Friday, April 21, 2017

He Got The Slice, She Got The Rice And I Had A Convo With The Combo

Successful youtube couple, Slicenrice, are proving that whatever your beliefs are, if you put your heart into something, you can make it happen.

              Matt Brooks (slice) and Glory Kim (rice), started off having their own individual youtube channels and then combined a channel once they started dating. The name came from Brooks love for pizza and Kim's love for rice. Most of their content consists of sketch comedy and challenges all in the name of Jesus. Their focus for their videos was to show that you can add faith to humor without being too preachy.

            In one of their videos they demonstrated their love for Christianity in their Genesis 2,0 video which is still Brooks favorite video to date. The former atheist really brought to light the modern day version of Adam and Eve's first encounter with God alongside with Kim. Kim informed that her favorite video was when her and Brooks did the Boyfriend challenged because it represented their honeymoon stage and their faith as a couple even through comedy.

           Their journey as slicenrice hasn't always been easy as a couple. They took it a step further when they expressed to their viewers/subscribers that they were practicing abstinence. It was a decision that wasn't necessarily expected for either one to make, but realized they had to put God first and know that it would add some benefit to their relationship in the long run as long as they stay devoted to their Christian beliefs.

            With the love that they have for each other, they plan on continuing to do more sketch comedy that will hopefully send more positive energy and love to viewers. Brooks says he looks up to someone like Dave Chapelle as inspiration because of his content and having the fearless ability to be himself which is what Brooks and Kim get to do on youtube. 

For more information on Slicenrice follow their journey:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube: Slicenrice

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