Thursday, September 5, 2013

When Are You Crossing The Line?

When it comes down to trying new things with your partner, sometimes we are unsure how to approach it and when you do it might not be the response that we want.

        Relationships are definitely hard work. It's full of challenges, opsticles, joy, pleasure, emotions, fun, etc, but as a couple you are not always going to have the same needs. Some people may have different frequency levels, others are probably more public type of people while you are private, some are open to different costumes and role playing and you might find it weird, there are all kinds of needs that anyone can fall under, but what do you do if your partner is uncomfortable with your technique of spicing things up?

       This is where communication definitely has to be important. When discussing your relationship makes to talk about the kinds of needs you both have. If there are certain areas that the two of you might disagree on, then it's best to find a way to compromise. If your partner has a certain fetish that you find absolutely weird, like say a diaper fetish, maybe instead of using an actual diaper your partner can pretend to change you with the clothes you have on or make believe that the massage oil is baby powder. Or even pretend to be a baby and act submissive to your partner so they can "take care of you."

       Sometimes the person might be uncomfortable with the timing of getting your needs met meaning if you want to do it in public or perform a certain act that they are uncomfortable with, they might not want to try it right away. Instead baby step them to eventually having a full blown act with it. Compromising and communication should definitely be considered with any need you have so that way the two of you can understand each other and check in with each other.

Now what if your partner just doesn't want to meet a particular need at all that is important to you?

     This is where things can get really tricky because what if everything else is good except that one need? Should you break up? It is best to not do it because you care about your partner's feelings? Do you feel guilty because of how your partner feels? There can be so much to think about but at the end of the day it is up to the couple on how their relationship should work.

 What do you think?

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