Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Talk Shows

Daytime talk shows have been around for a long time and when we watch them you can see how much the dynamics have changed. For example the Maury Show used to cover so many topics now the main topics he talked about deal with paternity and cheating. This is because people go through these issues everyday because it is such a growing trend amongst Americans. Too many people are cheating on their partners and there are so many single mothers so Maury can't help, but to gravitate towards those problems. Jerry Springer is all about fighting and just unnecessary drama. Every single episode is about affairs, lesbian experience, guys on the down low and everytime someone comes out it's an instant fight and they instigate with ringing the bell. So as you can see with these two shows there is a similarity with the guests that appear on those shows. Over time the behaviors of the people have changed. They used to be more serious and now they are out of control and silly, but of course they do what they can to bring in ratings and that's how both Jerry and Maury are still on the air. When it comes down to shows like Tyra and Oprah they are a lot more serious because of what they allow to be on their shows even if it don't bring in ratings they it a point to get to the bottom of the issues in society and fix them instead of letting them go.