Saturday, December 31, 2011

Is It Ok For Women To Approach Men?

It is very common for men to approach women because of the fact that men are known to spit game and be the hunters of the human species, but what about when women do it? Men and women can both agree that it depends on how you approach a person. If your are making yourself too obvious that you are desperate the person can sense that and can get turned off by how you come off. It also depends on the atmosphere. The atmosphere can determine how social you are and how you can mingle with other people. If you are somewhere noisy and don't know anyone, it might be a little bit difficult to approach the right person. If you are somewhere settled then there could be some opportunities for you.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Being A ROCKSTAR In A Relationship

The well known pyschologist Dr. Tartt used an acronym to describe ways to please the man/woman in your life.

To please a man: women should be a STAR
                             a= men need sex in order to be happy in a relationship and to recharge himself from situations that stresses him out.
                             b= men need to be touched in order to open up and connect with you whereas women need to talk in order to connect.
                             c= you need to appreciate your man for what he does to take care of you and putting in the effort of showing you love.
                            d= you should respect a man's routine whether it is watching tv all day, drinking, playing video games because he did that stuff before he met you so most likely he's not going take that away once he dates or marries you.

To please a woman: men should be her ROCK
                            a= men should do a consist routine as far as how he communicates with his woman. If you contact her or do things with her at certain times that she is used to don't change it because she'll think you changed even if you didn't.
                            b= open your mouths and talk to her. Most women like to continue talking even they ran their mouths to their girlfriends, but acknowledge us to show us that you still care.
                            c= connect and contact us meaning intimacy. Hold ours hands, kiss us, and make sure you hold us at night.

                            d= be kind to us. Be a gentlemen that's all we ask for besides other things lol.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

That saying "nice guys finish last" is so true. For some reason society doesn't appreciate the good in people. They would rather deal with someone disprespectful to get through their day instead of someone with a lot of heart. Especially when it comes to relationships, it seems like the people with the nastiest personalities seem to get the relationships they want while there are people with a heart of gold that are not taken seriously because people mistake that for weakness instead of potential. It is ashame that some people would rather be submissive to the bossy person in the relationship, but a man by the name of Dr. Alduan Tartt, who is a relationship says that nice guys finish last because the people that you would think have too nasty of a personality to be in a relationship have a lot of confidence enough to control certain situations. They see that as swagger rather than ignorance which doesn't make any sense especially when someone says they broke up with someone just because they were too nice and those are the same people who complain that there are not any good significant others out there when they are the ones driving them away.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Talk Shows

Daytime talk shows have been around for a long time and when we watch them you can see how much the dynamics have changed. For example the Maury Show used to cover so many topics now the main topics he talked about deal with paternity and cheating. This is because people go through these issues everyday because it is such a growing trend amongst Americans. Too many people are cheating on their partners and there are so many single mothers so Maury can't help, but to gravitate towards those problems. Jerry Springer is all about fighting and just unnecessary drama. Every single episode is about affairs, lesbian experience, guys on the down low and everytime someone comes out it's an instant fight and they instigate with ringing the bell. So as you can see with these two shows there is a similarity with the guests that appear on those shows. Over time the behaviors of the people have changed. They used to be more serious and now they are out of control and silly, but of course they do what they can to bring in ratings and that's how both Jerry and Maury are still on the air. When it comes down to shows like Tyra and Oprah they are a lot more serious because of what they allow to be on their shows even if it don't bring in ratings they it a point to get to the bottom of the issues in society and fix them instead of letting them go.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Music Video Fantasies vs Realities

A blogger made a statement about being single vs being married and he included the fantasies of music videos and the artists who sing them. He pretty much said that people do marital acts without even being married and then wonder why they don't get married with that person down the line of the relationship which is kind of true. He felt that a lot of it is influenced by the songs we listen to by these single artist since their job is to create an imagination especially when it's male artist they create a visual to females making them feel like they are the only in the world to please them or it is all about her and only her when again since they are single they are targeting women not one woman so therefore you can't always go by the songs they sings because it's just a fantasy.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Disney Star Controversy

When it comes to child stars you can't always expect them to keep that disney persona for long. The media feels there is too much of a controversy when teens and tweens enter the entertainment business they have to make sure they maintain that youthful image. It is hard for anyone to enter the entertainment industry at any age let alone a kid because they have their whole life ahead of them to be successful. The media needs to realize that kids grow eventually. When Miley Cyrus was becoming famous the media was becoming suspicious when she was coming of age. When she was performing on the pole that caused a lot of shock because most of her fan base is little kids. When she turned 18 she was legally able to smoke so when she was caught using salvia people were concerned that she was growing up to fast when it reality it is legal in the state of California to smoke salvia at 18. When Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant at 16 it made headlines everywhere because she was a star from "Zoey 101" and also was on Nickelodeon's All That. Before she got pregnant, she was just known as Britney Spears little sister and then the roles were switched because of her fan base and who used to be her target audience from her shows. It is very difficult for kids to be on TV shows and balance their personal life, the fame, their image, their fan base all at once to please everyone when at the end of the day they are just human beings.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MTV's Teen Mom

People think that when TV shows do things about teen pregnancy or teen sex that it glamorizing it when what they are really doing is trying to send a message. Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant are showing people that it is way too hard to be a teen and an adult at the same time. Even at the end of the segment it shows the girls doing like a confession video diary talking about their journey through their pregancies. Every single one of them says the same thing which is the fact that it is a struggle taking care of a baby at such a young age and that people should wait until they are a lot older to have kids. Farrah from the 1st Teen Mom series even made a statement on twitter about Kourtney Kardashian being pregnant for the 2nd time and she metioned that Kourtney didn't learn anything from the MTV show. Kourtney responded by saying that she is not a teenager, she is a 32 year old women that has her life in order, but what Farrah was trying to say is the fact that being a single mother is way harder than it looks. Now for a teenager to tell a grown women that, that has to be a clue that motherhood isn't all fun and games. It is something to deal with the rest of your life.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Is Considered Cheating?

A lot of people have their many definitions on what they think cheating is because it can range from how people view relationships and what is acceptable or not. Some people feel that engaging in any physical contact is cheating, others think is it's all emotional, and some believe flirting is cheating. It seems like there is no real definition of cheating. At the same time people have reasonable antics on the different signs. Honestly I think it is anything that has to do with intimacy meaning if you are sharing intimacy with someone else other than your partner is cheating alone because you are taking private connections with someone to another person and that's pretty disrespectful. At the same time people have their reasons and they are just too scared to tell their partner because they don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, but who they are really hurting are themselves.

Friday, December 2, 2011

HIV/AIDS Prevention

The world has been suffering from AIDS and HIV for years and is still an epidemic. Lately though it has been a little more controlled because of modern medicine that is maintaining people's health. There are so many ways of contracting the disease, but the main ways are from sexual contact and sharing needles. A lot of people are having dangerous sex without knowing it because they either don't know that they have the disease or their partner is on the down low or the condom breaks, etc. As far as sharing needles, there are so many people that are using and abusing drugs in ways that are just unreal. It is very important that we get tested especially when we are sexually active and be safe with whatever decisions that we make.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's Considered Hooking Up?

This is somewhat a debatable topic because many people do have their own definition of hooking up. Some people think it's sexual, others think it's physical contact, some people think it's regular dating, but what does it really mean? Most of the time when I hear someone say that they hooked up with someone they are either being introduced to someone that they potentially want to date since hooking up deals with connecting with someone. On the other hand some teens think it means something sexual. Whether they got with someone at a party or maybe just having casual sex with their long time crush, it pretty much has something to do with engaging in physical activity with somebody you like or find attractive. Often times a french kiss is considered hooking up because you are taking it to the next level from just talking to each other to see if the two people can create a relationship out of it. It seems like either way you put it hooking up means something involving dating or wanting to get to know someone on a different just as long as everyone be safe with whatever decision you make.