Sunday, September 22, 2013

This Is Such A Great Story

California High School's first transgender teen wins her homecoming!

          Born Lance Campbell, Cassidy Lynn Campbell made history when she became the first transgender teen to be nominated at her school. Living in a time of harsh bullying and bickering, she was fortunate enough to have a lot of support from fellow students. Others might think she was just putting on an act just to be different but she, like other transgender individuals, knew they were born in the wrong body, "They think that I'm just a boy doing this for fun and I'm just a boy dressing up as a girl just to win a crown," said Campbell, "I always knew I was a girl."

This is a perfect example of reaching your dreams and accomplishing anything no matter what you look like or built like because it can happen. This was a beautiful story! Congrats to Cassidy.

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