Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

That saying "nice guys finish last" is so true. For some reason society doesn't appreciate the good in people. They would rather deal with someone disprespectful to get through their day instead of someone with a lot of heart. Especially when it comes to relationships, it seems like the people with the nastiest personalities seem to get the relationships they want while there are people with a heart of gold that are not taken seriously because people mistake that for weakness instead of potential. It is ashame that some people would rather be submissive to the bossy person in the relationship, but a man by the name of Dr. Alduan Tartt, who is a relationship says that nice guys finish last because the people that you would think have too nasty of a personality to be in a relationship have a lot of confidence enough to control certain situations. They see that as swagger rather than ignorance which doesn't make any sense especially when someone says they broke up with someone just because they were too nice and those are the same people who complain that there are not any good significant others out there when they are the ones driving them away.