Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quick Announcement!

I will be changing my web address on wednesday just so people don't get confused.. The new URL will be Hopefully I will also get some post in starting tomorrrow so we can all be on the right track. Thanks everyone for your patience.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Is Secrecy/Privacy Ever Ok In A Relationship?


Some people feel that couples shouldn't keep secrets from each other in a relationship, but can too much information be destructive?
          If you were to ask someone what is the most important thing in any relationship, the majority would always say communication. Couples have to maintain an open and an open heart to keep the peace. Others might not agree so much. Everyone has secrets and everyone has their own right to privacy but in long-term relationships it is expected that couples know each other thoroughly. Sometimes not telling your partner all of your secrets kind of keeps the mystery suspenseful because it's like "Wow what else don't I know!" At the same time there is a slight difference between privacy and secrecy.
          When there is privacy, it's usually deals with personal space. It could be certain websites that you have that are under your name or password, or certain items that you use you don't want your partner to snoop through, or a particular remedy or activity that you do during your me times. Secrecy has to do with things that you are hiding that you could be ashamed of unsure of. Some examples would be promiscuous past, criminal record, not being able to reveal your real orientation, etc. Secrets usually come out at some point and it can make or break a relation and privacy has to be a respect factor between you and your partner.
           Having secrets and being private can be critical in a relationship. I agree that couples don't necessarily have to know every single thing about their partner especially if the partner is uncomfortable talking about it. Mystery can be exciting but it also depends on what it is. Certain secrets have to be in order for the partner to be aware but again it starts with stable communication. In order for couples to move forward they have to compromise.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Top 5 Complaints About Taking Selfies

If you have social networking you probably have a lot of pictures on there that are mostly of you which people call selfies.

         Taking selfies have been the one thing that either boost a person's self esteem or enhances a person's social networking page. Selfies are also used so that people's friends can find them on different sites especially if it's used as their profile picture. Some people say that girls take more selfies than guys but there is really no number on who takes more. With technology heightened, selfies have been so popularized, even on iphones it allows your camera phone to switch itself so you can take a self portrait. It's a very unique feature, but with that comes the haters than complain about selfies. The list below are the top 5 complaints that people have about taking pictures of yourself. Some of which you might think can be considered a stereotype.


Person Is Conceited

        Some people feel that a person that has a lot of selfies are too full of themselves and are narcissistic. They might say stuff like, "Why they got so many pictures of themselves?" In reality the person could just be really confident about themselves or just bored. It might seem crazy that people have excessive amount of pictures of just them on their pages but it's their pages so if they want to make it nice by putting up so many pictures of themselves, they are going to do just that because people are still going to comment.


Facial Expressions Are Awkward

       Of course I'm talking about the duck faces, the model poses, and the expresses that says, "I'm too cool to not take this pic!" I hear the most complaints about the duck faces that girls do. You know you feeling yourself when the lips come out! Duck faces are no different than guys who take shirtless pics with shades. Yes, most women find in nice, but others find it like he's doing the most. Some people find that just making facial expressions in general in your selfies are just silly. There really shouldn't be a problem with it. If they are feeling good about themselves and want to take a picture of it, why not.


Explicit Selfies

       Sometimes people want to leave an impression with their selfies, but it can go too far. Sexting became a viral thing years ago especially amongst teens. Since then nude pics have been getting out of control. Nothing seems to be private anymore so when people take nude pics they might think they are sending it to their significant other, but it's really sent out to everyone in the world. For most women, they don't really like explicit photos from guys. It's ok that they are shirtless, but once she sees something below the belt that is revealing, it can be a turn off. For most guys seeing a revealing picture is a turn on. Remember if you take an explicit pic just be aware of the consequences.


Poses Are Silly

        Another complaint I hear about are the poses especially from guys. Yeah, they like the booty out but most of the time, the way the girl is positioning herself looks weird or that she is doing too much. Either the person is arching their back too much or they crop their butt onto something to make it bigger or she is bent over like she is posing for a music video. Sometimes it's funny to just be playful with your selfies and doing silly poses in one way to have fun. Sometimes when guys pose, they make sure it's swagged out and cool. It's sexy to some girls, to others it can look silly to them.


Taking Some Selfies In The Bathroom

          I always hear people talk about selfie bathroom pics. People be saying "Why does everyone always go into the bathroom take a picture!" Even though it's not such a big deal, some people are still sick of it. At least taking it in the bathroom is a little convenient since the mirror is right there and that's where you usually fix yourself when you are beautifying yourself. Now, if your bathroom has unsanitary things going on in the background (I don't need to explain any specifics here) then that's when I can understand people complaining. Other than that, if people want to take bathroom pics, I guess as long as it looks good!

Taking selfies can be fun and entertaining. There are always going to be haters talking about how they are annoyed with selfies. Do what you want and be comfortable doing it. Capture your moments safely, lol!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Female Players


I'm not talking about athletes, I mean women who know the tricks!

        Female players are often times a lot more manipulative than men. They woo men with their sexy, seductive walk, and certain gestures causes a distraction so they can reel them in. Most of the time female players are after money when they play the mind games because they are seeking attention one way to feed their ego is to suck out a man's bank account. It is important to men to be mindful of these type of women because they get so caught up with the woman's sexiness that he can't help himself. These are some aspects in which a woman can be considered a player to get what she wants:
The Being Needy Trick
         These are the women that just want everything or sometimes pretend to want everything just to control you. Every 20 minutes it's "Can I have this," or "Can you do this for me!" or "I want that purse now!" She tends to get over dependent to the point where it drives him away. The type of guy she's dealing with is probably no where near her type but he simply just does things for her and of course she takes advantage.
The Being Promiscuous Trick
       I'm talking about the women that have no shame in their game what so ever. When most people think of a women that have been around it sometimes can be tied into low self-esteem. Some women do use self-esteem to get sex from guys to feel loved, but sometimes there are women that have a mentality of a guy when it comes to sex. She goes around sleeping with different men with no feelings attached as a way of gaining power. She figured she can just sleep with men to get back at them for when they play minds. It's like a competition on who can gain more power.
The Attention-Craving Trick
      This trick ties into being needy, but this type of player just wants attention. These women could be over flirtatious or makes men buy her drinks and then not drink, etc. Sometimes these women will also do things to themselves in order for people to look at them such as get huge boob/butt implants, cake on so much make up, wear an outfit that is questionable, things like that. She could also probably do something inappropriate in front of a bunch of guys just so they can react and comment and again she has no shame in doing so.
There are so many other things that women do gain a man's attention in order for him to fall into her tricks. These tricks above were just some of the most common that women do. There are so many women that are players but it's also looked past because society is so used to men playing the games. You would be surprised on how many women don't want relationships, they are just trying to have fun just like everyone else. If a female player and a male player were playing tricks on each other who do you think would win?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Fight For Gay Rights Is Showing Progress

Today was the day for the gays to have something to be proud of.

        Different Supreme Courts have been ruling out DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) in order to let gays get married. Many people have said that this act is too unconstitutional and has no significance in bring equality. Proud lesbian, Edie Windsor, fell victim into DOMA and sued them. According to MTV News, gays are allowed to marry whoever they want as of California. It's great gays are starting to stand out and getting their rights heard.
         Gays have been fight for years to be equality. This society is so biased and unreasonable that they feel like they have to fight to get happy. Stars such as Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and Snooki have even tweeted about this. Gays deserve to get married and need love just like everyone else. To discriminate against them is ridiculous and needs to stop because they didn't do anything to anybody. There is so much unnecessary judgement and one day it will backfire.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Album-The Gifted

Rapper Wale just released his new album today called, "The Gifted."

       The 16-track CD includes the single, "Bad," featuring Tiara Thomas that has been hitting the airwaves for a while. Other artists on the album includes Wiz Khalifa, Nikki Minaj, Sam Dew, Meek Mill and the list keeps increasing. It is said to be all hip-hop with a touch of R&B. Sounds like a tasteful album with that genre combination lol. Wale started having ideas for this album in late 2012 explaining to MTV, "I just wanna show range," said Wale, "I proved a lot to my peers and to myself and to my fans so I just wanna take it back to something a little more exciting."

        He has one song in particular that was inspired by the late, great, Michael Jackson, especially with honoring his anniversary and the song is called, "Tired Of Dreaming." I haven't heard the song but I can imagine what it could be about. In the past most of songs talked about heartbreak and getting over relationships and this album is taking more of a different approach with handling your business. Not necessarily about work but finding you as a person and also seeing who Wale is as an artist. This album is in stores right now as well as itunes.

4 Year Anniversary For Michael Jackson

We all know what day it is, the title pretty much explains itself.

            It's crazy to know it has been four years since his untimely death. I remember when I first heard the news. I was sitting in my dorm room taking summer courses and the news was first talking about Farrah Fawcett (R.I.P to her as well) and then like 10 minutes after announcing her death E! News interrupted saying Michael Jackson had to be rushed to the hospital. The media checked back in to different stations to get the status on him and his dad said he wasn't doing too well. About 30 minutes after his dad mentioned him the media had finally admitted that he was dead. It was such a weird situation because people were trying to mourn the loss of Fawcett but she wasn't the focus anymore and of all people to be distracted from, Michael Jackson had to be that person.

            I feel bad for his daughter because Paris has been going through a lot at such a young age. She should be enjoying her life and experiencing things her way, but the pressure that is sitting on her is so unnecessary. I can just imagine how she and her brothers are feeling on this sad day. Even though her dad is someone to be proud of from his highly achieving success, she still is just a 15-year-old trying to find herself. Her and her family are continuing to try and deal with the chaos that goes on in their life. All we can do is wish her and her family well and just pray.

The video below is what people considered his best performance he ever done: 1995 VMAs.

Monday, June 24, 2013

You Like Them Too?

What do you do when you find out that you and your best friend or even a few of your friends like the same person?

         It's very awkward when all of y'all like the same people because you can't help how you feel so therefore do you continue to like them or do you back off? It can depends on certain situations sometimes and it is also the matter of knowing the type of friends you have. Your friend and your crush probably met before and your friend grew attraction for that person and you just so happen to meet later and did the same thing or your crush could be crushing on your friend and now you have a crush on them! Now it's almost like it's decision time.

        When you are dealing with a situation where you and your friend like the same person it's very tricky. It's even more tricky when it's a group of you liking the same person. You don't know what to do. Even though you can't help how you feel, it's also wrong to disrespect your friendship just one person. Some people are just very aggressive and would just rather confess their desire for that person whether their friends like it or not. Other people would prefer to back off and let that one person decide if they even like any of them or want any of them. It seems like it would be best to back off if your crush and your friend knew each other before you.

        Liking the same person becomes a problem when you or your friend fight over the same person just because both of you like them. This usually always happens especially when someone gets emotionally attached so of course there is going to be some issues. No one should really risk their friendship over one person but some people don't care. Sometimes your feelings get so heightened that you fear your friend will give more of an impression to that one person you guys are crushing than you do. Or if you bring the person up in conversation you might get into a heated argument because both of you either want to be the one for them or you just want to get all of the attention.

          Just remember that one person shouldn't jeopardize a friendship especially if you have been friends for a long time or longer than you have known the person you are chasing after. Sometimes that one person you are chasing after just likes the attention of being chase and just keeps you guys interested in them. Sometimes they are not always going to like any of you and it is up to them to make a choice or to see if they like one of you. If they don't just leave it alone but don't fight each other over that one person. The probably just weren't meant to be.

Leukemia Cured With HIV Virus?

I had no idea that leukemia patients can be in remission using the HIV virus.

          For a while doctors have been using the HIV virus to kill the cancer cells that have cured many patients all over. It has a lot to do with the different type cells in both illnesses that interfere with each other. It's like fight fire with fire because one type of cell is stronger than the other so they are able to fight off the cancer within the immune system. Doctors have even reported saying that the HIV virus has worked better than some of the chemotherapy treatments.
          Doctors draw blood from the patients and examine the white blood cells effected by the cancer. Once they are genetically engineered then they take a moderate version of the HIV virus to kill the disease. Once this experiment was a success, it showed that there were signs of the cancer in their system. Patients still need to be in remission to make a full recovery, but so far using the HIV virus has been a consideration.
          It's still weird to know that one illness kills another illness and cures you. I didn't realized doctors has used this idea for years. Everybody dreads to ever get either disease so to get one to cure the other is baffling. I wonder if it works the other way around? It might not but if it did that's pretty much a tug of car affect. It would be nice to have a cure for both diseases that way everyone can be healthy once and for all but until then, we can only hope for the best.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Myspace Making A Comeback

For a while it has been said that Myspace is coming back and based off of different commercials I guess it's really official.
          Myspace was such a popular site for high school students. It was very unique because the page looked more animated and you can add music to it. Everybody would always talk about having the top eight friends and putting up random things about a profile or even put whatever mood you were in. It pretty much had a lot of features you can play around with. Once Facebook started catching on especially when people were moving on to college, myspace wasn't talked about much anymore. People were even started to take pictures from their myspace pages and posting them onto their Facebook pages. Others kept their sites and others deleted it completely.
          With myspace coming back, I think it's ok. I'm curious to know if it will have the same features or a few changes. I feel like there is still the option of putting music in your background since most of the features on the site revolve around music. At the same time I wonder how many people would actually use it. Even though it's a long time since people have been completely active on it I just wonder if it will have the same popularity it used to have. Twitter and instagram are the main sites to familiar with. If you have something to say, tweet it, if you have a picture that you want to show off, instagram it. With myspace, it can be a promotional site just like Facebook.
It doesn't matter what site comes out, it's going to be prevalent. Myspace won't be any different, but do you think it's necessary for it to come back? Should people just make newer sites?

How Far Is Too Far With PDA?

Sometimes you can't help how you feel. Everything is fresh and new so you just can't keep your hands off each so therefore you express it to your surroundings.
         PDA is the one thing some people might consider it being one level above actual public sex. When you are in a new relationship, everything feels so good and spicy. You are having make out sessions everywhere, cuddling, fondle each other, and of course hold hands. Once you got used to each other it might narrow down to holding hands or a peck on the lips. It's something that people can have fun with and play around with especially when your relationship is at its highest, but how much is too much PDA?
         Most of the time the line gets crossed depending on who's around you. Some people go by the moral rules of PDA vs. what people think is the respect level of others. As far as morals, some people think that if you are going to perform PDA, then it clearly shouldn't go too far to the point where you need a room because for 1 it's inappropriate and 2, it looks disturbing to others. As far as respect level, some people feel that if you are going to french kiss then make it quick and don't eat each other's faces in front of everyone. For others if you are going to grope each other, don't stick your hand down the other's pants in front of everyone. Of course most couples could care less about what other people think about their love, but there is a line drawn at some point.
         Some people think that it's not so much the actions that crosses the line, but the place. When people see an affectionate couple especially a new couple it is kind of expected that they are going to perform some sort of PDA. The actions can be as explicit as possible just as long as other people don't notice, but depended on the place some people might get offended. If it's like a church, in the middle of a street, or doctor's office or something those are considered an inappropriate places. Places like a bar, park, or a subway are more acceptable places. 

         Whatever a couple does with each other is their business. If they feel like their PDA is equivalent to public sex then that's what it is, just respect the people around you. Couples are going to do what they want no matter who is around them. Sometimes they do it either to make someone jealous or to impress other people that they like each other. It's nice to see couples be affectionate with one another even though it can fizzle out later in the future but as long as the love is still there, PDA is whatever they want it to be.

Friday, June 21, 2013


The one place you don't want to be in when you realize you are in love with your friend.

         Some people say women started this friendzone concept, but who knows who started it. Sometimes what starts off as a friendship becomes so much more without you guys even trying. There have been love stories where people have been best friends their entire life and then once they got older and have seen each other through the good and bad, feelings start to build and they end up going out. Years later they get married and maybe have some kids. Most people would like that to happen but it doesn't. Both men and women get caught in the friendzone and it can be so frustrating because they think the answer to their friend's problems is right in front of them and they just don' see it. Most of the time the friend notices but you could not be their type. There is even a show on MTV called "Friendzone" that shows friends where one person wants to confess to the other that they want to be more than friends.


       Some of the reasons why men and women put each other in the friendzone are somewhat similar. It's certain aspects of the person is what differs between the two. When men put women in the friendzone, sometimes it's not just because he sees the girl as his sister or anything, it could be because he already has a girlfriend, but yet his female friend is in love with him. So of course out of respect for his girlfriend he has to keep other females in the friendzone. Other times it is simple because that's all he sees his female friend as just that, a friend and nothing more. It's so frustrating for the girl because either she grew an attraction for him and now she's crushing him or she probably started off liking him and now that they spend time together she falls in love.

        Now with women it's a little bit different. Fellas I know you've heard girls say, "You are like a brother to me," or "I wish I can find a guy like you," I know you get aggravated hearing that when are attracted to her, but here's somewhat of why females do that. I did a post about bad boys not too long ago and I mentioned why girls like them so much, even though the nice guy is everything she ever wanted in a man she doesn't take it further either because she is not physically attracted to him or his personality bores her. I know this sounds completely silly because it's like well everything she described that she wanted his right in front of her face. I know, but it goes back to what I said about good guys vs. bad boys. Most girls want a guy that has the good guy qualities in a bad boy's body. They want a guy that is rough around the edges because girls love attention and a lot of mental stimulation and then be catered to like a princess. With those needs, the combination of a good guy and a bad boy provides those for her. Sometimes what also happens is the girl could start to have feelings for the guy because they are around each other a lot, but she stops things before it happens because she doesn't want to ruin the friendship. Especially if you guys end up having a bad break up then it's like now what? Well most girls fear for that to happen so she feels comfortable just keeping the friendship healthy.

So how do you get out of the friendzone?

         Well, that's one of those things where it depends on the friends once again. Some people say just have sex with each other and that ends the friendship. The problem with that is it might be awkward around your mutual friends especially if you guys act funny around your peers. Other people might say just go on one date to see where it takes the relationship. Most of the time once you are in the friendzone, you are pretty much stuck there. You could potentially give yourself a makeover and look like the type that your friend likes, but majority of the times in either doesn't work or again the person doesn't want to ruin the friendship. Who knows maybe the person might come around or if you ever watched the show, "Moesha" you remember that Hakeem and Moesha finally took their friendship to another level once they hit college. They were best friends all of their life and then Hakeem realized that he can fall in love with Moesha, luckily she felt the same way. Until then don't do anything crazy and keep the current relationship healthy.

Here's a short film about the friendzone:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Stigma With Female Self-Stimulation

We all that knowing our bodies is important especially if we plan on being intimate with somebody but why is ok for men to explore their parts and not women?

            A lot of people don't realize that there really is a stigma with female masturbation. It sounds so silly because it's not that big of a deal but not a lot of women talk about it, even amongst each other. If anything women should talk about it more because our bodies are so complex. For men it's so simple and straight forward. It doesn't take much to please them, but for women the female anatomy is a mystery. For some reason society is very quick to judge women when it comes to sexuality. It's strange because we are born sexual so why would there be a stigma. It goes to back to what I say all the time about expectations and what it means to be a female and a male especially with the idea of double standards.
            If you were to get a group of people and ask them how people actually touch themselves, you would probably get all of the guys to raise their hand with pride. A few of the girls would raise their hands and the others would cringe in their seats or admit that they don't do it. Socially it is expected for guys to masturbate because of the whole biologically driven to always want sex so therefore they have to release themselves all the time. It is expected for girls to be these wholesome, goody two shoes, lady like women than have to hold off sex. This is silly because again, she is a sexual being, so she has the same rights as the guy. I've heard of girls saying that they are tired of being called a freak just because she is getting in touch with herself when she's bored or when she eats a Popsicle or something. It comes down to the question, "What does it mean to be a lady?"

           It shouldn't matter if a girl masturbates or not or if she's a lady if she doesn't do it. It's nobody's business and it's a natural part of life. How is she going to have a fulfilling love life if she doesn't know how her body works. A guy has to know how his body works too in order to have a love life. So many women are ashamed to admit that they touched themselves and even other women sometimes make smart comments to each other about what they do when they are alone. It could also be because the female organs are internal so that means she has to explore inside herself for pleasure and to talk about amongst each other is weird.

The video below is a girl talking about her opinion with a stigma. Enjoy!

R.I.P. To The Tony Soprano Man Himself

The Sopranos show suffered a huge loss yesterday.

       Three-time Emmy Award-winning actor, James Gandolfini, died yesterday June 19, from what was due to a heart attack. He was found dead early morning in Italy at the age of 51. He was out on vacation before attending a Film Festival where he was going to receive another award. He was with his 13-year-old son, Michael, at the time when he fell in the bathroom. His son called the police but once arriving, Gandolfini was unresponsive.
        It's so sad that this happened so suddenly. It's crazy that he was just about to get another award but he's not here to cherish. Luckily his family can embrace it and have something to be proud of. He was one of the most famous Sopranos and even when you ask someone which Soprano you like or remember, it's always Tony. Some many people tweeted about him when the news broke.
"Yesterday, we lost a talented actor and advocate for our service members. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gandolfini family." -Gen. Martin Dempsey
 "James Gandolfini was a kind, funny, wonderful guy. I'm so lucky to have worked with him. Sending love to his family. Such a sad, sad day." -Olivia Wilde
 "James Gandolfini, I never met him, but I feel like I've always known him! He communicated subtext masterfully. RIP." -Damon Wayans
 R.I.P. James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano

New Album-Talk A Good Game

I know I'm a little late but I didn't realize her release date was the same as Kanye's but anyway...
          Kelly Rowland also released her album on Tuesday called, "Take A Good Game." It features the singles, "Kisses Down Low," and "Dirty Laundry." Rowland, whose real name is Kellendria, has really been a great success since becoming solo. She did her thing when she was a part of Destiny's Child, and even though Beyonce is more talked about, Kelly can feel just as special being a great singer. She already showed us her sexy side in previous videos so there is no doubt that she can entertain an audience and be quite of eye candy for the fellas.
          Of course we have all seen that video when she showed her emotional side when she performed "Dirty Laundry" at one of her shows but she came out strong with this album. The 15 track CD is suppose to represent her vulnerability as an artist and as a person. Admitting to have been in abusive relationships and dealing with the emotional baggage that comes along with it, even the most sexiest people have a past. This album really made her step out of her comfort zone. I can just imagine what the "Dirty Laundry" video is going to look like.

Baby Names Revealed Update

As you may have found out especially with the tabloids and magazines having all of these predictions on what Kim and Kanye named their baby, it came down to Kaidence Donda West.
          Kim and Kanye did mention in one of their interviews that their daughter was going to have Kanye's mom's first name as the little girl's middle, but everybody was dying to know what was going to be the first name. At first MTV was thinking it was Emilee then there were other articles saying it was Kai, but most of the press have been confirming that it Kaidence. I really liked Kai, but Kaidence is good, too. It was questioned whether or not Kim was going to do the "K" name pattern like her mother, Kris Jenner, did with them, but she said she did have other options that weren't "K," but I guess she figured why not!
Again big congrats to Kanye and Kim!
Update (6/21/13): From what E! News is saying, Kanye and Kim named their baby North, but is going to call her Nori for short.

Is Twitter Better Than Facebook?

With all of this social media everywhere who knows what's the best one and what's to come next!
         There are a couple of debates on which is the better social media mostly between facebook and twitter. All of the other ones are either miniature versions of them, died out, or a portion of a social media that's also an addition. There are so many networking sites that you can't really keep up with them. At first there was, then it was xanga, and myspace. Myspace was pretty popular at one point especially when I was in high school because that was all people were talking about and then Facebook was like Internet crack for college students. Once twitter started to become active again, people were on it very frequently. Now you have instagram, social cam, viddy, telly, linkdln, vine, path, and so many others that are just floating around for people to use. Yea I know there is this one (blogger) as well as tumblr but those are more so blogs than particular social networking sites.
So which is better?
           Well, I guess it all depends on what you prefer. Some people are ok with Facebook because it keeps them still connected to their closest friends and family. Others would say twitter because it's simple for them to use plus they get to see what other people are tweeting about at that moment including their favorite celebrities. Some people would say both just because they kind of do the same things since you are still socializing either way. What I've noticed is, Facebook seems to be dying out in a way and twitter is a bit more popular because you get to share more things and it's kind of like mini blogging. What's really popular more than the two of them is instagram. At first I didn't exactly what it consisted of besides pictures but it really is just pictures and I guess people are more into snapshots than typing things. It doesn't seem people do twit pics or twit vids anymore because all of the pictures go right into instagram and people post videos on vine.
           I always have conversations with my friends on what could possibly be next with all of these sites coming from all different directions. Even when you think nothing else is going to be invented there is something else coming out. I wonder what's going to be the new site next year?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Everything's Great Except...

You know how you are with someone that everything you ever wanted in a mate, but their bedrooms skills make you go, "Are you serious!"
           Intimacy is very important in a relationship. There is nothing like connecting with someone you love dearly. Especially if you have been single for a long time and then finally you found what you think is your soul mate. Unfortunately they have some work to do downstairs. That is like the biggest disappointment because of course you are thinking long-term with this person and bad sex is the last thing you want to happen. So what do you do? How do you have that talk with your partner?
           Well, it all comes down to what the couple considers bad sex. For most people it has to do with rhythm, for others it's body odor, and some it's the chemistry alone. Anything can cause intimacy to be off. Sometimes it's not always the other person that is not pleasing you because you could be not pleasing yourself. It is very common for one to play the blame game on the other person for not meeting up to your own needs but it's important to know our own bodies as well. Once we recognize the problem that's where communication comes into play.
             This is where it gets tricky because we tend to get hesitant when discussing this with our partner. A lot of it is because of expectations and fear of embarrassment. You don't want to hurt your partner's feelings but speaking up can really resolve a lot of issues. With men and women it can be a little different because with women, we are already a self-conscious species especially if we don't like how our bodies look so sometimes we could blame ourselves for bad sex. For men, they have egos and their egos are equivalent to glass. It is very fragile and delicate and once it's shatter it is all over. So when approaching your man with intimacy issues you have to be really careful because it seems more of a big deal to him than it is for the girl.
             For something people, they feel like a relationship is all about the sex. If their partner is bad at it then that is the end of the relationship. It might sound harsh but there are people out there with that standard. It might bring up a couple questions like, "Are people born with certain skills?" or "Are being in relationships a learned behavior?" Everyone is different so then the question becomes what is good sex? For some people having an orgasm is all you need. For others, love makes great sex, for some it's the chemistry alone. Again, this all depends on the couple. It's important to experiment and explore with each other to know what acceptable and what's not in the bedroom. If you are the type this vocal about everything especially with your needs, the approach is the hard part with your partner.
Just know that communication is usually important and your expectations have to be realistic. If you want a fulfilling love life you have to find a way to meet each others needs.

Taking A Break In A Relationship

Sometimes you get to that point into your relationship where you feel the amount of space you want is limited.
          Most couples get to that point where they want to take a break when things are getting a little shaky with each other. You could be fighting all the time or you nip-pick and bicker and then you get bitter. In order to not get too much resentment you decide to take a break. Some people would suggest just breaking up because sometimes a break up is a blessing in disguise but what if you want to make it work? If you are going to take a break from each other what are the rules? Well of course that depends on the couple. Some people feel they need a break because it will help them have a clear mind set on where the relationship is going.
          During the break, it's a crucial time because that's when you re-evaluate the whole relationship. If you are arguing all the time and nip-picking then it is time to take some time apart. Sometimes you have to miss each other in order to make the relationship strong because it also spices up the intimacy as well. Your communication has to be diverse ans sharp to limit the arguments. They say absence make the heart grow fonder, but just how far? On average a break shouldn't be no more than two weeks. If you go past that, then just break up completely. Hopefully you two will get over each other.
         The part that really is skeptical on a break is whether or not it is ok the see and sleep with other people. Some might say it's still cheating because they haven't really broken up they just too some apart from each other. This is a time to get your mind right to see if you can spend alone time with yourself and with others but the problem is temptation is such a killer. Others don't see anything wrong with sleeping with other people because they feel like eventually they are going to break up or they are just trying to get it out of their system before making anything official with their partner.
         One thing that is important to remember is that you have to maintain what you were attracted to the person in the first place to keep it spicy. There will be times where you will get bored with each other but be each other's inspiration. If you are around each other a lot, yeah you will know each other more, but you might clash at the same time. Give each other that space that you need to make it exciting when you guys reconnect. Be safe and be upfront with your rules.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Album-Yeezus

Wow, this is such a big year for Kanye isn't it?
          I mean he just became a daddy the day before Father's Day, he's been to Switzerland and now the day has finally come for the release of his new album, "Yeezus." The song only features 10 tracks including, "On Sight," and "I Am A God." This is said to be Kanye's most controversial album yet. He's already known for speaking the truth and saying exactly how he feels about a situation so I can imagine what this album consists of. There have been couple songs and even the whole album leaked days before on youtube, but now people can purchase it on itunes as well as in stores. He recently also performed his featured track, "Black Skinheads" and SNL.
         Kanye is really doing good for himself. He really has a lot of things going for him. He has a beautiful girlfriend whom he seems to love, he has a brand new daughter, and now his new album. It's funny because I just posted not to long ago about his comments on not producing another album. He said he wasn't interested in selling millions of records and just making the biggest hits in the world, but I have a feeling this album is going to change everything. So far I hear that this album is fire and the lyrical content is so detail and I'm just going to take their word for it because Kanye and lyrics are usually his fortay.
Congrats to Kanye and his success!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Being Thirsty

Is it too much to be completely thirsty? I mean there is such a thing as "Thirsty Thursdays!" Well what is being thirsty?
            All of this really depends on what you think being thirsty is, so it varies. Some people might think thirstiness is a person that flirts too much, others might think it's a promiscuous person, some might think it's a person that acts out to get too much attention. So many definitions of thirstiness. With that being said, everyone has had experience with someone that they felt was so thirsty especially in the club. You could be minding your business and someone approaches you and their flirting maybe cute at first but then they get carried away and just won't leave you alone. Or you run into that drunk person in the club that just want to talk to everyone and it's turning you off so automatically you associate that with thirstiness.
            I talked to my friends about this yesterday and what their experience have is that when people are considered thirsty, they are trying to get with any and everyone as possible to get sex from them. They flirt hard to the point where they don't stop because it's like they are on a mission or they are using the phrase YOLO (you only live once) as an excuse. They also expressed that there are ways to tell if one is being too forward with their level of thirsty. Usually when a guy is being thirsty:
  1. He does whatever he can to get laid
  2. He'll be charming and hang out with you, but won't take you out on dates
  3. Tries to get every girls number that he sees
  4. Chase after girls that don't want to be bothered
  5. Text during booty call hours and don't call at all
When a girl is being thirsty:
  1. She tries to sleep with everybody's man
  2. Craves way too much attention
  3. Her behavior changes when she is around a bunch of people
  4. Has a very promiscuous past due to low self-esteem
         So it's many different signs of thirstiness. It can easily be associated with desperateness because both parties are seeking some of attention. They feel like if they get validation then they will be hydrated with pride in a way. It can get too far when a person becomes dehydrated and it starts to affect their friends or others around them. They pretty much embarrass themselves, doing table dances or posting pictures of the night they had, or more than one person is kissing them at the same time right in front of their dates. Some don't know their level of thirstiness or don't realize they are even being thirsty.
If someone is a thirsty person, that is strictly their business. As long as they are not hurting anybody or themselves, let them be. Now if you have a friend that is taking their thirsty level to another one then it might be best to be a good friend and let them know to be careful with it. Again thirstiness varies from person to person on what the actually definition is. If you are comfortable with treating yourself on "Thirsty Thursdays" have fun, the rest of us can celebrate "Freak Nasty Fridays!" At the end of the day, stay safe.

Baby Names Revealed


Babies are popping everywhere, but do we know who they are?
          Brand new mothers Tamar Braxton and Kim Kardashian have been proudly cherishing their prides and joys away from all of the cameras and chaos. They have been tweeting about their excitements to share with their friends by showing pictures of gifts or just posting a message about their baby's arrival. The thing is we never knew what their names were. Being that yesterday was Father's Day, Braxton decided to show her husband, Vincent Herbert, some love by posting an image of her son in which she revealed his name to be Logan Vincent Herbert, "Our son, Logan Vincent Herbert and I are proud to share this day with you," said Braxton when she tweeted her husband a Father's Day wish.
         It has been two days since Kim gave birth and the world has been waiting for the day they find out the child's name. According to MTV News, the little girl is reported to be named Emilee West. The news broke out yesterday via twitter. I don't know if this is the true that is just what people have been tweeting, but so far Kim and Kanye's daughter's name is Emilee. Either way it's a good thing they are healthy. The baby has also been reported to be breathing on her own and is in good shape. The child weighed just 5 pounds and about 14 ounces at birth which means she made it to be considered a preemie. There hasn't been leaks of pictures yet which I know people are craving at the moment.
Congrats again to both couples!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Meagan Good And Devon Franklin Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary

Even though Devon Franklin is not a dad he still has a reason to celebrate.
       Meagan Good and Devon Franklin celebrated their one year wedding anniversary today! The couple first met when Good was filming "Jumping The Broom," in which Franklin was producing. Good explained on Wendy Williams show that she had a conversation with co-star, Tasha Smith, about her interest for Franklin. Both being very devoted Christians fate couldn't have done a better job with meeting each other. Before officially dating, Good had made a vow to stay celibate until she was married. She says she reads the bible everyday and at one point wanted ask God to find the man of her dreams. Franklin, who is also a minister, was that answer, "God told me about nine months before we were dating that this was my husband," said Good.
        The couple first started dating in 2011 and then a year afterwards, Franklin proposed in April of 2012. They spoke with about all of the wedding details. Good said she wanted to wear her dress dipped into purple color because that was her favorite color and she said it stood for royalty. The couple got married in Malibu, CA. They have been on numerous interviews explaining how celibacy made their intimacy and connection so much stronger. Franklin was also celibate when he met Good and says that he abstained for 10 years. What a man! It was a decision he made in college to better himself. When he talked to about marrying Good he also said it was God's will, "This is what God made for me and when he gives you the person that's made for you, it fits and there's peace," said Franklin. How beautiful is this love story.
Happy Anniversary to these two and congrats!


Happy Father's Day


It's Father's Day so let's embrace our loved one and rejoice!
        Today is not just a day to celebrate the men in our lives. This day represents all of the gay/lesbian couples that are parents and a day dedicated to the single mothers out there, too. We tend to forget those statuses not just because of the decline of dad's in the lives of kids, but because of the definition of being a father. Yes, biologically someone is a father when they fertilize an egg, but it's about the outcome of that. The importance of a male figure in a child's life can affect the child in so many ways as far as behavior and having more of an understanding of how relationships work. It is definitely a plus when the father is involved, but it's not always the case because it also depends on the person themselves or the situation.
        Single mothers literally get singled out because the assumption is always that she made a bad decision with a guy and she ended up pregnant and now raises the child on her own. Sometimes the situation could be that she just wanted to be a mother to someone and decided to adopt. That right there can be a reason to celebrate Father's Day because for one she choice to raise a child and two, she is single but she is still a parent which means she is taking on the responsibility as if it was a two parent home. Of course it can be difficult if she raises a little boy because she can't necessarily teach him manly things, but who's to say that she doesn't have any men in her family that can be a great influence on her child's life. Singles mothers still have power in their lives that can be celebrated on Father's Day.
        Gay/lesbian couples also go through a lot of stigmas. They have just as much of rights to celebrate Father's Day as everyone else. Some of these gay and lesbian parents are better parents than heterosexual couples. They understand the idea of diversity and love that impacts a child's happiness to the fullest. They also get criticized for not having a figure of the opposite sex in the child's life but again who's to say that don't have relatives in their family of the opposite sex. A family is a unit. It doesn't always stop at mom and dad, it expands and broadens.
Happy Father's Day to all the parents out there!

Happy Birthday Tupac

Today would've marked the man him self's 42nd birthday today!
          Still being one of hip hop's most legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur, has marked such a memorable territory. He is known for his very controversial opinions and uniquely graphic lyrics that put poetry and music on another level. As of 2010, he has sold over 75 million copies of his albums in which he released from 1990-1996. He also did a few films that became favorites for most such as "Poetic Justice," "Juice," "Above The Rim," and "Nothing But Trouble." He was really active with his acting while he was recording songs even making songs for soundtracks to his movies. He had about three movies that he did before his death that were later released which were, "Bullet," "Gridlock'd," and "Gang Related."
          At one point even though he was friends with fellow hip hop star, Biggie Smalls, there were a lot of feuding over sides of the country. The east coast/west coast riot was such a conspiracy that spiraled out of control. The funny thing is Tupac was born in New York City so it was almost like he was against the place where he is considered a native. Being that he grew up in California and had been around a little bit longer than biggie, rumors flew around different labels got involved. It got to the point where most of the fights lead up to Tupac's death.
          On September 13, 1996, Tupac lost his life due what was reported as a gang shooting. Gang members of Compton robbed some of the members of Death Row after leaving a Mike Tyson boxing match. It was said that Tupac was shot about five times in the chest and had massive internal bleeding. Since then, so many of his albums and unreleased tracks were leaked such as the single, "Runnin' (Dying To Live)," that featured Biggie Smalls. He also has a very well-known documentary called "Tupac: Resurrection" that pretty much shows how he went about the streets during his career and interviews he did where he made very blunt points about issues in society as well as politics.
People can't help but to continue playing and referencing Tupac in different things because he was too memorable to forget. Happy Birthday Tupac!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pregnant Teen Boy Ad Causes Controversy

With Father's Day coming up tomorrow, I guess it was time to give young boys a reality check on potentially celebrating that day.

       The Chicago Department Of Public Health, decided to put out an ad showing teens boys being pregnant. This was to help prevent teen pregnancy but instead promoted a lot of controversy. There is so much double standard when talking about gender and expectations. In this society, women have a lot of pressure to stay abstinent and not get involved with any mishaps that could get them pregnant. Instead of focusing on one side of the generation, focus on both because it really is just as much the guy's responsibility as it is the girl's.
        Chicago Department Of Public Health spokesperson, Brian Richardson, thought it would be more effective showing teen pregnant boys than girls because using girls is too obvious whereas showing teen boys can bring attention teaching the younger generation of boys to think with their head on their head, "We wanted to create an ad campaign that would cut through the clutter and get people thinking about teen pregnancy and teen births, and how it can affect more than just teen girls," said Richardson. For some reason the ad caused an outraged because it looked too culturally segregated and biased. They didn't see as an educational outlook, but yet a negative portrayal.
         It seem like people missed the point of it being about teens taking responsibilities of their bodies and not just teen girls. Even though the girl carries the child for nine months the whole time, the boy had to be the one to father the child. Both teen boys and teen girls make mistakes so therefore the boy needs a more wake up call as well instead of all the pressure being on the girl. It was kind of smart for Chicago to have an ad like that because this is something that parents also needs to see. There are some boys that always say, "I don't like using condoms," even if he don't he should make sure that the girl he's with protects herself, too instead of going in think, "It will never happen to me!"

Was this ad controversial? Should girls have more pressure than boys to prevent pregnancy?

Kim Gives Birth

Of course the news is buzzing everywhere that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West gave birth to a daughter this morning.
         Kardashian had to be admitted for an emergency c-section because her baby arrived a month early but is reported to be in good health. All of this occurred right when West was about to release his Yeezus record. West had to skip his plans to be by both of his girls sides to witness the birth. The name of the baby hasn't been revealed yet. This is obviously the first child for both West and Kardashian.
         She first broke the news that she was having a girl on her reality show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," after her miscarriage scare. She then went on Jay Leno's show when discussing baby names. Joking she mentioned "Easton" or "South" but of course she was just being silly. Kim and her baby came out very lucky being that her child came premature. It's good that the both of them seem to be doing well.

Congrats to Kim and Kanye!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Anthony Of Hamilton Park Sings The Word

Hamilton Park member, Anthony, knows how to serenade the ladies with passion!
       Anthony has made a few youtube videos showing talented he really is whether it's outside of his group or within the group. This Atlanta native and the rest of HP have shared many times how much God is part of their lives and that his spirit is such an influence to their music (which is a turn on!). Anyways, he always seems to be very expressive in his songs to the point you get chills and it really makes you believe in him.
       In a recent youtube video, he made a video singing, "We Must Praise," and let me just tell you, it was BEAUTIFUL! I hope him and his boys last because they are too talent and too cute to stop, but even if they did stop, I will continue to support them forever. He sung the heck out of that song. Ladies if you haven't heard it is recommended that you do. Any girl that dates him will have the best lullabies to bed. Check out the footage at this URL:

Joseline Hernandez Becoming A Role Model?

Teen girls has a new role model coming out to make a difference.
          Love & Hip Hop star, Joseline Hernandez, admits to wanting to give up her wild past and be a role model for young girls. Hernandez made a couples tweets saying she wanted to stop stripping especially she is now married to co-star, Stevie J. It's funny because other sources are saying that their wedding all scripted and stage so then that could mean Hernandez's twitter post was a joke as well. Who knows what the truth is. Maybe she does want to turn her life around.
          To be honest, I've only seen like two episodes of Love & Hip Hop, but one of them wasn't the wedding episode and I did see the reunion show. I don't know how she really is as a person, but I'm sure most viewers would say that she is loud mouthed and spontaneous based off of watching the show. If she wants to be a role model to young girls that is her business. Some people might it would be a joke if she is one, but maybe she is someone that girls need to at least learn from. Everyone can learn from anyone. A negative past shouldn't hinder a person from being a role model especially if they got their life together.
Do you think she would be a good role model to teen girls? Is she a bad influence?

The Diversity Is Spreading

Looks like people can mark down another gender to their documents overseas!
        Australia made it a guideline for people to put intersex on their papers. Statistics shows that 1/2000 people are intersexed so therefore it is only right that they are included on personal forms. I did a post about intersexed people a couple of years ago and for those of you who don't know what that means it's a person that is born with both genitalia or certain parts of both genitalias. Australian Attorney-General, Mary Dreyfus teamed up with the government to announce the process of the intersex option.
        This is said to come into effect on July 1 saying, "This should be recognised and reflected in their personal records held by departments and agencies," said Dreyfus. Documents will marked down saying M (male), F (female), and X (unidentified/intersexed) and if someone marks X, surgery is not a pre-requisite for the change in gender. This idea came about after the Australian Human Rights Commission in 2009 that deals with sex and gender issues. Dreyfus went on to explain that transgender and intersex already have problems with identity so then they don't need anymore confusion when filling out any forms, "Transgender and intersex people in Australia face many issues trying to ensure the gender status on their personal records matches the gender they live and how they are recognised by the community," said Dreyfus.
        It's great that Australia is adding diversity to documents. It is important for people to know that there are so many types of people and they deserve to have rights. I can just imagine how stumped some people can be when they try to identify themselves on paper. Intersexed people have been around forever, but they are not really talked about that much. Society focuses a lot on gays, lesbians, and transgenders but never intersex that much. There is so much stigma with gender, but people can't help how they were born. Intersexed individuals should be able to mark down whatever they feel comfortable identifying themselves as.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mr. Marcus's Issue In The Industry

Even superstars get affected with the clap, or warts or whatever you want to call it, it's still scary.

             Porn star, Mr. Marcus (real name: Jesse Spenser), did an interview where he talked about contracting syphilis a year ago and how it effect his life and what the industry does to stars. Rumors spread on twitter and other sites saying he infected world renowned video vixen, Karrine "Superhead" Stephens, with the disease, but it came out to be false. He was, however, sentenced to jail for infecting other co-stars. He says he didn't really know he had the disease and thought it was just a rash. He admits to going out and buying lotion to cover it up because he looked up how to get rid of it "I went out and brought some damn Carmex lotion (it's an everyday hydrating lotion), I put it on my penis and I thought it made it look better," said Mr. Marcus.
             He's been involved in this industry for 20 years and was only aware of a few STDs but syphilis wasn't one of them. He says that when he gets tested, he usually has a clean bill of health so therefore he didn't realize he was infecting anybody or caught anything unusual. He does admit to regretting catching it and infecting others, but he wish he knew a long time ago. When listening to his interview he sounded sincere and wanted to bring awareness to people out there that there is a dark side to the adult industry. He mentions that STDs spread quick and often and his life has definitely turned around once he went to jail. Check out his interview above.