Thursday, December 22, 2011

Being A ROCKSTAR In A Relationship

The well known pyschologist Dr. Tartt used an acronym to describe ways to please the man/woman in your life.

To please a man: women should be a STAR
                             a= men need sex in order to be happy in a relationship and to recharge himself from situations that stresses him out.
                             b= men need to be touched in order to open up and connect with you whereas women need to talk in order to connect.
                             c= you need to appreciate your man for what he does to take care of you and putting in the effort of showing you love.
                            d= you should respect a man's routine whether it is watching tv all day, drinking, playing video games because he did that stuff before he met you so most likely he's not going take that away once he dates or marries you.

To please a woman: men should be her ROCK
                            a= men should do a consist routine as far as how he communicates with his woman. If you contact her or do things with her at certain times that she is used to don't change it because she'll think you changed even if you didn't.
                            b= open your mouths and talk to her. Most women like to continue talking even they ran their mouths to their girlfriends, but acknowledge us to show us that you still care.
                            c= connect and contact us meaning intimacy. Hold ours hands, kiss us, and make sure you hold us at night.

                            d= be kind to us. Be a gentlemen that's all we ask for besides other things lol.