Sunday, September 15, 2013

Preachers Kicked Out Of Strip Club

This story happened a few weeks ago but it still cracked me up!

         Last month Comedian, Kevonstage, posted a video about this story about five preachers getting kicked out of the strip club, Magic City, in Atlanta. These men would go to strip clubs passing out biblical scriptures and posting Jesus flyers in the men's bathroom because they felt that there were not enough ministries around the strip clubs. Security had enough of it and told the preachers to leave but they informed the authorities that are justing doing the right thing being that he paid admission and insight other customers.
         This made me laugh because I didn't know how to take this. I know kevonstage was cracking up too because it is very difficult to go to a place that is full of sin that will be defeated by a minimal amount of saved people. Some of the customers there were probably saved but just wanted a little bit of fun. I know people in there were just ignoring those men all night especially when alcohol is involved.

Check out the story:

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