Friday, November 18, 2011

Crazy Acts Of Violence

The amount of violence has increased drastically. People's behaviors and issues has been outrageous and in some ways uncontrollable. Most of the acts are always caught on video for entertainment and to put people on blast. One video that was shown was where a boy was set on fire because he was gay. That video broke my heart because I'm sick of people making fun of the gay community. It is not fair that they cannot seem to live their lives the way they want to because of complete ignorance. So many people are getting shot over the stupidest things. A 16 year-old girl got shot because she wouldn't give up her tattoo ink to this guy. Why should that be a reason to shoot anyone at all it is ridiculous. Teen violence is pretty much becoming a sport as well because everyday is a different story about kids getting into a fight in front of the wrong people and over unnecessary situations. Our generation has been giving way too many bad impressions that is making the older generation look down on us thinking we have no future since we are ruining our future. Women in jail are fighting each other while being pregnant. I can understand the frustration of being in jail, but when you are carrying a child, you must have to be completely furious to take that type of risk. Gang violence is also becoming even more prevelant. Just recently there was story about an old man getting jumped by gay thugs. That is pretty bizarre. You don't hear stories often about gay thugs and when you do so many questions come to your minds. This world needs a lot of prayer. We don't seem to make any changes to make it better because we are too lazy about what's going on right instead of what we are going to do in the future. We need to start praying now.

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