A lot of girls theses days give it up too quickly without even knowing the guy if they want a long-term relationship. A guy has sex on his mind all the time so you have the control of distracting him from the lust if you want to be with him for a long time. A guy could only do what you allow him to do. Always know that your body is your temple and both you and him and to respect it. Set up your standards when you date so that way you have an idea of what you want out of a man. Once you know what you want you have a better chance of finding it. It is up to you on how long you think a guy should wait to have your cookies of course meaning sex. If he's a man then he should wait. If he's impatient that does not mean you should give in. He's pretty much telling you I don't have time to for all that waiting. Remember you are in control of your body. There is a really good song about celibacy called "My Body" and it's by a gospel group named Trin-i-tee 5:7 and even it you are not celibate it's still go inspiration of song about waiting for sex.

The History Of Saggin

I'm still confused on the dynamic of boys sagging their pants. A lot of straight guys that I know of are homophobic or just doesn't think gay people exist, but yet when you look back on the history of sagging your pants that usually meant an inmate wanted some action from another person. I would like to one day have a normal conversation with a bunch of guys on why they feel they need to keep this trend alive for a long time. I find it odd because of the fact that at one point it was supposedly going to consider a crime of some sort where if a guy is caught wearing the pants low they would get fined, but it doesn't seemed to be acknowledged anymore . I really want to know if guys feel that it is comfortable to wear their pants that way or if they have a need to fit in and keep up with the latest styles regardless of where it came from. It's oddly interesting how people could take something that came from a negative dimension and turn it into a trend. It makes you wonder what is next for future generations. A lot of journalist argue that people change the way we view what is considered cool and what is considered whack. We all clearly know everybody has different definitions and ideas on how we feel about those 2 topics, but it also leads to more questions because of the different opinions we get. The style of sagging also lead to certain stereotypes meaning that some people that if a black guy wears their pants saggy then they are considered thugs, but if a white guy wears his pants saggy then he would be considered a scateboarder. Those are 2 completely opposite stereotypes, yet it deals with the same gender. So not only has society categorize gender, but race as well bases off of a fashion style. I would also like to ask women if they mind they mind the style or are they disgusted by now being that this such a growing trend and why should guys just feel the need to tell women not to wear their pants saggy. That's being contradictive. Will boys also feel that they will grow out of the style or continue it and pass it on to their kids?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Generation Of Males

Young guys today are a mystery. I say this because there are a lot of things about guys that women are still confused about including myself. Maybe we will never understand them. A few questions come through my mind that I would like to ask someone. A lot of guys say that they want a strong, independent women, but yet there is a statistic stating that there are 42% of successful women that are unmarried or struggling to find a man. Steve Harvey had mentioned in both of his books "Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man" as well as "Straight Talk, No Chaser" that a women should have standards in order to find a man that she is looking for, but for some reason women still aren't getting what they want. He also stated that men are ashamed of the fact that they didn't get where they need to be so they can provide for their women. Maybe the men saying they want a strong, independent women have them already leaving the rest of the men not meeting at the level where they need which is causing those 42% of unwed women a statistics. I could be wrong because obviously I don't have all the sources. Another growing issue is the amount of deadbeat dads in the world. The problem with this is, is the fact that women sometimes force their child on the guy which will drive him away and then women end up calling him a deadbeat. So it's kind of like who do you blame. The guy is wrong for not standing up to his responsiblilities, but the women also should be just as responsible as picking someone who will be a good father or not forcing everything on the guy and screaming at him because let's be for real nobody wants to be screamed at. I do commend every parent out there because it is a cruel world and you are doing your best, but what could we possibly do to make positive changes to the way we live our lives that's causing baggage?

Has Music Changed?

What do people really think of music these days? Everybody seems to have mixed feelings about it. It's to the point where nobody will ever come to aggreements with it. What I don't understand is the fact that is the dynamics of it. It pretty much changed once we entered the new millenium. Did people think it was time for a change within music or is it because people just got used to what was coming next. Do people also think that our music is really effecting the younger generation or do kids pick up their bad habits from other things. I don't know what to think because it is what it is and either way the music industry is making money and as long people keep listening to music the industry will keep selling songs. I talk about a topic similar to this one and even my classmates had mixed feelings as well. Which means we probably never get a definite answer.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Limited Partners

How many sex partners is too much? Most people would consider going past both of your hands a bit much, but everyone has their preference. There is actually a calculation method that says that whatever number the girls says is multiplied by 5 and added by 3 the reverse happens with the guy of whatever number he says is divided by 5 and subtracted by 3 and those are their actual numbers. What are your limits when you enter a relationship?

Who Plays Better Mind Games? Men of Women

I really don't know who plays it better, but a lot of guys say women do and a lot of women say men do which therefore nobody knows. I will say that some women feel that they are better at the game than men even though men can easily get any girl by saying a few words. Most men will "play to lay" meaning he'll talk you into sleeping with him. They then become spontaneous with it they will play the same game with a different girl which causes riots between the girls. Sometimes you don't even realize a guy is playing games on you because he is that good at it. He can manipulate you into doing anything by telling you everything that you want to hear. Some other games a guy will play is to see if he can get a girl good enough for the moment. It sounds very cold, but it happens often. On the women side they will do the waiting game. This means that she will make the guy wait knowing that she wants nothing to do with him in the first place. She will have him thinking that she is a good guy waiting for the right guy when she really doesn't want to hurt his feelings, instead she just leaves him horny. Another trick she will do is leave delayed text messages. Guys don't really like to be ignored that much so he does he feels some type of way. Once the girl knows that she tries to manipulate him into whatever she wants him to do. The one game that both women and men play is the make up to break up game. They will pick fights with each other and then have make up sex or turn to someone else for sex which is a bit silly. In the end both genders play mind games at some point.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Strip Clubs And Relationships

Some people would feel like strip clubs causes a lot of issues in their relationships because of the frequency he/she goes. For others they might either go together or don't feel it's a problem at all. So it's really up to the 2 of you know how comfortable you are about using strip clubs as a priority. The biggest thing any relationship should have is trust and when it disappears you'll will always have a lot of problems which also leads to the amount of boundaries you set in the relationship. Another big thing is communication. When you don't have enough communication that's when the trust levels become the issue and then a simple priority such as going to strips put a strain on the relationship. So know your limits and know your partners limits.

Young People Are Obsessed With Love

Becoming a teenager is a big deal because you are going through so many changes in your life that takes a lot out of you. Your hormones are going crazy and therefore you think you know how to handle yourself just because you're growing up. Sometimes your hormones can be the devil because it makes your mind do crazy things. For girls they fall in love very easily because we are very emotional. Boys just want to have fun with everything they do including girls. So when it comes to relationships 9/10 the girls tends to love the guy more than she loves herself. That causes a lot of unhealthy issues that puts the girl under so much stress. She goes through so many self-esteem issues because it's always all about impressioning the guy or making someone jealous instead of making themselves look good for their own self. That's very important to do that because you have to maintain a reputation to keep you out of trouble and high school is known for cliches and different categories of people. Some teens are just addicted to being in relationships or falling in love and then they fall in love too quickly because your hormones gives you all these sexual feelings and you can't seem to control them so therefore so run into situations that you can't easily get out of because your emotions are too strong to just leave the relationship. Another issue is the fact that a lot people mainly women are so scared of being alone. It's like a phobia to be by yourself and they need that sense of attachment to feel complete as a person. That's very scary to go through that because you have to make yourself happy before anyone else could because not everybody will give that happiness often. You never know when you are going to leave that person so your only backup is you so when you have this hate for being alone you tend to get depressed from being lonely.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Falling In Love

How do people really know they are in love? That's a question a lot of people ask sometimes because they don't realize they are in love or the fact that love is right in front of them. Do many people even believe in love at first sight or is that something people just say. People do tend to get love and lust mixed up because of the feelings that be involved. There are some signs that people say what makes you tell that you are in love such as forgetting about your ex, thinking about the other person constantly, caring about the person, not noticing other people, spending a lot of time with the person, and the biggest one which the fact that you think about a future with the person. Those signs are some heavy ones because it seems like love is a drug that you need to go to rehab for if you get too much out of it especially with a bunch of people. At the same time can people really tell or do they just get played thinking that they are in love. Maybe we know, maybe we don't know.


It's ashame that the one thing that is suppose 2 make u successful is the one thing that can fail u at the same time. I'm talking about college. Growing up I always thought that college wasn't an option because when you have a degree you get more money and better positions at jobs. My generation and I have come 2 realize that college really is a scam. I saw a documentary about this issue and what I saw was shocking. There were people burning their degrees because they said it made no difference when it came down to jobs. On top of that the college presidents raise the tuition fees on purpose just out of greed and the fact that they don't care that people these days can't afford it. Most colleges don't care about a person's success because it is all about the money. These professors make u take these classes when the books are not necessary to use to begin with. Then you are stuck with the book because you can't seem 2 sell it back because the book store doesn't want it. That is so frustrating to deal with. At the same time there are so many people in so much debt because of student loans that are swallowing peoples money once they graduate and it is so sad that we have to go through that all because of the manacing greed. A stop needs to come immediately.

Friday, October 14, 2011


What do people really think of music these days? Everybody seems to have mixed feelings about it. It's to the point where nobody will ever come to aggreements with it. What I don't understand is the fact that is the dynamics of it. It pretty much changed once we entered the new millenium. Did people think it was time for a change within music or is it because people just got used to what was coming next. Do people also think that our music is really effecting the younger generation or do kids pick up their bad habits from other things. I don't know what to think because it is what it is and either way the music industry is making money and as long people keep listening to music the industry will keep selling songs. I talk about a topic similar to this one and even my classmates had mixed feelings as well. Which means we probably never get a definite answer.

90s Are All That

I am without a doubt happy about what teen nick did to our universe. They brought the 90's back. All of the shows we used to watch as a kid are back on TV. It was the best thing teen nick could've ever done because their ratings went sky high once they did that. I wonder why lol. This is all people in my generation have been talking about because it is so sad what TV has come down to these days. Nickelodeon is corny except for spongebob, the fairly oddparents and Jimmy Neutron. Reality shows are popular even though they are fake. Even game shows has died out. What has this world come to. The 90's were an era happiness and excitement. They hold so much memories because the shows seemed more realer and very dynamic. Now these days everything is scripted an so phony. For the 1st few weeks it starts off with all that, kenan & kel, clarissa explains it all, and doug afterwards they show the best of nickelodeon. It feels good to know that I don't have to go on youtube to find the better shows because now they are back on TV. It is all over people's facebooks about this same topic because people kept getting in contact with these stations how it was better to leave the 90's on TV. The funny part is it starts at midnight and ends at 4 AM. It's a decent time frame for me because I'm a night person. Luckily I will be talking about this topic on my radio show to really go in depth and discuss this a lot further because this is such a relief and a blessing for people who grow up in the 90's including myself.