Tuesday, July 18, 2017

From Zeo To Turbo With Nakia Burrise

Best known for her role as "Tanya Sloan, the yellow Zeo and Turbo Ranger," Nakia Burrise continues to set a path for aspiring actors/actresses inspired by her talents.

        Burrise has been acting since she was a child when she would perform skits for friends and family inspired by "The Carol Burnett Show." Her skills later payed off once she auditioned to become the third yellow ranger for the #1 running hit 90's Fox Kids show "Power Rangers Zeo." While majoring in Theater at UCLA, her manager was able to submit her into the role for both Zeo and Turbo as well as starred in "Power Rangers Turbo" movie.

           Even though she didn't know much about the show, Burrise still remembers her first time being on set where she says "I was in awe and so very grateful to God for the opportunity." Being able to form great friendships with her cast mates whom she is still close with 20 years later, made more comfortable to play the role. That comfort allowed her to have enough confidence to venture out to other acting opportunities on TV shows and movies once her time on "Power Rangers" ended. Still to this day she attends different conventions for the support of the show where she answer fan questions and share moments from the show with her cast mates, which she calls family.

Check out her website: http://www.nakiaburrise.com/

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Why Nice People Get Screwed Over And Passed Up

Sexologist, Shannon T. Boodram, giving good tips again when it comes to the age old question, "why do nice people finish last."

Monday, May 15, 2017

No Shame With Shanda Freeman

From being a writer to a full-figure fashionista, Shanda Freeman is making sure her voice is heard to let women know to speak up and for men to speak out.

            Growing up Freeman grew an interest in learning about intimacy and human interaction as a child. She watched her mother have great relationships with friends and family and it allowed her to eventually be open to talk to her about intimate relationships. She became pregnant as a teen, but it still helped her to mature fast enough to really understand responsibility in sexual behaviors and later became a Case Manager for HIV/AIDS in her early 30's.

         In 2014, she combined her knowledge of relationships and her passion for writing with her book, A Pro Man Woman. She digs deep into really grasping the concept of acknowledging the male opinion in which she also expresses in her youtube videos. Freeman feels that the ideas and opinions that men have to say are just as important and insightful as women's opinions, but are often time overlooked. One of the things that Freeman still notices as an ongoing issue in relationships is communication.
        As a Relationship Expert, something that she notices in heterosexual relationships is that men tend to feel guilty about being separate, and women complain about their man not spending enough time with them. She educates couples with those issues, that it is important that whether you are dating or married, that you still maintain a sense of individuality which will eventually lead to quality time with your significant other. Therefore, a man should be able to voice when he needs his space to maybe to have a hobby or hang out with friends and women should respect it and have her own set of friends, hobbies, and really value "me" time.
       With homosexual couples, she feels that they have similar issues, but are able to handle them better and would also advise that any type of couple should have what she calls a "State Of The Union" quality time. She basically means that couples should find some down time to go over what they would like to do more of or discuss what each person can improve, etc.

         On the plus side, Freeman also is a proud advocate for curvy women such as Ashley Graham and Hunter McGrady and feels that designers should take more consideration in including curvy women on runways and have a wide variety of sizes. She has noticed that curvy women are starting to be more embraced and women desire more hips and butt versus what women wanted 30 years ago. 

         Freeman plans on moving forward by going back into the TV business by being a producer and hopefully collaborating with BET and VH1. On top of that, she is still very active with her youtube channel: shandasays where she makes videos about relationships, sexuality and fashion tips.

Follow Shanda Freeman's journey on her sites:

Twitter/Instagram/Youtube: shandasays
Facebook: Shanda King Freeman
Website: shandasays.com

Monday, April 24, 2017

Erin Moran: New Details Emerge About Troubled Life Of ‘Happy Days’ Star ...

From Rejoice To Soulful Voice-Chris Voice Is Turning The Tables On R&B

R&B Singer and 1/4 member of the group, Hamilton Park, Chris Voice is set to challenger the music industry with his soulful swag and passion for great music.

         Voice first found a love for music as a child when his grandma introduced him to church. She knew he had a gift inside of him that lead him to get the gift of a happy meal after he would sing. As he got older, he looked up to someone like Sisqo as far as artist creativity and taking music to a different direction. After Voice realized his own talent and potential as an artist, it would eventually lead to a career with an Atlanta supergroup, Hamilton Park, whom in which all four members are inspired by power groups/artists such as Dru Hill, Jagged Edge, Babyface, Donell Jones, Jodeci, etc.

        Chris Voice is known as the "lover" of the group because of his soulful spirit and the strong emotional connection he has to his sound. He as well as his members call themselves the Love Connoisseurs because of their strong understand of love and the power that R&B music has that some might say has fizzled out. "R&B is love," said Voice, who feels that expressing R&B in a very tasteful and mature will really demonstrate the idea of courtship in which Hamilton Park displayed in their 2011 mixtape, "We Do It For The Sheets." They feel as though chivalry is not dead, it's just simply not talked about.

        While still being heavily involved and devoted to his group, Voice tried his own avenue with his own mixtapes. He released a very heartfelt single, "I'm Just Sayin," early 2016 which showed him waking up to his daughter playing in the same home he grew up in. The song and video is very dear to his heart because it gives fans a sense of where he came from and who he became both as a group member and a solo artist.

       Early this spring he released his latest hit, "Say No More," that he is very proud of and is hoping to release more relatable tracks on a future EP hoping to come out June 2017. As far as his group Hamilton Park, he definitely sees better things happening for them as long as they maintain the faith that they've always had. He knows the fans will not be disappointed.

You can get Chris Voice's latest single "Say No More" on Google Play: "Say No More"

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Check out Chris Voice and Hamilton Park's Videos:

Friday, April 21, 2017

He Got The Slice, She Got The Rice And I Had A Convo With The Combo

Successful youtube couple, Slicenrice, are proving that whatever your beliefs are, if you put your heart into something, you can make it happen.

              Matt Brooks (slice) and Glory Kim (rice), started off having their own individual youtube channels and then combined a channel once they started dating. The name came from Brooks love for pizza and Kim's love for rice. Most of their content consists of sketch comedy and challenges all in the name of Jesus. Their focus for their videos was to show that you can add faith to humor without being too preachy.

            In one of their videos they demonstrated their love for Christianity in their Genesis 2,0 video which is still Brooks favorite video to date. The former atheist really brought to light the modern day version of Adam and Eve's first encounter with God alongside with Kim. Kim informed that her favorite video was when her and Brooks did the Boyfriend challenged because it represented their honeymoon stage and their faith as a couple even through comedy.

           Their journey as slicenrice hasn't always been easy as a couple. They took it a step further when they expressed to their viewers/subscribers that they were practicing abstinence. It was a decision that wasn't necessarily expected for either one to make, but realized they had to put God first and know that it would add some benefit to their relationship in the long run as long as they stay devoted to their Christian beliefs.

            With the love that they have for each other, they plan on continuing to do more sketch comedy that will hopefully send more positive energy and love to viewers. Brooks says he looks up to someone like Dave Chapelle as inspiration because of his content and having the fearless ability to be himself which is what Brooks and Kim get to do on youtube. 

For more information on Slicenrice follow their journey:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube: Slicenrice

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Quick Chat With America's Next Top Model's Mike Scocozza

Cycle 20's Mike Scocozza is really making a name for himself since his time on the long-running successful reality show "America's Next Top Model."

           Scouted by the creator of the show herself, Tyra Banks, Scocozza really didn't know what to expect when the supermodel approached his ice cream truck asking if he did any modeling. He informed that he had no experience, but he decided to take it in consideration once he finally realized that the woman who asked him about his experience was Tyra Banks the whole time.

          Once casted onto the show to be a semi-finalist, the 6'4 ice cream man, had no pre-conceived notions of what might happened next. Once he introduced himself to his first meeting with the judges, he proved to have great potential with his story, charm and, height. Little did he know that he would end being part of the top 16 as an official cast member of "America's Next Top Model."

               His time on the show was definitely a journey for him. He managed to win best photo for his shoot with Victoria Secret fashion supermodel, Alessandra Ambrosio, but sadly was eliminated the next week. During his time, his favorite photoshoot to do was on their trip to Bali, Indonesia, when he shot with Chloe the Orangutan and least favorite was for the questionable commercial cross-dressing. 

              After the show, he informed that he learned about himself and to be comfortable in your own skin. With Tyra Banks recognizing his potential, he appreciates the opportunities that sets the tones for his career and doesn't take anything for granted. 

         Currently Scocozza still models, but is also focusing more on running a catering show. His specialty is oysters and is hoping to make a career with his cooking skills that were unfortunately not show enough on Top Model. 

To know more about Mike Scocozza, follow his sites:

Twitter: mikescocozza
Instragram: mikescocozza
Website: mikescocozza.com

Thursday, March 9, 2017

B.I.G. 20 Years

Today marks the official 20th anniversary of the late Biggie Smalls/Notorious B.I,G.

Check out Faith Evans interview about her first meeting with biggie:

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

'Hot Mugshot Guy' Jeremy Meeks Makes Runway Debut During NYFW

Jeremy Meeks who was known for his viral mugshot back in 2013 made his debut at NYFW, but do you think he deserves a modeling contract or should his past be forgiven, Comment below.

Check out what "The Real" says about this:

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sharing With Shannon T. Boodram

Had the opportunity and pleasure to speak with Sexologist/Sex Educator and youtuber, Shannon T. Boodram. The discussion was based around topics such as her journey into learning Sexology to her parents initial disapproval, to her fabulous youtube channel.

            She saw her passion for human sexuality at such a young age from just simply playing with her dolls, and seeing them in their naked state allowed her to embrace the human body and understand the pleasures of physical touch. Her curiosity struck when learning how men and women experience comfortability in their sexuality which later inspired to her embrace sexual liberation that both men and women especially of millenials today can explore.

            Youtube became a perfect platform for the Canada native especially when she promoted her first book title, "Laid," which definitely set the tone of educating young people of sexual situations and modern day dating. Even with the knowledge she has, her channel, and her book, it took time for her parents to grasp the concept of her amazing journey through sexual liberaton. Now that her parents were able to grace their presence in a couple of videos and share their perceptions it allowed Boodram even more confidence in her success especially with the support of her fans.

           As far as her channel she is definitely is going to stay on the path of creating content that illustrates the different aspects of sexual situations with videos that she does such as "Head VS. Heart," her storytimes, as well as a few hair tutorials here and there. For any person that wants to start their own channel, Shannon's tip would be to have a purpose and to be consistent with it.

For more of Shannon T. Boodram you can view some of her latest videos at youtube.com/shanboody....

Here are a few of the videos from her channel:

Teen Kidnapped 18 Years Ago Says Woman Who Stole Her Will Always Be 'Mom'