Monday, October 14, 2013

Why Parents Should Not Beat Their Children - (15 Reasons)

This video really had me mind boggled because technically there is no right or wrong way to discipline your child, but Jereme L. Ford brought on some insight to parents.

       Ford broke down 15 things on why parents should reconsider their parenting skills. I was shocked that he was against spanking because it can be beneficial to some kids. However there were a few points he made that I definitely agreed with and I'm sure a few other people my age would agree with as well. I always felt that spanking should be used when necessary not all the time because it really does depend on the behavior and personality of the child. Physical discipline can be very crucial to some people but everyone have different styles.

 Comment below on what you think about spanking and other forms of discipline. Do you agree with Jereme?

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