Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Faking It

When you see a picture like this which do you think is worst?

          When you are being fake to someone that you are in a relationship with or cohabiting, it looks to the person as dishonest but sometimes people go by the saying "Fake it til you make it," and it may work, it may not. Most of the time women do fake the "big o" either because they don't want to hurt the guys feelings so she figure "Let me boost his ego," or they probably have been going at it forever and nothing has happen so she fakes it to get him off (meaning off of her physically if you didn't know what I meant, hehe). It's really hard to tell someone why they faked it because no one wants an awkward moment to happen especially if the person is trying.
          Faking a whole relationship is pretty crazy. Here you are thinking you guys are committed and making things work until you realize they were just in it for themselves. It can be so embarrassing especially if your family trusted your relationship to be true blue and then bam your partner was a complete joke. The problem is most people miss the signs and had a fantasy played out in their head making them think they are in a real relationship but instead fell into another category. For example, a female could think she is casually dating this guy and just figured they are official just because she met his friends of got a call back from him and vice versa. She could really be a side chick and didn't know it because she was so oblivious to the signs (in which I will talk about in a future post) and then gets her heartbroken. Once you suspect something it is best to ask just to make sure.

So which is worst faking the "big o" or faking a relationship? Again this can go the other way around where a guy can fake the "big o" and a women can fake a relationship so don't look at it as which gender is the worst faker. Comment below for your thoughts.

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