Monday, October 28, 2013

Top 5 Sexiest Halloween Male Costumes

       Now if you saw my post yesterday you'll noticed I talked about female costumes. Well now it's the men's turn to show what females find sexy.

#5: Military Man

        You always here a girl say "I love a man in a uniform," well this outfit is definitely suitable for this occassion as well.

#4: Football Player

        One of the reasons why most girls go to football games or watch football is because they like to see the players in tight pants. While the men find the cheerleaders sexy, the women get their fair share of eye candy action with football players.

#3: Fireman

         Every girl likes to fee protected and what better person to call on than a strong fireman to save the night. The best part about the outfit is the suspenders.

#2: Policeman

          Just like guys like their women in police outfits, women like when guys take the lead as well. Especially if a girl likes to be submissive, she don't mind being under arrest.

#1: Boxer

            Most girls like the boxer look because he's half-naked and tough. When you think of a boxer, some girls might also think of sweaty guys that like to take care of their body.

Ladies what are some costumes that you find sexy on a guy that should've been on the countdown. Comment below.

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