Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A T-Shirt With TMI


Sometimes there are products out there that are very controversial to the point of misunderstanding, but this T-shirt is such shock!

        American Apparel released a new shirt that has a picture of a female masturbating while on her period. The idea was created by Canadian artists, Petra Collins who is very strong about female sexuality and the power it has behind it. She tried to portray that strength on the shirt but it sparked so much outrage amongst the public with commentators on twitter saying, "Are you kidding me," and "This is the worst thing I can possible think of!" while others weren't so offended by saying, "I'll take two.
        In Collins defense she explained how important it is to embrace female sexuality since it's so taboo. Her intentions are usually to make people have a reality check and look at the big picture, "I think teen sexuality is a taboo topic, specifically female sexuality. It tends to be ignored or looked down on," said Collins "I find people are uncomfortable when a woman is expressing her sexuality instead of repressing it." Collins was a former employee of American Apparel who wasn't afraid to be different. She feels that the female imagery shouldn't be something that is taboo instead needs to be positively recognized. The t-shirt is on the American Apparel website now for $32. It only comes in white and is sold to men and women.
Do you agree with Petra Collins creative after knowing her message? Do you think she went to far? Is she doing a good thing? Comment below.

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