Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TLC Biopic Review

If you missed the premiere of CrazySexyCool yesterday, you missed out on a great story.

          Don't worry, you can catch the film tonight on VH1. This was something I did not want to miss because I have always been a TLC fan since I was a toddler. My friends and I would always portray them and do their music videos. To see their journey play out on screen was really interesting. I couldn't believe the type of stress they went through within their career as a girl group. It really elaborates how the industry works and what happens when you are a new artist hustling in the game.

          TLC did a great job with the cast because there were times when Lil Mama did actually look like left if you saw a quick glance. The film really shows that giving up is not something to look forward to and if you keep pushing god will bless you. This is why TLC became successful for over 20 years because they put their heads together and said "We can do this." As the girls would say, our dreams are "MTB." If you don't know what MTB means check out the film to know what I'm talking about.

Check out Keke Palmer's appearance on Bethenny Frankel's show when she talked about dating a "scrub."
And for the fellas....

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