Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sharing With Shannon T. Boodram

Had the opportunity and pleasure to speak with Sexologist/Sex Educator and youtuber, Shannon T. Boodram. The discussion was based around topics such as her journey into learning Sexology to her parents initial disapproval, to her fabulous youtube channel.

            She saw her passion for human sexuality at such a young age from just simply playing with her dolls, and seeing them in their naked state allowed her to embrace the human body and understand the pleasures of physical touch. Her curiosity struck when learning how men and women experience comfortability in their sexuality which later inspired to her embrace sexual liberation that both men and women especially of millenials today can explore.

            Youtube became a perfect platform for the Canada native especially when she promoted her first book title, "Laid," which definitely set the tone of educating young people of sexual situations and modern day dating. Even with the knowledge she has, her channel, and her book, it took time for her parents to grasp the concept of her amazing journey through sexual liberaton. Now that her parents were able to grace their presence in a couple of videos and share their perceptions it allowed Boodram even more confidence in her success especially with the support of her fans.

           As far as her channel she is definitely is going to stay on the path of creating content that illustrates the different aspects of sexual situations with videos that she does such as "Head VS. Heart," her storytimes, as well as a few hair tutorials here and there. For any person that wants to start their own channel, Shannon's tip would be to have a purpose and to be consistent with it.

For more of Shannon T. Boodram you can view some of her latest videos at

Here are a few of the videos from her channel:

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