Monday, September 30, 2013

Vanessa Simmons Is Having A Girl!

Vanessa Simmons is pregnant with her first child to boyfriend Mike Wayans.

       Known for being the designer of Pastry, actress, and the daughter of Run DMC legend, Rev Run, she is now going to have a daughter of her own. According to she is currently 5 months. Simmons posted a picture of her ultrasound on instagram saying, "A little princess is on the way," said Simmons.

        When she spoke with Global Grind she mentioned her excitements by explaining that her baby will be welcomed into a big family. Her boyfriend Mike Wayans is the son of Damon Wayans whom is part of a very famous family and Simmons comes from of blended family with six brothers and sisters including herself. "Our baby is coming into two big families with lots of love and lots of joy!" said Simmons.

Congratulations to Vanessa and Mike and hope that your baby will be healthy!

Paparazzi Difference


Last week the state of California approved and passed the Anti-Paparazzi bill to protect kids born to public figures or who are public figures themselves, and this past weekend Kanye and Kim got a chance to see how the French do it with their paparazzi.

          Kanye and Kim have been spending a few days in France for Paris's fashion week. Surprisingly Kanye was fine with the cameras but that is because there are a lot more restrictions in France when it comes to the paparazzi. They were very respectful to him and his wishes with his boundaries by asking if it was ok to take pictures. West responded to them by greeting them and saying that it was fine to take a video. Kim and Kanye have been enjoying themselves with their sense of fashion along with other stars such as Ciara and Iggy Azalea.

I hope they all continue to enjoy themselves and have a safe trip back.


Miley And Juicy J Rumor

Everyone is still talking about Miley Cyrus but this time it's not about her VMA performance or her twerkable booty, but the crazy rumor about her getting pregnant by Juicy J.

        People were becoming suspicious when informed that there were different sites explaining that Cyrus might be pregnant with rapper Juicy J who has the hit single, "Bandz A Make Her Dance." People probably thought Cyrus was using that song to her advantage and showed him a good twerk fest. Rumors were really swirling around once Atlanta held the BET Hip Hop Awards last night. Cyrus made some jokes about the rumors saying, "No, I'm really pregnant," when she appeared.

        According to, Cyrus squashed rumors via twitter by joking around that she was ever pregnant saying, "Waking up to the news that I'm now pregnant with Juicy J's baby," said Cyrus. She went on to continue joking around with her friend about baby names. So looks like there is not really a Juicy J Jr. anytime soon and rumors can spread quicker than a disease.

It seems like the way she is handling her break up with Liam Hemsworth is leading people to believe that she is looking for a rebound or using rappers as a way to vent. Either way, it is what it is.

I think the clip got cut off but just enjoy those few seconds for the laughs.

Did you think Miley Cyrus was really pregnant? Comment below.

Naked Guy Picking Up Girls Prank! (*NSFW*)

Ok, I saw this video on and had to share this!

         This is a crazy prank where this guy gets naked and then goes to pick up girls. It was so crazy how freely he ran across the street, shlong hanging and all and went up to random girls. I don't know what country this is in or if it is in the US but I don't know how he was able to get away with this even if it was planned. Check the clip out to see how it went.

So ladies what would you do if a guy approached you out of nowhere naked? Fellas what would you do if a female did the same thing? I have a feeling of what your answers will be, but I still would like to know what would be your first reaction.

Relationship Games PT. 4 - #RG4 #FCHW

If you keep up with spoken reasons it's best that you know that his video, "Relationship Games Pt. 4" is finally here!

       Spoken reasons has been working hard doing mixtapes and doing the acting thing by recently featuring in the summer flick, "The Heat," which was pretty funny. Now the youtube comedian finally uploaded his highly anticipated video "Relationship Games Pt. 4."

        I just finished watching it and it was crazy!!! I'm not going to give too much away but there were so many unexpected parts that got me a little shook. The clip provided a great message that is relatable to everyone. Well done Spoken reasons. Check it out above and make sure you go to his youtube page for his other videos including the previous Relationship Games Pt. 1, 2, and 3.

Main youtube channel: spokenreasons
2nd youtube channel: spokenreasonstv
Twitter: @SpokenReasons
IG: SpokenReasons

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Que Mosley Formely Of Day 26

Former Day 26 member, Qwanell "Que" Mosley is celebrating the big 25 today!

          Que broke out into the industry when he went on MTV to audition for "Making The Band." He was lucky enough to get picked and had became the youngest member of what later became known as Day 26 deriving from the date that him and fellow members Willie Taylor, Mike McCluney, Brian Andrews, and Robert Curry came together as a group on August 26, 2007.
           After his departure from the group in 2009 he later became known as AnthonyQ and released a few mixtapes including "GuitarHer" and "The Q Files." He also did a video for one his tracks, "Medicine." Mosley has been working very hard these days with releasing songs and getting signed to new labels and today he can take a rest and celebrate!

Happy Birthday Que!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kendrick Lamar And Many Others Expected To Perform At BET Hip Hop Awards

Kendrick Lamar will be having a lot to say once he performs at the BET Hip Hop Awards!

          The big event that is set to air October 15th will feature stars such as 2 Chainz, French Montana, ScHoolBoy Q, Jay Rock, and many more. Lamar had came out with the song, "Control," earlier this year that was very controversial to the public. So many people felt like he was dissing many other rappers while others didn't see a big deal about it. Many are wondering if he is willing to perform it during the awards but if he does, it is what it is.

Tune in on Tues. October 15 at 8 p.m. for the show to see some of your favorite stars appear.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Kanye West Yells At The Paparazzi At 4 AM (VIDEO) | Global Grind

Kanye West Yells At The Paparazzi At 4 AM (VIDEO) | Global Grind

          A few days ago the state of California passed the Anti-Paparazzi bill to protect kids born to public figures but I guess it's not going to stop them from annoying celebrities at all. The paps pretty much slept outside of Kanye West's house just to get on his nerves at 4 IN THE MORNING!! I can just imagine the rage he felt inside like he feels all the time when he comes in contact with them. This bill should be passed to protect everyone soon because it can definitely pluck the wrong nerve.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

California Makes Anti-Paparazzi Bill Official

California had some heart and finally passed the anti-paparazzi bill!

         Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner have been working hard to get this bill passed because children are always faced with some sort of danger when it comes to the cameras. The governor, Jerry Brown, signed it yesterday to protect kids born to public figures that might get involved with the harassment. reported that the bill informs that any violation of stalking kids of celebrities just to get a picture will be fined $10,000 or up to a year of jail time.

Very big shout out to Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner for testifying in court and putting an end to the paparazzi madness. I just pray that this will last and actually be affective.

Escalating Extremes Models Go Through

Russian model, Katia Elizarova speaks out.

      A few months ago Victoria Secret model, Chanel Iman, spoke about what she noticed in the model industry now Katia Elizarova is saying her side as well. She has experienced girls pull out their teeth just to get thin! "Some girls pull out their teeth to look thinner," said Elizarova. In the article on, she explains that the model industry can take advantage of younger models and being harsh with them about their weight, "When I was in Japan they weighed me every day after lunch, so I felt horrible," said Elizarova.

I don't really understand the whole pulling their teeth out thing because don't these models do commercials?! I've never seen one without teeth but that's scary. It's ashame that these girls sacrifice their health for very little pay.

What do you think of this trend?

The iPhone 5S and 5c Release

Everytime there is a new phone out, you know there is going to be some hype and chaos!

       It's funny how you see clips and videos of people lining up next to the apple store like it's Black Friday which even then is ridiculous. The problem is people will literally kill each other over these phones. It's crazy. From what I heard both phones are no different each other as well as the iphone 5. The only main difference is, is the colors. Yes they are pretty but if they can do the same thing and they are both One of the phones are reportedly plastic which sounds interesting because it kind of remind me of a toy cell. I can just imagine how light it feels.

Do you think the iphones are something to make a big deal out of?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

This Is Such A Great Story

California High School's first transgender teen wins her homecoming!

          Born Lance Campbell, Cassidy Lynn Campbell made history when she became the first transgender teen to be nominated at her school. Living in a time of harsh bullying and bickering, she was fortunate enough to have a lot of support from fellow students. Others might think she was just putting on an act just to be different but she, like other transgender individuals, knew they were born in the wrong body, "They think that I'm just a boy doing this for fun and I'm just a boy dressing up as a girl just to win a crown," said Campbell, "I always knew I was a girl."

This is a perfect example of reaching your dreams and accomplishing anything no matter what you look like or built like because it can happen. This was a beautiful story! Congrats to Cassidy.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Unrealistic Expectations Of A Woman's Sexuality

This is an old video but it's good.

       I posted a video of this guy before. This is Jereme Ford, author of the books, Wear Yes On Your Heart, The One, I'm A Dog Because, and Why They Cheat And How To Get Away With It. I haven't read them myself but his videos are great. I did a post about this topic that he talks about in this video which is about unrealistic expectations of women's sexuality. It is a must listen because this is important for guys to hear and for women to be informed. Enjoy!

Beyonce's Body Grabber Interview

First Beyonce gets her booty touched, then her hair gets caught in a fan, and recently she had gotten snatched by a fan....Whew!

  was able to have a clip of the potential body snatcher guy. The guy was just acted silly like he was a professional body grabber which made the interview look real cheesy.

So check out the video at this link to the bossip site:

Here was the video of Beyonce getting grabbed if you missed it:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Communication Key

I watched this video and thought it was interesting. Author, J L Ford discusses the proper way to communicate.

Follow him on:
twitter: @JeremeFord
instagram: jeremeford

J. Cole - Crooked Smile ft. TLC

Check out J. Cole's new video for the single "Crooked Smile" featuring TLC.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birds And The Bees In 2013

How do you have the birds and the bees talk with your kids or future kids?

        I thought this video was cute on how youtube comedian, Kevonstage, talk to his son, Jojo, about the birds and the bees. What was funny was that he said that either the bird or the bee can be thirsty and want to test out the other. Very interesting way to explain it to your kids. Check out this video on their conversation.

Shouts Out To My Team #SOTMT Royce P. & ChrisVoice

It's finally here! Royce P and Chris Voice released their song "Shouts Out To My Team!"

       We have been waiting a while for this song to come out and of course I love it. I like the mellow vibe that it has to it and their voices have such a great vibe to it. Check it out here and youtube and enjoy!

Mily Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Split Reaction

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are really calling it quits.

          According to E News, Hemsworth moved out of Miley's LA home and moved on. Suspicions of the two splitting swirled once Cyrus unfollowed Hemsworth on twitter leaving people wondering what was going on with them. Well now it was reported that the couple confirmed their break up Monday Sept. 16 with Cyrus being the one to be done with the relationship.
          From what I heard, the break up was due to her twerking being a bit too out there and it was making Hemsworth uncomfortable. It's crazy how they kind of just got engaged and now they are calling off the wedding but these things do happen often. At first I was like if that was the real reason for the break up, it's a bit silly because the VMAs was not the first time she has twerked but then I heard that he was getting a lot of backlash from it so it put him in a bad place. I don't know what's true or not but I wish them both well and hopefully this can be somewhat of a learning experience.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Faking It

When you see a picture like this which do you think is worst?

          When you are being fake to someone that you are in a relationship with or cohabiting, it looks to the person as dishonest but sometimes people go by the saying "Fake it til you make it," and it may work, it may not. Most of the time women do fake the "big o" either because they don't want to hurt the guys feelings so she figure "Let me boost his ego," or they probably have been going at it forever and nothing has happen so she fakes it to get him off (meaning off of her physically if you didn't know what I meant, hehe). It's really hard to tell someone why they faked it because no one wants an awkward moment to happen especially if the person is trying.
          Faking a whole relationship is pretty crazy. Here you are thinking you guys are committed and making things work until you realize they were just in it for themselves. It can be so embarrassing especially if your family trusted your relationship to be true blue and then bam your partner was a complete joke. The problem is most people miss the signs and had a fantasy played out in their head making them think they are in a real relationship but instead fell into another category. For example, a female could think she is casually dating this guy and just figured they are official just because she met his friends of got a call back from him and vice versa. She could really be a side chick and didn't know it because she was so oblivious to the signs (in which I will talk about in a future post) and then gets her heartbroken. Once you suspect something it is best to ask just to make sure.

So which is worst faking the "big o" or faking a relationship? Again this can go the other way around where a guy can fake the "big o" and a women can fake a relationship so don't look at it as which gender is the worst faker. Comment below for your thoughts.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Couple Caught Smashing While Driving On The Highway!

Ok I know this is nothing new to see something like this on the highway or in a video but what do you actually do when you catch that in person?

             First off, how in the world can someone concentrate on driving when they are getting it on in that position at the same time. I would think besides the girl being in the way, that if the feelings reached that peak, it would make you swerve. There is nothing wrong with spicing things up but it seems best to pull over and do that because driving and smashing is a bit too risky. I shouldn't judge but that is just so extra.

How would you react if you saw a couple driving while smashing? Would you get mad? Would you laugh? Would you be a little scared? Would you ever want to try and do that yourself or if you have, how did you feel? Comment below.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Preachers Kicked Out Of Strip Club

This story happened a few weeks ago but it still cracked me up!

         Last month Comedian, Kevonstage, posted a video about this story about five preachers getting kicked out of the strip club, Magic City, in Atlanta. These men would go to strip clubs passing out biblical scriptures and posting Jesus flyers in the men's bathroom because they felt that there were not enough ministries around the strip clubs. Security had enough of it and told the preachers to leave but they informed the authorities that are justing doing the right thing being that he paid admission and insight other customers.
         This made me laugh because I didn't know how to take this. I know kevonstage was cracking up too because it is very difficult to go to a place that is full of sin that will be defeated by a minimal amount of saved people. Some of the customers there were probably saved but just wanted a little bit of fun. I know people in there were just ignoring those men all night especially when alcohol is involved.

Check out the story:

John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Wedding

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen finally tied the knot yesterday in Italy!

             The lovely couple exchanged their vows in front of many family and friends. Guest included Stevie Wonder, Brooklyn Decker and lots more were there to witness the happy event and giving their congratulations to them.

Congrats to them and wish them well!

Men Can't Compliment Men

A few months ago I had posted something about men experimenting with other men, with the hyper masculinity going on in our society can men compliment other men?

           I came across this video just last week and I was cracking up because the guys in the clip made some valid statements in it. Comedian, Kevonstage, has some pretty great videos including this one where he questions why can't men compliment other men. Usually when guys greet each other, it is done with an insult. When girls greet each other it's either a compliment or a conversation, but for some reason there are limits to what a guy can compliment on, on another guy.

Check out the vid and comment your thoughts. Also follow kevonstage on twitter: @kevonstage. Check out his youtube channel: kevonstage.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Ludacris

Looks like Ludacris is going to celebrate with some chicken and beer because it's his birthday!

          Born Christopher Bridges, Ludacris is celebrating his 36th birthday. The chicken and beer part was just a title on his second album that was released in 2003. Since then the rapper/actor has released numerous albums and starred in many featured films including "Fast & The Furious." This year "Fast & Furious 6" came out and is reported to be releasing "Fast & Furious 7." This movie is just too popular. Earlier last month he spoke with about working with Anita Baker on his ninth studio album, "Ludaversal," "Anita Baker is definitely on the album," said Ludacris.

Happy Birthday again to Ludacris!

Remembering 9/11

Today marks the 12 year anniversary on an event that America will never forget.

         Families of the victims of 9/11 are still mourning for their loved ones on this memorable day. It was when the nation was stunned by the tragedy in NYC that lead people to question the safety of the country. Fast forward to now, everyone has gathered to honor the troops that were involved to save this country and the families are still getting prayed for in this moment tragedy. God bless to everyone.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mario And Courtney Lopez Welcome A Son!

Mario Lopez and wife Courtney Lopez gave birth to baby Dominic this morning.

           The proud parents who have another child, daughter, Gia Francesca, were able to make her the big sister with her little brother being born just two days before her birthday. Mario took to twitter saying, "It's a boy! Please welcome Dominic Lopez to the world," said Lopez. He also informs that his wife and baby are doing just fine.

Congrats to Mario and Courtney and best of luck!


Hey HP fans, check out another hit by the fabulous boys called "Love Hunger," and once again it is amazing!! Big shout out to HP. Keep up the good work fellas!

Monday, September 9, 2013

We're Engaged!...I Think?

You have been waiting for the longest time and it finally happened, he proposed! but it's not what you expected.

          Before I talked about female proposals and if it was acceptable, but when it's done the traditional way when the man is suppose to get down on one knee with a ring, women have so many expectations and standards. Most women expect their man to have paid a ring that cost a fortune, and the look of it can be a black diamond or the most shiniest diamond ever invented. Other women don't expect it to be too fancy and just want a ring to show off to her friends because her man finally committed. Noticed it's just about the ring and not the heart of the man which leads to the question, does a ring make it an engagement?

          Most people will say yes either because of religious beliefs and sticking with tradition or of the fact that a ring is solid proof that it's an official engagement. It was told that a ring symbolized marriage and commitment onto the left ring finger because the vein in that finger is the only one connected to the heart so therefore a ring means love. As far as size and the cut women expect it to be of high quality for appraisal purposes. They like to know that it is worth something. So if a man were to propose without a ring does it mean the girl is not worthy? What about using another type of jewelry like a necklace or a bracelet? Comment below to explain.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Preparing for a wedding can be very stressful and detailed, but when you finally sign that marriage license you might have to sign something else!

          Pre-nups are something that has to be well thought out and and definite sometimes. Money is something that should not be messed with and be taken care of all the time and when you get married you have to make sure the union will be stable enough so that the money can be managed. Some people don't believe in pre-nups because of some religious aspects to it being that it can mean you are signing yourself into divorce. Others feel it is necessary because they don't want to split their money for anyone. Others feel whatever happens, just happens.

          There is also something called a post-nup which is something you sign after getting married. Some people may find that offensive because it's almost like a second thought decision like "Wait I don't want my partner having my money, let's change up the situation!" It could make some people question the relationship because it can look to the other person like they feel they are not trusted. This is why rushing into any situation can be cause a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication because when it comes to money, that should be the first thing to be saved and figured out.

Here is a clip about pre-nups on the show "The Real." watch the ladies as they discuss their views on the subject:

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hamilton Park sings "The Only Exception"

It's always great to see these boys do the littlest things with their talents to show that they are truly out there to prove a  big point in music.

     Hamilton Park member, Anthony, posted this video of him and the fellow members singing "The Only Exception." You already know it sounded so lovely so this is definitely needed to be shared. Check out the video if you haven't already and enjoy!

New Video-Baby I By Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande releases the video premiere to her brand new single, "Baby I."

        Earlier this week she dropped her debut album, "Yours Truly" now the 20-year-old continues to please her fans in a great way with a new video in the same week. Check out her video above and enjoy!

Shannon And Monica Brown Welcome A Healthy Baby Girl!

NBA superstar, Shannon Brown and his R&B singing wife, Monica welcomed their daughter Laiyah Brown to the world!

        The 27-year-old basketball player tweeted the pic above showing how much of a proud dad he is saying, "Thank god for her!! Joy has been restored in my life!!" said Brown. US Weekly reported that the baby's birth arrived on Tues Sept. 5 and fellow basketball wife, Vanessa Bryant had instagrammed her congrats to them, "I am so honored to announce that baby Laiyah Brown has arrived!" said Bryant. It seemed like just last week when it was announced that Monica was pregnant! Time flies so fast.

Big congratulations to Shannon and Monica Brown on their joyous arrival of baby Laiyah. Best of luck to them!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

When Are You Crossing The Line?

When it comes down to trying new things with your partner, sometimes we are unsure how to approach it and when you do it might not be the response that we want.

        Relationships are definitely hard work. It's full of challenges, opsticles, joy, pleasure, emotions, fun, etc, but as a couple you are not always going to have the same needs. Some people may have different frequency levels, others are probably more public type of people while you are private, some are open to different costumes and role playing and you might find it weird, there are all kinds of needs that anyone can fall under, but what do you do if your partner is uncomfortable with your technique of spicing things up?

       This is where communication definitely has to be important. When discussing your relationship makes to talk about the kinds of needs you both have. If there are certain areas that the two of you might disagree on, then it's best to find a way to compromise. If your partner has a certain fetish that you find absolutely weird, like say a diaper fetish, maybe instead of using an actual diaper your partner can pretend to change you with the clothes you have on or make believe that the massage oil is baby powder. Or even pretend to be a baby and act submissive to your partner so they can "take care of you."

       Sometimes the person might be uncomfortable with the timing of getting your needs met meaning if you want to do it in public or perform a certain act that they are uncomfortable with, they might not want to try it right away. Instead baby step them to eventually having a full blown act with it. Compromising and communication should definitely be considered with any need you have so that way the two of you can understand each other and check in with each other.

Now what if your partner just doesn't want to meet a particular need at all that is important to you?

     This is where things can get really tricky because what if everything else is good except that one need? Should you break up? It is best to not do it because you care about your partner's feelings? Do you feel guilty because of how your partner feels? There can be so much to think about but at the end of the day it is up to the couple on how their relationship should work.

 What do you think?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Amber Rose's New Tattoo

Whenever a celebrity gets a tattoo that makes people be unsure of what it means, the media always seems to think it's a negative connotation to something.

        Socialite, Amber Rose, showed off her new forehead tattoo and had rumors swirling everywhere that the cross had something to do with the Illuminati. She took to twitter to mention the meaning saying, "An upside down cross is a St Peter’s cross… is not satanic. Look it up before u speak ignorance. Good Day," said Rose. On she explains that the cross represented the crucifixion of St. Peters in Rome. It is said that the cross is a sign of unworthiness and humility due to the fact that he was compared to Jesus Christ's crucifixion. It's interesting that the smallest tattoos can have the biggest meanings.

So hopefully her followers realized that she put some thought in her tattoo and not getting certain religions mixed up.

Eva Marcille And Kevin McCall Discuss Baby Plans

Last week it was announced that America's Next Top Model winner, Eva Marcille and her singer boyfriend, Kevin McCall were expecting their first child now what's next for them?

        The couple spoke with to discuss how the baby's nursery was going to be set up. They explained that because McCall is in the music industry he wanted there to be inspiration of singers surrounded on the baby's wall. He also wanted to explain the sex of the baby but Marcille wanted to keep that as a surprise. She went on to explain on what she predicts the type of parents they will be. With her being a model it was no doubt that she is going to go fashion crazy with the baby. For McCall she feels he is going to be a doting father in which McCall replies, "I'm going to look that word up," said McCall.

Check out the clip above of the short interview and once again Congrats to this lovely couple!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Album By Ariana Grande-Yours Truly

Nickelodeon star, Ariana Grande just dropped her second album, "Yours Truly" today on itunes and in stores.

       The 20-year-old cutie is known for her show with Jennette McCurdy "Sam & Cat" and for her passion of singing. Back in March she released her hit single, "The Way" featuring Mac Miller in which has a Mariah Carey like tone to it. She also appeared at this year's VMAs performing "The Way" and her second single, "Baby I," during the pre-show. Her inspiration for this album came from artists like Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and so much more.

"They can expect a lot of honesty. It's like a direct... you know, it's like it used to be pages from my diary, instead of keeping diary, I would write songs about what was happening in my life. So it's really personal. It's a Motown throwback and pop at the same time, so it's '50s and '60s inspiration mixed with today." -Ariana Grande

        I really love her voice and I know this girl has a strong career ahead of her. So her album in in stores right now and on itunes. Also follow her twitter: @ArianaGrande.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Brand New Music By Hamilton Park

These boys are on fire with their new tracks that they just leaked!

          Recently the Atlanta group just put out their latest records that are going to be on their mixtapes. The boys have been working hard with their individual projects as well as maintaining their foundation as a group and have been giving their fans (including me) some updates. Their songs are so beautiful! It touches my heart everytime I listen to them. Ladies they are such the real deal and are definitely underrated can't wait for more hits!

"Love Below"

"Love Ain't Enough"


Their fourth song is "Red Botton Louie Bag" and you can catch the link on their twitter page @hamilton_park. This song to me is perfect for the club! Hopefully you enjoy these songs as well.

Former NSYNC Member Lance Bass Is Engaged?

Singer and dancer, Lance Bass danced his way into proposing to his boyfriend, Michael Turchin over the weekend.

        It was a great surprise to see Bass performing with his former band mates at the VMAs last Sunday and now it's an ever great surprise to finally be engaged to his long-time boyfriend. Bass took to twitter to reveal his happiness, "He said YES! Love this man!" said Bass. He first popped the question during their stay in New Orleans for the Labor Day weekend. The New York Times reported that he asked Turchin's parents for permission. Bass then posted a picture on instagram of Turchin wearing his new ring.

Congrats to the Lance and Michael. Wish a fulfilling and healthy life!